Who's the villain here, if there is one?


  • Chris - 4 years ago

    10 years later, and he's still one of the influential, innovative artists alive, and people stay hating. Whatever lol. Most of you racists didn't like him speaking out against Katrina in 2005 and used the VMA/Taylor moment to justify hating him relentlessly.

  • SgtWms - 13 years ago

    Matt is a good guy, but I've seen White and Black celeb's angry at the heavy handed style of Matt's interviews. Matt is comfortable when he is doing a TMZ style of interview, but then if he was being interviewed and asked about his divorce and personal business, he would be pissed. Matt should study Bryant Gumbels interview style or study Peter Jennings style or Lester Holt's interview style and he will be more neutral instead of having an interview that has a spin and a slant on it. Black Americans and White Americans were pissed at how Katrina was handled under the Bush watch or lack of watch over New Orleans. Two wrongs don't make a right, but Bush and Cheney fell asleep behind he wheel during and after Katrina...Would they let NYC or Dallas have the same fate? Kkanye made a kneejerk response, but many Black Americans felt they same way Kanye did during the carnage of Katrina and the aftermath that still haunts the 9th Ward today. Let's not sugar coat it or put one man's feelings over watching Americans die from hunger, thirst and bloated bodies laying on the streets for days and weeks . SgtWms Former Sgt USMC

  • Mary MacLeod - 13 years ago

    I am responding to the fact that West has cancelled his Today Show concert after the "problem" with the interview. It seems to me that since the death of his mother, Mr. West has decided that it is his right to be an angry young man - that he looks for a fight and an issue. He has made a number of blunders and very little that is positive. He needs some counselling to get the big chip off of his shoulder. His momma would not be happy with his recent actions.

  • Peter Shihadeh - 13 years ago

    Why should I even think about or value anything that Kanye West would say? What has he done? Has he ever come up with thoughts that were provocative or insightful? The only credit he should get is for getting publicity when he is mindless.

  • Shirlee - 13 years ago

    Being raised in middle class or any other socioeconomic class does not negate racism. Now, mind you I am caucasian raised by a divorced mother at poverty levels a time when it was socially shunned. I can't say that I know what it is to be of non-white origins ... but I can say that racism is truly not an issue which is black only cultures. It exists in every culture, socioeconomic class and perhaps always will as long as we as a nation continue to allow thoughtless ignorance in speech to fuel the fires of division in races.

    The rights to have our opinions and freedom of speech does not also give us the right to magnify and take things to the extreme as comments have been on both sides of this interview issue. For Matt Lauer to say that there was nothing unusual or different in airing footage of clips may be a very true statement. My question is this: what was the real motivation for airing them? To be a facilitator of such journalism is poor judgment if it continues to keep the ugliness of racism alive.
    Life is our sculptor. It turns us, shapes us and molds us into who we are. People are people... some better than others and being different because of beliefs, color, or sexual preferences doesn't define who we are. We all share commonalities in life and the way we treat others is more how we view ourselves. If hatred is in your heart then you become it... if love and acceptance is a part of who you are... then it spills over to others and isn't that a much nicer way to relate in life?

    Embrace our differences.... walk towards a common goal in healing. We all bleed red, we all have the right to have our opinions and speak them but pointing fingers and using that overly used racist card just continues to breed hate. We should all be born color blind. The struggles all cultures have endured in the past have been well documented. It's important not to forget our roots and how we got here but if we continue to keep the wounds open there will never be healing.
    So my feeling and opinion is this.... live the here and now... don't forget the past but for god's sake.... deal with it and move on. And if you have nothing nice to say then don't say it... end of story.

  • steve - 13 years ago

    Kanye doesnt even have any real musical talent. And, he enjoyed all of the perks of growing up in a nice middle-class suburb; what does he personally know about struggle? He thinks that just because he is black that the world is at odds with him. He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo ignorant!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katie - 13 years ago

    Unbelievable. can't believe the today show is going to feature him during a concert on the plaza. I will NOT be watching. doesn't sound to me like he has learning anything....and he's completely full of himself. ugh.

  • rick emery - 13 years ago

    i dont like this idiot he is ma snob i wont buy anything he has his name on ,

  • Unknown - 13 years ago

    Kanye is the racist and just wants to peg an issue on the white president. I highly doubt any decision that Obama could ever make will impact Kanye and his racist view point.

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