Did your ex give you a solid reason for breaking up or did they use some old cliche like "It's not you it's me"?


  • Kenny - 9 years ago

    Dated this guy, later he told his grandma he was falling in love with me, she said your too young to fall in love. Broken Up! But he talks to me everyday, I can talk to him about embarrassing stuff that I can't talk to my own parents about. He helped me get another boyfriend. He's my best friend!

  • Madge - 12 years ago

    It's interesting to see that over half the people voted that their ex had told them exactly why they were getting dumped. The thing is, did they tell you the truth about why they really broke up? I suspect most people give a reason which is the least hurtful to their partner. Sometimes the truth hurts just a bit too much!

  • Paula - 12 years ago

    I was going out with this guy for a month and we fall for each other but all of the sudden he came up with a excuse that we didnt have a healthy relationship, I am really hurt cuz i really love him and now i dont what to do ? :(

  • Haley - 12 years ago

    I dated this guy for 4 months. Our parents we close friends and so were our brother. Our parents tried so hard to get us to date but we both lied and said we were only friends but as time went on and we started spending more time together we got closer and eventually started dating. We spend our whole summer together we even went as far and spending the night at each others houses a lot of the time. But as school came back around it got harder to spend time but we still did. I always was at his football games supporting him too. But one day he stopped talking to me and ignored me so I said sOmething to him and it wnded up he wanted to breakup. I was heartbroken and I stayed home from school because I was afraid to see him. I woke up the next morning to a txt from him saying he wanted to talk so I texted him back. He told me that he made a mistake that he thought he saw me as a friend but after breaking up he saw that he cared much more so we got back together and things went good for a few weeks but then one day he goes back to ignoring me so I texted him and said I was scared to ask but I knew what he was going to do and he told me that he just thought we should be friends. Heartbroken again I skipped school for a week. When I did return all he did was say I was being mean to him when I really wasnt. So we went our seperated ways. It's been 7 months and I still miss him like it was just yesterday. We both have not dated since then but we have talked to other people but neither of us had any of them work out. He seems like he hates me. He goes out of his way to ignore me. He always moves his seat do he doesn't have to be by me. When our families get together he will talk to them but when I come around he never looks up or says anything. I feel like he hates me but I didn't do anything that would make him feel that way. I don't know if I should try to talk to him or if he even still cares. Please someone help I don't know what to think of it all. And I'm afraid to say something and look like an idiot.

  • anna - 12 years ago

    Me and my ex broke up after 2 years. it has been a week and he is putting pictures of this chick that i know he liked before. week ago he was all over me trying to have me move in again and try again. now he is putting pictures up on facebook with this chick. i am soo heartbroken its not even real. I havnt spoken to him at all. I want him back really bad. what should i do ?

  • sam - 12 years ago

    my ex- gf is with me from last 9 months.... she had broke up with my friend in july 2011 she starts chating and calling me ..... after some time i feel some attachment and attraction for her.... one day she prapused me on phne..... i ask her abhout my friend... she said that she is not any more with her... she is just chating with him so that she can slowly forget her.....startingly i don,t feel any jealous ...but after some time i feel jealous about it... i told her that if she is loving me and have a relation with me than y don,t she avoid her ..... she said that she will forget her but plz u just wait.... iam soooo fucking idiot....... she lied to me many time taht she is avoiding her but he is calling me texting me....... now the situtation is that that girl is teeling me that she thinks tat her ex-bf is serious about her...so dear iAM SORRY..... she told me she don;t reliesedthat she really love hm.............. oo god but is my fault in this.... i love her ...she is my first love.... i do every thing what she said.....even her ex-bf does't pick the phne she teell me to go to him and teel him that she is calling him................... iam idiot ................ but i love her ............ i want her back plzzzzzzzzzzzz some one help me plz what should i do.......... i want her back

