Should Michele Bachmann become Conference Chair? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes, the Tea Party deserves a seat at the table
    2,528 votes

  • Yes, she's a better candidate for it
    1,057 votes

  • No, Hensarling's a better candidate
    1,720 votes

  • No, the Tea Party should stay separate from GOP leadership
    1,039 votes

  • Unsure/no opinion
    714 votes


Posted 9 years.


  • TW - 9 years ago

    The establishment Republicans are going to quickly forget who brought them to the dance. Reagan's Golden Rule is being ignored. The RNC allowed many of the candidates selected by the grassroots to be painted as unelectable, crazy, whatever. The races in Nevada and Delaware were lost by the RNC not the candidates. they use the Tea Party as a tool not a partner and there is the problem. I don't run in the circles that Mr Hawkins does so I don't know who these candidates were that were "waiting in the wings" but WTF were they waiting for? Get in the damn game or sit out. We are all in this together or we aren't. Not just when it is convenient. Slapping at some people who sacrificed themselves isn't a good way to proceed. The "new" looks very much like the old as far as I can see. In two years the Tea Party rose to change history, I wonder if in two years they will have to change it again to start a third party. 1773 was the party by the harbor, the shot heard round the world was still three years away. Bold colors, not pale pastels and that is what the elitists are already painting with.

  • Schlip - 9 years ago

    The Tea Party is not a party itself. Perhaps this is why Michelle Bachmann is not getting as much support as folks might otherwise deserve, because she took it upon herself to present a 'Tea Party Caucus.' I absolutely believe that Bachmann would make an awesome leader, but the Tea Party is a set of ideals to be used by GOP candidates, not a label to apply to a caucus or party in themselves.
    /my 2 cents worth

  • Matt - 9 years ago

    The GOP is on a short leash and has a chance to invite the TEA party into the tent. Already some of the establishment has a "we don't need you anymore" attitude, and if you keep us out now that you are in power, you risk us becoming a 3rd party. Boehner says all the right things, but he's been there 20 years. I didn't hear him complaining about NCLB and The Medicare Drug legislation under Bush. None of the people who helped dig the whole willingly should be in charge now. Look at McConnell - he can't even say earmarks will be banned. Could there be a less inspiring guy in the Senate GOP's top spot? We are watching everything now, and the view from here says politics as usual with all this insider dealing. ENOUGH! Cut spending, lower taxes, reform entitlements, balance the budget, repeal Obamacare - that should keep you busy!

  • reno - 9 years ago

    the gop needs to be held accountable by the tea party folks and the i believe bachmann will have more power from outside of leadership than from inside,

  • tea - 9 years ago

    tea party needs to keep an eye on the gop and the democrats.

    tea party is independent and should be taking over to fix all of the problems that the 2 parties created.

  • boldaq - 9 years ago

    Playing two good conservative candidates against each other is STUPID. Michele Bachmann is one of the hardest working and most solid conservatives we have and more deserving than Hensarling.
    Hensarling is a good Republican. Bachmann is a Great Conservative and she doesn't back down.

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