Did Heidi Collins go too far in her interview with Mark Ritchie?

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Posted 9 years.


  • Trace - 8 years ago

    Heidi did a fine job interviewing a typical politician who refused to answer the tough questions. It is about time a local reporter is not playing favorites with the liberals! Not everyone is happy with the outcome of the last few elections here (and knowing the corrupt acorn org had a role in them getting elected), and this politician made it sound as though everyone is happy - well, we aren't all happy. Thank you Heidi for doing a job that many local anchors would not do!

  • lisa - 9 years ago

    I am journalism graduate and its nice to finally see a television personality behave like a reporter/journalist. A lot of the local television news has become just like the variety pages of the newspaper, being all "Minnesota nice", friendly and funny. A reminder for those who are too sensitive - the reason we have freedom of the press, is so that the press can push and get the answers and information that the public deserves. Good job Heidi. I hope to see more.

  • justice fleeting - 9 years ago

    Ritchie is a motor mouth with high profile ties to The Secretary of State Project, a nonprofit, with liberal leftist ties.

    Good interview Heidi. Time to stop being Minnesota nice only for Minnesota Democrats.

  • Kerry - 9 years ago

    So Fox9 has decided to drop the "News" part of its name and to become the talk radio of TV. Great. Like parent company, like local station ...

    Collins should be fired. She's lost all credibility with the vast majority of Minnesota viewers, and she's insulted us as well. To boot, she's clearly stupid. She thinks close counts are the fault of election officials? I guess she's just pouty that her candidate, Emmer, didn't win in a runaway. Well boo-flippin-hoo. Go home and take your bat and ball with you.

  • paul - 9 years ago

    I saw the interview. Typical politician - Ritchie tried to avoid the answer by obfuscation. He did the typical liberal dance and tried to say that his job was his job because the voters re-elected him. His back ground with Acorn and other questionable groups, part of what Ritchie would NOT answer, gives the impression that he is hiding things. The fact that the Coleman/Franken election was a cluster mess and that it eventually comes out that there were 500 criminals that voted for Franken lets you wonder about the legitimacy of any election in this state. Minnespota "nice" is Minnesota bull!
    I don't care for Heidi but I care even less for Minnesota political figures.

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