  • k.l. - 12 years ago

    my ex and i have been on and off for 2 years, I love him so much and thinking about the mistakes i have made makes me realize that i have pushed away a really great person. He thinks i hate him now and we are talking a little bit here and there its hard cause i want him back but know that im not ready right now i need to fix myself and he needs to change things too. I feel so stupid that i acted some of the ways i did i was just so hurt. I am ahving the hardest time between wanting to get back together and living my own life and still being friends! I cant stop thinking about him and what hes doing lol hopefully we will be back together one day because i know we make one anpther very happy i am hopeful that it will work out:)

  • Sad&Hurt:( - 12 years ago

    Well... It's been 2 months since, My ex Fiance of 5 years broke up with and accused me of cheating on him over facebook. I admit I was having conversations with guys that I grew up with, but I assure there were no intentions of cheating ...............He left me in our old apartment that we shared. We had signed a new lease at a new apt/ abd canceled the move . he couldnt even look at me. That hurt me. I had been nothin but loving and caring to him. I hope he sees the big picture that I never cheated & I havent been in a rebound relationship What should I do how long should I contest to the no contact RULE???????????????????????

  • cody - 13 years ago

    Dated this girl for four months.. lives in my hometown. fell for her in the summer..did
    everything together..college of semester went by, everything going good, sent letters, skyped,saw eachother on the weekends(diff colleges).. then one day she tells me she still has feelings for her
    ex, then the next day she didnt..told me somedays she wanted a bf, and somedays she didnt...
    well..she dumped me a few days after xmas..said she just doesnt want a relationship right now...told me she just needs her space and time...worst part is.. i transfered colleges just to be closer to her cuz i knew the distance was hard for her... man the things guys do for girls... i sure did learn my lesson...but none the less... i hope she finds her way back to me.. what we had was something specical.. i wrote her songs..bought her flowers all the time.. surprised her at college a few times with balloons and flowers..got along with her family great.. we all know most girls need a rebound after a breakup..but i hope she realizes she is making a mistake...she told me i was the best guy shes ever been with..110x's better than all of her other bf's...and yet,,she dosent want me.. im struggling...but i sure am hoping one day she will find her way back into my arms...

  • yazz - 13 years ago

    I just went to the old appartment where my ex bf lives last nite..wanted to talk to him..and he wasn't answering the door. Dunno what to do, reasons for breaking up 3 months ago were a mix of actual problems within him and cliche, he wanted to be by himself, alone for a while...i met him when he just got out of a marriage ...and now it feels like he was lying to me since he said lately he is seeing someone else...and yes, I have the damn right to confront him about what happened to his feelings for me and confront him about him telling me all the time not to leave him, not to hurt him.wtf did he do that to me then? I haven't gotten an answer to alot of things between him and me until today . Worst thing is that I wanted to break up too before he made that decision and now after months of not being together and being asked out on dates from other guys I figured out that I have still feelings for him, a mix of love and run as fast as you can. I don't know what to do. He only lives like 20 min away in a different town and I dont want to be a stalker. Going over to his house is the only way to confront him. I cant even say if he didnt open the door on purpose or didnt count on me being there or thought it was the police or a neighbor or whatnot ringing the bell at nite. I dont have his number anymore and emailing on FB or yahoo is not an option. Maybe a letter? Dunno.

  • cortavius - 13 years ago

    my ex gf ok wan we be on the fone it dont be like she miss me and i sell love her but im in yo life i dont no wat to do to get her bak i need her she my love you my hart ............

  • Confused ,Depressed,and Angry - 13 years ago

    Me and my gf were in a really good relationship but the other day she broke up with me, the worst part was that she told me SHE DIDNT LOVE ME, so thats when I thought, what where all the kissing, hugging, and talking about personal life problems about? I mean seriously, I really loved her but......she ripped my heart in two.

  • Pissed off - 13 years ago

    We went out for 9 months. I go to dominican republic for two weeks before i left i get news shes pregnant with my kid.i comeback (verz pensive plane ride) and i get back and she has a new man and tells me its over im not same guy and all this and that...and that i tried to get with her sister who flirted with me i never did nothing with her. And she lost the baby. Now that rebound relationship is over the guy plays baseball in oklahoma and thats out of the way. Shes single and i cant stop thinking about her and i know for a fact she isnt over me.

