Do YOU think Bristol should stay on 'DWTS?'

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  • egnalag - 9 years ago

    I think Bristol should stay on because she has come along way. She is definitely improved more then any other contestant. I think if this is going to be a contest with amateur dancers, Brandy, Jennifer and some of the others who have danced professionally should not be on the show. Its not a contest of amateurs when you have professionals on. I also think its harder for the female contestants than the males because most of the footwork and body movements are done by the woman, so the male contestants don't really have to do much other then follow beside her, (She being a professional) that makes it harder for the amateur female to win. I find Bristols modesty endearing too. You don't see that much anymore in someone her age. Oh and I don't find Sarah to be hysterical at all when she speaks. Maybe the author of the piece needs to listen with out prejudice. They might learn something.

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