Should Eliott Spitzer resign?


  • billie irving - 16 years ago

    Sure he should resign!!! did not Trent Lott, Foley, Craig and so on RESIGN??? I DO NOT KNOW WHY THAT THE ONES WHO CALLS THEMSELVES "DEMOCRATS" THINK THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE TO "STEP-DOWN" when they "SCREW-UP"!!!

  • - 16 years ago

    never :P

  • tanning lotion - 16 years ago

    I don't think that he should have resigned. I am a Republican and I think that he should have stayed in office. Everyone messes up. It is how you act after you mess up that is important.

  • Lenny - 16 years ago

    true warrior in hidden his own corruption by going after those who were paying his salary. Karma BABY KARMA!

  • Donald Brake - 16 years ago

    This is really sad. I totally admired this man as a true warrior against corruption, and now this is likely to cost him his governorship. We need more people in power like him, not less.

  • Jimbo - 16 years ago

    When we live in a Scooter Libby era of justice where people using steroids spend more time in jail or waisting the congress's time investigateing overpaid athletes should be punished for promoting free enterprise and the world's oldest profession.

  • Left&Left - 16 years ago

    Yeah Eliott, maybe all the people you sent up river can apologize too...from cellblock. What a fraud.

  • Chad - 16 years ago

    So by that logic, as our elected officials realize that that is all they need to do to break the law and remain in office, we the people should simply accept it? So taking this to the extremem would bean that eventually every member of congress, the executive, and perhaps the judiciary will be comprised of felons. And it is all ok because the 'other side' refused to do the right thing.

  • Christoph - 16 years ago

    A year or two ago I would say yes, he should resign. However, with all of the Republican scandals (including David Vitter and Larry Craig to name a few), I have yet to see them resign. They made half-hearted apologies and excuses, refused to quit and stayed there. Why should a Democrat be treated any different? Tell him to make the half-hearted apology/excuse and move on. If the scandalized Republicans don't step down, why should the scandalized Democrats? It is different world now thanks to the Republican example. Crooks in Congress and the White House get caught, smile, occasionally say they are sorry and have received forgiveness from their family and God, and move on to break the law another day. I say unless the Republicans start stepping down, then the Dems or Independents in similar boats should not either.

  • Mark A Weber - 16 years ago

    This Blog, I thought would be informative, while calling into focus the hypocracy of some of our high officials and elected leaders.

    After reading at least 30 entries in several different categories of Crooks and is apparent that its FOUNDER, is courting uneducated, mindless babble.

    If one knows Political Science and Economics, and has a university degree, chances ARE they will NOT be conversing HERE.

    My mistake in subscribing ...........please enjoy Jerry Springer after you are done here.............BYE

  • bernadene - 16 years ago

    I agree it's about the hypocrisy. rationalization is a powerful drug. there are no two ways about it. if not for that, i would agree with all the nay-sayers to resignation. what a real shame, Sptizer was one of my heros, too. Now he has deprived us of his talent, expertise, and moral authority. sad.

  • Chad - 16 years ago

    I've read through the rest of the comments and I must say, I was a bit surprised to see the vote so close. Some commenters say that this is a private matter between husband and wife. That our society has become too prudish. That we all need to take a deep breath and relax. Others have said that we Democrats/Progressives must hold our candidates and elected officials to a higher standard than the Republicans. Still others say that what he did, while wrong, does not warrant his resignation.

    Let's just be clear. The governor of New York state engaged in a criminal enterprise, for an unknown length of time. It doesn't matter if he's a Democrat, a Republican, or anything in between. Spitzer made a choice to seek and hold public office. It certainly wasn't forced upon him. Like I said before, those who seek to hold our trust, too work on behalf of the public (not only those who elected him, but everyone), must be held to a higher standard. Saying that his life has already been made public enough is nonsense. This isn't just an indiscretion between two consenting adults (adultery, etc). This was and is a crime. He broke the law (a felony) period, end of story. I think it's safe to say that he would have continued to do so were it not for the wiretap. And remember, this is the same sort of criminal enterprise that he prosecuted as Attorney General. If you go and read the press releases concerning his two successful prosecutions, and then compare that to his recent behavior, how can you not see the hipocracy and disrespect for the rule of law.