  • big tom - 13 years ago

    my ex is going out with someone that is a control freak and now she is accusing me of things i never did and never would do so what do i do

  • Eric - 13 years ago

    After thirty years of marriage and six children she says she doesn't love me anymore and left out of the blue. I had no clue that there was a problem.

  • Kbby - 13 years ago

    My bf and I have been together a total of 11 months about 6 months in to our relationship he went to jail for issues that happened before I had met him. He was gone for 7 months during this time we were not together and still I stayed faithful to him. When he got out he came back home to me and we were together for 5 months just the other day I was upset about something and he completely flipped out over it and told me to pack my things and leave I gave it 24 hours before I actually did I asked him if that is what he really wanted he said yes so I started packing as I was packing he got angry and emotional I couldn't understand why. I had him drive me to my mothers house and on the way he began to cry. I asked him why he was crying I was the one being kicked to the curb I was doing exactly what he wanted and he shocked me by saying, he was only seeing if I would really leave, he didn't want me to go. I said so lets just go home he said no you things are packed and youre on your way to your moms it to late. We have been talking and he's very hot n cold with me one minute he wants me the next he doesn't he says he loves me and cares for me but doesn't know what he wants he has stopped by to see me and said he's happy that he did but I'm not sure what to think. Part of his reasoning for our break up is that he never resieved a post card from me while he was in jail, when honestly I wrote to him every day but he doesn't know weather to believe me or not he also said I'm bitchy and bossy we broke up once before over my attitude and I've been correcting it ever since.. What do I do?

  • TBug - 13 years ago

    My ex boyfriend said it got boring, dumped me through text, then started texting my ex bff whom looks like me and back stabs me alot. Jeez

  • bonita - 13 years ago


  • Theresa - 13 years ago

    I have been with my boyfriend twenty yrs. he is 9 yrs. younger then me. My children were 2 and 10 yrs. old at the time that we met. They were in a tragic accident 8 yrs. ago and died. We have been through alot together but after there death I turned to drinking and drugs for approx. 3 yrs. and put him through hell, because these were just as much his kids. He said he had forgave me. then 2 months ago I found him talking with a women he had gone to school with and said when he was 21 he was in love with her too. But chose me. I dont know what too believe because of what we had been through. I cannot believe he lost all feelings for me. I miss him and love him very much. We had shared and been through alot together. Help me! I want him back. I am 50 and he is 41. He told my kids before they died that he would always take care me. Now I feel so alone. That is alot of yrs to throw away.

  • Needy - 13 years ago

    I have been in no contact period for nearly 6 months.Till now no response.I am very confused like my bf also trying to be with me in that no contact period.And if we both are doing the same and no result has come yet .Wat shall i do .I am a conservative indian girl .My parents are arranging marriage for me.Kindly help me.

  • Heart broken - 13 years ago

    My ex and i dated for 5 months & then after we broke up he went out with ma friend & ive been heartbroken ever since, & even thou ive been with other people i cant get ovet him & i wish i could but i cant. & after readibg your article i still dunno what to do

  • neddy - 13 years ago

    my ex girlfrnd made up some story that am a player but its not true we were dating for 2 years.just after a week she went after my cousin but i need her back in my life, shes every thing in my life i cant seem to get her back.she has every a guy needs in a girl am willing to give up my family just to be with her but now thanks to you i know what to do

  • needy - 13 years ago

    my ex girlfrnd made up some story that am a player but its not true we were dating for 2 years.just after a week she went after my cousin but i need her back in my life, shes every thing in my life i cant seem to get her back.she has every a guy needs in a girl am willing to give up my family just to be with her but now thanks to you i know what to do

  • N.R.S - 13 years ago

    My ex just said being in a relationship was all confusing, but 3 hours later, he asked my friend out!! And didn't tell me. NOT ONE THING. So far, part of me is saying, 'I love you! PLEASE COME BACK!' but the other part of me is saying, 'Just get lost, sore loser.' Thanks to your article, I think I have an idea...

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