What additional features do you want in your WordPress e-Commerce powered shop?

  • Michelle - 11 years ago

    I would vote for better way to enter prices for items with many variations. To have to hand enter prices for hundreds of variations in one product is the biggest pain in the butt.

  • Kerry - 11 years ago

    OTHER: Please fix the coupon code bug, and please, please let us charge for gift wrap!

  • Jim - 11 years ago

    I would like to have the coupon/Tax bug fixed. I patched the code on my site in the previous release. Once I upgraded, I'm experiencing the same issue. Tax removed when coupon applied.

  • Toni - 11 years ago

    I would love an option to add gift wrap yes/no with a price to the checkout section... Also, I would love to be able to add a personalization option built in. Like check to add personalization in the product admin with a custom field title and a blank spot for the customer to add their notes/personalization.

  • Adam - 11 years ago

    my biggest request: Release 3.8 sooner rather than later! It's time for custom post types.

  • Enrico - 11 years ago

    Same here, I voted "other" but looks like it didn't showed up in the results...

  • Bob - 11 years ago

    I voted "other" but it does not seem to turn up in the results?
    I added a request to the older "Wish List 2010" post which hasn't been answered yet so I'll repeat it here (if that is ok):

    1. I would like to have regions in the weight based shipping table. That way one can have the plugin calculate correct shipping charges for most shippers/situations.

    2. I would like the possibility to change the currency notation to €1.234,50 instead of 1,234.50 as it is now.

    Both are not so much new features but more improvements that would make it possible for me to start actually *using" this plugin.

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