    It also doesn't matter if you think all, or certain aspects of sex is not a crime. Until the law is changed prostitution is illegal in New York. Another commenter tried to use the 'Clinton' defense. There is a significant difference between what Clinton did and what Spitzer did. Last time I checked, Lewinski was not a call girl. In effect your saying that certain crimes committed by the governor are ok. Well in that case, where do you draw the line? Bit of a slippery slope don'y you think?

    I realize that this comment is a bit long-winded, but I see an upsetting trend in political discourse. A combination of 7 years of Republican corruption, and Democratic appeasement has created a governement that has forgotten what it is meant to do. We've become so inured to scandel, corruption, and colossally bad decision making that we are now willing to overlook the 'minor' transgressions our elected officials commit. This is not what America stands for. We the people have the power to shape our own destiny as a nation. If Spitzer does not resign, he should be immediately recalled.

  • Navy Brat - 16 years ago

    I can't help but wonder how many scandals 7years of illegal wiretapping on the Democrats will now be released in a weekly drumbeat to the election.
    I, too, smell a rat..........A big, nasty, Rovian Rat.

  • Navy Brat - 16 years ago

    While I could not care less about the sexual habits of elected officials, if they cross the line of illegality they gotta go.
    Besides, this is a good time to show America that while Democrats may be as kinky as Republicans they aren't hypocrites. Slide under that there bus, Mr. Spitzer. You play, you, pay......You pay.

  • BillB - 16 years ago

    Just another scumbag that can't be trusted.

  • bud - 16 years ago

    Here are a number of interesting questions about the development of this case. Some of the questions raised are compelling on their own, but it's as a whole that they start to smell rather fishy. Spitzer should have known better than to do something like this however.

    Here's the link:

  • Gimmesum 4kpoon - 16 years ago

    It's not like he's banging children (Phil Giordano, R.), cruising bathroom stalls (Idaho!), giving his daughters "examinations" (Klaudt, R.). He's a smooth well off man and he wants some discreet no no so he goes out and gets some. It is no different from any other business except that like liquor, weed, and smutty raunchy movies a bunch of self appointed child molesting bluenoses don't want people doing what comes more naturally than breathing. Give the man a Freaking break. IN the meantime, the GOP is selling nuclear secrets to Turkey and Pakistan and no one is investigating, 9/11 is still a farcical fairy tale, and our military is pinned down in a no-win two way whammy that is costing this country trillions of dollars. Priorities, people!

  • Gay Lannon - 16 years ago

    I do not think he should resign unless found guilty of a felony. I do not think sex is a crime, even when purchased, between consenting adults. Who cares what kind of sex, where, when, etc. I think the people who should resign are the ones who lied to get us into an illegal war, the ones who fired US Attorneys for purely political reason, who outed CIA agents, who shredded our Constitution, who refused Congressional subpeonas, etc. THESE are the real crimes. (Now if his wife wants to borrow a frying pan, I have a well balanced one that is perfect for smacking him in the head.)
    Granny Gay

  • trutheau - 16 years ago

    It's the hypocrisy, and C&L has addressed this many times. Spitzer prosecuted those whom he deemed guilty of the very crime he is accused of.
    If you don't agree with this, then I think you don't realize the point of C&L.
    He's got to go.

  • Tim - 16 years ago

    He should NOT resign. What we should have learned from the Clinton/Lewinsky affair was that one's personal peccadilloes have no bearing on how one performs his job. I recall that many wanted Clinton to resign. It's a good thing he didn't, as he went on to preside over the largest economic boom in our nation's history, with a half a trillion dollar surplus. Spitzer is the Governor, not the pope. Who cares if he fucks around as long as he does he job well? Not me! I'd rather have a great governor with a zipper problem (and I do -- San Francisco's Gavin Newsom) than a mediocre governor without one. I am so very tired of the parochial grousing of holier-than-thou crowd, the ones who end up arrested in the men's room.

  • Sac - 16 years ago

    It seems to me that Europeans probably have the right attitude towards these types of situations. It should be a matter dealt between him and his wife (assuming no public funds were used for his escapade). That is what being a grown up is. We are reacting like stupid teenagers. To paraphrase Mr Larry Flynt " RELAX, IT'S JUST SEX". And nobody got hurt!

