Should Distance Runners do strength training?
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  • Tom Grant - 11 years ago

    First, i'd like to only boast in my weakness. With that said, I seek wisdom and love from you all so my opinion is that only of a man. I like to run. I run by faith. I don't know if you may understand what i mean. I'm not sure I know what I mean only that my running is a result of the grace of God. My strength - from Him. My focus - from Him. My pace and posture - from Him. My protection - from Him.
    I'm a "Christian." Whatever that means in today's society. God gave me a channel and a vehicle for stress, pain, emotional discomfort, health, time, energy, anger, sadness, happiness, I'm forever grateful. My runs now are spiritual, mainly. Natural. Outside. Roads and Trails. Years before, the focus was to loose weight, and tone up. I experience something new everytime I go on a run. A police car almost hitting me. A rattlesnake almost biting me. A sunset. Feeling like i'm pulling cinder blocks. Feeling as a lite as a feather. A great beat from a Maroon 5 song that puts your rhythm together.
    I'm getting off topic. Sorry. I believe what I'm saying is just to get out. Experience a run. Continue to run especially when you don't feel like it. No worries about if your calves are being strengthened or your gaining or losing weight. I worry about this sometimes. All this stuff. I just run that day. Because the next one might not come...
    I share this in love...His love.
    Thanks for letting me share. Run By Faith

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