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How would you identify yourself as a computer user? (Poll Closed)

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  • rizex - 12 years ago

    I use GNU/Linux on my PC because:
    1. Linux is free and Open Source.
    2. It's ease of use and maintenance.
    3. Have a nice security and performance.
    4. All of the software everything is up to date.
    5. All of my works are the best.
    6. and many more...
    7. And never I'll be back to M$ :)

  • Clinton - 12 years ago

    I got sick of Windows. Download drivers for everything.
    So I tried a LiveCD of Linux Mint. I saw everything (sound, wireless, printer, scanner, etc...) worked without installing or downloading anything else, so backed up my data, installed Mint, restored my data and have NEVER LOOKED BACK!

    Oh yeah... no anti-virus needed and it (Linux Mint) doesn't cost a thing. I laugh at the people still grumbling and dealing with Windoze!

    Merry Christmas suckers! LOL!

  • Grigor Kolev - 12 years ago

    The reason is very simple.
    Linux does not need drivers for canon because they are in the system. There are drivers for almost printers and microphones, cameras, wireless LAN cards, video cards, etc.

  • Eric in Dayton - 12 years ago

    Up until around 2001 I was an avid windoze user. Then I discovered Linux (really rediscovered). I am neither a hacker nor a programmer - I'm an engineering and IT system and group manager - I use Linux (mostly just Ubuntu now) because it is practical - it just works - it's stable - and it's secure - it does everything I need it to do, with enormous flexibility. I have used Linux at home almost exclusively since about 2004 - first Red Hat, then SuSE, then Ubuntu - and I've been using Ubuntu ever since it's first or second main release. I've designed, built and managed IT systems with both Linux and windows over the years - and I MUCH prefer Linux - it's more secure, easier to manage, easier to maintain, more stable, and on and on (this is from both a systems administrator perspective as well as a manager perspective). I've also used Linux on the desktop at work and run pilot programs switching users from secretaries to scientists and engineers to Linux desktops. In my personal experience, those who bash Linux have never given it a real chance. I do have one dual boot machine at home for my kids - the windows side is used only for games - everything else they do in Ubuntu (watch videos and movies, listen to music, play web-based games, do their homework, surf the internet, use email and instant messaging, etc. etc.). At the moment I am forced to use windows at work - and I REALLY miss my Linux workstation - I'm frstrated by Vista every single day in the workplace!

  • Sam Illingworth - 12 years ago

    I need an "I use all three" option.

    @Timothy L. Miller
    Your point 4 is the same as your point 1, and your point 7 is pants. Linux doesn't "just work", not even close. You generally have to install proprietary graphics card drives after installing the OS, and they're never as good as the Windows or Mac ones, and that's why it's only geeks (me) and people who have free geek phone support (my mum) who use it. OS X is the only one that "just works", more or less.

    6 I'm not sure about. Yes, updating your software in Synaptic is easy, but unless you've added custom PPAs you won't always get the latest version of programmes, just the latest your distro supports (and if you do add custom PPAs you can't be sure things will play nicely together), and there's also the risk a library update will knacker things that depend on it (SQLite knackering Banshee, for example).

    Of all your reasons, the only ones that I think are true (rather than wishful self-justification), the reasons I use Linux (Ubuntu) are 1) it's free and 5) choice (different DEs, dock applications, Compiz, etc. Oh, and actually I'd add 8) Compiz. Deserves being it's own point, as there's nowt like it on Windows or OS X.

  • Paco - 12 years ago

    I simply hate the interface changes introduced in vista/W7 (why do every journalist insist on "how different W7 is" compared to Vista? they are identical in most annoying ways). If I must change my way of doing things, I rather change them into linux. I was pretty comfortable in XP, but W7 is ugly and the changes introduced in the gui serve no meaningful purpose. Also, all that forced security gets in the way all the time and the computer is easily compromised all the same, so, again, annoys the user for no tangible results. In linux you can choose what do you want: more or less "front end" security, the same old interface or try new ways of doing things, and the customizations are easily ported from one system to another or from an old system when you upgrade.

  • Artem S. Tashkinov - 12 years ago

    I voted for "Linux PC" but I really hate that option.

    I'm NOT a PC. I'm a human being. Besides, Linux is just an OS which better suits my life style. I don't want to spend time installing firewall, AV solution, registry cleaner, thinking twice about installing new software - I just want my PC to work uninterruptedly. That's not really an option with Windows (unless you never install new software and don't browse the Internet).

  • Timothy L. Miller - 12 years ago

    I chose linux pc because:

    1. Linux is free to obtain legally.
    2. Linux is open source, so security flaws are patched much faster
    3. Linux doesn't blue screen regularly
    4. If I want my money back for linux, the developers will gladly refund me my $0.00 that I paid
    5. Choice, Gnome, KDE, LXDE. I'm not stuck with what someone else thinks I want.
    6. Ease of maintenance. I don't have to chase all over the web looking for updates. A couple quick commands, and every piece of software on my system is up to date.
    7. It simply works.

  • Jesse - 12 years ago

    i have a feeling this poll has massive amounts of bullshit in it. Provided by betanews's core audience of 13 year old xbox live kids.

    More people browse the web on iOS than Linux, so honestly it's not even a question. Would someone would mark linux when there on windows just to make apple look worse?

    Probably. You people are that sad.

  • Steve - 12 years ago

    A long time ago, i was in a pub having a beer. I friend of a friend asked what I do for work, I said I work in IT.

    He went on to say "funny, there are PC people and Mac people", I replied with "Mmmm, only a Mac person would say that".

    I game on a Wii, XBOX 360 (Nothing against the PS3), I phone on an IPhone (I do like WP7, my other half has one), I code on a Win7 Laptop, I use Chrome at home IE9 at work (enjoying IE9 thought)

    I am a person who uses devices that are powered by electricity, so does that make me the electric man?

  • the old rang - 12 years ago

    Your poll points out something, that bears with what all other polls say... there are more Linux users than Mac users.

    Why then are there 'mad' drivers from manufacturers (of hardware like Canon) and none or poor drivers for Linux? (like Canon???????!!!!!)

    They (Mac and Linux) are BOTH Unix based. Communications with Canon, were at best, condescendingly cool...

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