  • Tojasoh - 16 years ago

    I'll bet Spitzer has parking violations, too. I certainly do not think this is Spitzers finest hour, but it is not reason to resign. We must grow up in our culture. Sex between consenting adults needs no censure from us.

    I also point out that warrantless wiretapping could put the hurt on most any political enemy. Do you really think that this was an accidental find?

  • Bill - 16 years ago

    When are people in this country going to quit allowing the right wing criminals running wiretaps and smear campaigns to make political fodder out of private scandal? What is wrong with people? We need politicians who handle the business of government well in a way that serves the common good. A corrupted government wiretapping calls to hookers is the problem here. Not the private moral compass or lack thereof of this man. Accepting this intrusion of privacy in the form of federal wiretapping is accepting right wing manipulation and worse. How can the 'terrists be caught if the feds are studying 987 calls? This man was hated because he went after corruption that threatens the common good. It was the same sort of right wing scandal that went down on Clinton. You can tell he is a democrat. He carries himself like a human with passion instead of a dried up empty shell of fakery. If the intelligence wasn't full of right wingers and the "left" operated with the same fury there would be so many republican scandals this activity would no longer be considered scandal but normal everyday life.

  • Bill - 16 years ago

    I didn't think it was right when senator Craig received the treatment he did regarding his toe tapping incident and that was in a public restroom. It is absolutely out of control and inappropriate that our right wing federal government ( and no, the elected officials don't tell the story of what is found in those other regions of our government ) is spying on our private electronic communications and then playing faux moral police. The fact is our government is deeply corrupted and this "catching" people with their pants down is not a fair and equitable practice. How many sleazy scum balls who are members of our 4th reich are having their electronic communications overlooked when they book a date with a hoe.

  • Eric - 16 years ago

    I can't believe how close this vote is. Of course he should resign. When Republicans do this sort of thing, they don't resign because they have no principles they wouldn't sell out for expediency. Progressives demand resignations when it's a Republican. They should demand it when it's not, as well.

  • buma - 16 years ago

    Sorry to see the guy screwed up so completely. He will have to resign though. Of course vitter should also resign. We can't have our politicians paying prostitiutes and the gop-ers who defend vitter should stop being so partisan.

  • logically inclined - 16 years ago

    I'm suprised that so many feel he should remain in office. I find it contrary to public service to be participating in criminal activity while presumably fighting for the people. Prostitution is illegal. Soliciting prostitutes is illegal. Criminals should not hold office. Mr. Spitzer is a criminal. Mr. Spitzer should not hold office. Pretty simple logic.

  • rb - 16 years ago

    I agree, any corrupt politicain should resign. I can't believe all the people coming to his defense.

  • pc - 16 years ago

    When David Vitter resigns, then Spitzer could think about it. Both were caught, and the consequences and choices should be exactly the same. Period.

  • Kit - 16 years ago

    I saddened that he dimmed his previously upstanding record. Something is wrong with these Republicans it seems. Molly Ivins said she didn't care who the President was screwing as long as it wasn't the country.

    I think this should be a personal matter with his family. Unless he campaigned as a family values candidate. In that case I would expect him to resign. Vitter should resigned. Craig should resign. Spitzer should be allowed to continue, but I don't know if he will. We need political leaders, not liars. I am willing to overlook this. Another sad day for the country. Who can you trust?

  • rb - 16 years ago

    I guess all those texts and phone conversations were made up. He was Client #9 for crying out loud. I don't think we should be talking about "black helicopters".

  • azureblue - 16 years ago

    The timing is very suspicious. it is well known that Spitzer was stepping on a lot of corrupt toes, and they were out to stop him. The story of how the Feds found out stinks and doesn't make sense. Suspicious transfer? Less than $5000.00? How many people, especially car dealers, buy cars for more than $5000, and do not run into this? Notice how well timed the story, the quick spread, and the immediate howls for Sptizer's resignation were? This was a planned attack. This smells just like the Bill Clinton hunt- bring him down- find anything on him to stop him.

