What subjects do you enjoy most on BitB (choose all that apply)?


  • Gary Griswold - 9 years ago

    Love the job that you do, you have even helped me in my posts to Bug Guide. Thank you!!!!

  • Stanley Stine - 9 years ago

    My job title is Naturalist, as such, the public perceives that I'm something of a "walking encyclopedia" of nature knowledge. So, blogs like yours are extremely helpful for educating me and thus, the public. I deal in generalities of course, expert perhaps in some areas but curious about all topics in nature. This site provides a valuable and current representation of insect knowledge of a group of insects, which excites children and challenges adults. Important to popularizing interest in creatures considered irrelevant by most.

    Topics of importance in my arena: Inexpensive photography of insects (for public). Beetle importance in the grand scheme. Why beetles do what they do.

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