Which version is stronger?


  • Soumya A. - 13 years ago

    Both videos are good but A is more focused and take off the distraction of the main message of your book. I liked the green escalator shoot in video B (the one in which you are sitting), still video A is my vote. Though, the music is not my favorite, you might reconsider it, either change it or lower the volume a little bit. Best of Luck Scott.

  • Matt Lawrence - 13 years ago

    I voted for B - though I think it could be tighter. Which is the reason I liked Spikes version, as I think it will keep the audience longer. The music is distracting, but could be solved by bringing the levels down.

  • Peter Armaly - 13 years ago

    Although I liked the fun of B, I preferred A because the line with the most punch ("get to work") was the last thing spoken.

  • Vivian Aldridge - 13 years ago

    The b-roll in video B is fun to watch but really distracting from your message. I vote for A.

  • Lea - 13 years ago

    I liked A better, but the music in both wasn't to my taste

  • Bryan - 13 years ago

    MAJOR discontinuity and dissonance between your online image and you in the video with the facial hair. Is that Scott?

    The background music was annoying. Sounded like PCM square-wave synth. At least soften it with sine-wave shaped audio.

  • Sonny - 13 years ago

    I have read many of the comments and cannot disagree with much of what has been said.

    Maybe make use of both videos, use "TJ" on Amazon for a very "proper-type" approach and audience, then use "Spike" on your website, youtube, and other venues where the audience might enjoy some of the "splash" and effects.

    Just my nickel.

  • Claudia Oster - 13 years ago

    B is my favorite... first I watched A and I was bored after a few seconds. As I watched B, although I already knew the content, I was much more focused on the content and it was more fun to watch - and it made me smile and interested in the book. But, the music I find a little bit irritating.

  • Kristen Mitchell - 13 years ago

    B was more entertaining - it caught my attention and held it better than A.

    Also, I think the feel of video B is more similar to the feel of the book than A - The book is fun, interesting, fast-paced and easy to read, and that's how video B feels.

  • Nathan Couch - 13 years ago

    I preferred A for the same reasons Steven said. I found myself more able to get into it when I didn't have the visual distractions. I liked being able to see an author talk passionately about his work.

  • Steven B. Levy - 13 years ago

    I prefer A for the opposite of the rationale Cyn suggests for B. It's less busy. I'm not looking for an MTV quick-cut video if I am looking to buy a book; rather, I want to know something about the author and the subject, and about the relationship of author to subject. I found B distracting in that regard -- perhaps better as a pure video, but not as effective, to me, as a sales tool. BTW, I think Cyn has a good suggestion on choosing the escalator shot as the opening still.

  • cyn - 13 years ago

    B is waaay better. More to watch and keep my eyes busy.
    However, Instead of starting with the still of you w/ your mouth open in front of a lot of books, I'd be more likely to click if you used the still from the next shot with that fabulous yellow/green escalator behind you.
    good luck!
    working now...! lol.

  • AnthonyBY - 13 years ago

    I like both, but music is not very good :)

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