    Let Craig & Vitter resign first. Then the two people who are raping & pillaging America, Bush & Cheney. Then let's talk about solicitation for prostitution in that context.

    BTW, anyone wonder what happened to the Washington Madam's little black book? Notice how that was hushed up real fast?

  • rb - 16 years ago

    Hey TimeforNewLeadership;

    He arrested people for prostitution. Should'nt he have the same justice he gave those people?

  • rb - 16 years ago

    When is everyone going to wise up. Politicains are corrupt, on both sides of the aisle. When they are corrupt they should be punished, PERIOD. Vote for who you like and if that person does something corrupt, stand up and denounce them.

  • Michael - 16 years ago

    It is an interesting comparison when one considers how long the DOJ managed to keep the lid on Vitters pecadillos yet when Mr Spitzer's disgressions we're discovered the DOJ slipped it to the MSM in a matter of days...

    Behold the Department of Just Us.

  • TimeforNewLeadership - 16 years ago

    I could not care less if someone procures a prostitute or not. It has NO effect on my life. I feel for his wife and family but his actions have no direct effect on my life. I wish he would just stand up and say that his work prosecuting the greedy pigs on Wall Street and in the Insurance Industry should not be diminished by his use of a prostitute. The powers that be were out to get him and they did get him. He is extremely stupid for falling into this trap. But the trap would have a lot less power if people would stop equating Sex Morality and Money and Honesty Morality. The pricks from Enron that cost my utility company $1.5 billion by being corrupt stole from ME. Elliot Spitzer's immorality did not effect me in any other way than politically and that is due to the poplation's hang up on prostitution.

  • Darren - 16 years ago

    Of course he should resign. I can't believe the poll is 51-49. I guess Democrats are just as willing to compromise their principles as Republicans.

  • Stephen - 16 years ago

    He should be censured, but he should not resign - if we drove everybody out of their jobs whenever a sexual transgression was discovered, who would be left to do the work? Since he was once an attorney general who focused on prosecuting sex workers, his censure should be as severe as possible - but we should not deprive ourselves of his work because he succumbed to a weakness that has trapped many millions before him.

  • bud - 16 years ago

    You can't equate this with the many immoralities committed by others, many of them Republicans, that were not victimless, anything from war-mongering to depriving others of affordable health care, decent education, clean air, etc etc etc.

    That said, this kind of behavior besmirches his office, and while it's probably one of the more common transgressions among politicians, considering his past prosecutions of others it's especially egregious. Resigning might be too much, but if he doesn't he'll be damaged political goods for a long time if not for ever. I'd say any potential plans for higher office have been dashed.

  • r adami - 16 years ago

    Spitzer should not resign any more than Corzine had to resign for a traffic offense. Prostitution is a lesser crime than a traffic offense. You guys are just being a bunch of ridiculous blue noses.

    The only effect this should have is to dampen Spitzer's zealotry in pursuing prostitution.

    Just rethink the absurdity of your position.

  • I. M. Pizdoff - 16 years ago

    Has anyone heard if we are going to get a "blow by blow" account of the hotel rendezvous??????

  • I. M. Pizdoff - 16 years ago

    "An individual's sex life is his or her own responsibility. Period. Only in the U.S. could a person's private sexual preferences become public. We are a repressed society that has a problem with sexual matters. The sooner we overcome this idiocy the better."

    You are absolutely correct. In fact, I told my wife that exact thing when she caught me in bed with our 15 year old daughter. What I do in my private life is no one's business. I will use the "Spitzer defense" when I am arraigned in court next week on rape charges.

  • crescentdave - 16 years ago

    It has little to do with sex. It has everything to do with being illegal. Spitzer should resign. Too bad he had to f*ck up, but he did. Let's move on.

  • Charles M LeCrone - 16 years ago

    An individual's sex life is his or her own responsibility. Period. Only in the U.S. could a person's private sexual preferences become public. We are a repressed society that has a problem with sexual matters. The sooner we overcome this idiocy the better.

  • budharmon - 16 years ago

    This is a bit off topic but can anyone recomend a good red wine for beef?

  • Brian Ward - 16 years ago

    I'm certainly not a Republican, but I think that Eliott Spitzer should resign for the simple reason that he, if the report is accurate, broke the law. I don't even think that prostitution should be illegal, but the fact is that it is illegal and he broke that law. We're supposed to be a country of laws, remember?

    If this were another gay Republican scandal, that would be another thing. However, I don't think that the Democrats have been actively campaigning for taking rights away from people in heterosexual relationships, so Spitzer's at least not a hypocrite in that sense. (Larry Craig, I'm referring to you!)

    He should just resign and we should move on.

  • pigpen - 16 years ago

    I agree with everyone - even the snatch guy.

  • J.C. - 16 years ago

    I'm just a wee bit skeptical that this vote would be so close if Spitzer were a Republican. Spitzer is a hero of mine, but what's good for the goose... Let's not be such hypocrites here, shall we?

  • timmy - 16 years ago

    I like hot capitalist sex as well.

  • Chuckling Canuck - 16 years ago

    Why doesn't Spitzer just come out and say "I like hot capitalist sex! There is nothing more American than paying for it -- hookers are an integral part of the political process -- we have to practice on whores before we can give the public a good fucking."
    "My wife pays for cabana boys to lick her snatch, too. What's good for the goose is good for the goossee!"
    "Finally, I am proud to point out that I was humping a woman, not a boy or a sheep like those hypocritical Repubicans."
    "Thank you. See ya back at the Governor's mansion!"
    "Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!"


  • Zog Te Obvious - 16 years ago

    Isn't it funny how different the reaction is from the Democrats. If this were a Repugnican who'd been caught in the act - especially a popular one - they'd be crying it up over in the Right-Wing blogs and blaming it all on the Democrats. He should be removed from office, and any Republican who so much as comments on it should be firmly reminded that this is an issue that the Democratic Party can handle internally without their assistance and commentary.

    They should get their own house in order before they criticize ours.

  • dmhlt - 16 years ago

    Assuming that what's available to this point in the MSM is accurate - he should resign.

  • Elly - 16 years ago

    I agree, we DO have to hold these guys to a higher standard, but I have to say that at least he admitted least he apologized and said it was a mistake. You have to give the guy a break - aren't we holding him to a higher standard already by broadcasting his private life to the public? He'll never live this down, never. I'm not mad at him; I pity him - which is perhaps worse.

  • environmentalist - 16 years ago

    Of course he should resign. Democrats cannot act like Rethuglicans!

  • thepoetryman - 16 years ago

    I'll agree with all of the above commentors. Spitzer should do what's ethical, at this juncture, and resign. If the people are to have any power or "moral" standing at dismantling and/or prosecuting the Bush regime for misdeeds and crimes they have and will commit then the Democratic Party must hold itself up to the brightest of lights.

  • Robert1014 - 16 years ago

    Yep...if we're going to call the Republicans on such misdeeds, we have to hold the Dems to the same standard. Also, consider this: by paying for a prostitute, the Governor of New York State was supplying money to a criminal enterprise, money that is no doubt being added to other monies received to fund other criminal enterprises.

    He should resign, or be impeached.

  • Powkat - 16 years ago

    A prosecutor cannot break the law in a way that leaves him and his office open to extortion or coercion.

  • Matt - 16 years ago

    He's been a hero of mine for the last few years but... the man's got to go. Democrats should hold themselves to higher standards than the Rethuglicans. At best it's terrible judgement, at worst it's criminal - he should resign and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Tom - 16 years ago

    Chad's right. We can't keep pointing at the repugs for their morally bankrupt actions and then try to gloss over the same type of situation when a Democrat does it. This is an especially bitter pill for me because when he was the NY AG, Spitzer was kind of a hero of mine and I'm too old to have heroes in the first place. Maybe this will finally cure me of it. Politicians is politicians and it don't make no never mind what letter they tack on after their name.

  • Chad - 16 years ago

    It doesn't matter how Dan Vitter was treated by the Rethugs..err... I mean Republicans. Nor does it matter how Faux news is behaving (in this instance). The simple fact of the matter that Spitzer violated the public trust. What compounds his severe error in judgement is that as Attorney General he went after two Prostitution Rings. People who seek public office have made a choice to accept a great responsibility. We do and should hold them to a higher standard. If they can't live up to what is required than yes, they should resign from office.

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