Have You Disabled Flash on Your Mac?

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Posted 8 years.


  • Beatrix Willius - 8 years ago

    My favorite weather site uses flash for the rain forecast. Other than that I don't need Flash.

  • Chan - 8 years ago

    I want to,

    Just can't mostly for the YT and FB videos. ASA they get HTML5 I will dump Flash. So for the moment I live with Flash Block for Firefox and only play the ones I need

  • Jon - 8 years ago

    Untill HTML 5 video is stable under all browsers and Youtube switch to HTML native, then Flash will alawys exist. I am an apple lover, but apple are covering there own assess when it come to this. If Apple mobile devices supported Flash, the range of online games would be far greater, therefore the AppStore would suffer. Let's face facts, they are a business!

  • David - 8 years ago

    It is not a Safari specific problem or even a Mac specific problem. I've had plenty of problems running Flash on Windows machines, of various configurations. It is, however, a content specific problem, which makes it very frustrating to compare. If you and I regularly go to different sites I might experience problems all the time while you never do.

    I didn't specifically uninstall Flash, but I bought an 11" MacBook Air without realizing that Flash was not preinstalled. To be perfectly honest I didn't notice that Flash was missing for about a week. I did notice that a lot of ads weren't showing up, but as far as content I care about I didn't notice an issue. I also noticed that many sites had a tendency to load faster, which I mistakenly assumed was a result of the streamlined hardware system and solid-state storage system. The first time I ran into a problem was on a major news site (probably New York Times or Wall Street Journal, but I honestly can't remember which). A video didn't load and instructed me to install the Flash plugin. I toyed with the idea of loading the program, but then I did a quick Google search to find the story on AP and simply read it (which I prefer anyway, to be honest).

    I don't have any particular issues with Flash on an appropriate computer. For example, I am perfectly happy running Flash on my Mac Pro, but I assume 8 cores and 12 GB of RAM is plenty of power for local processing of video (that's basically what I bought it for: Final Cut Pro). On small portables such as the MacBook Air or the iDevices I'd just as soon see Flash replaced with a server processed technology that preserves my battery life. I've had no problem finding alternative sources for the same information so far, so I don't have much incentive to push for mobile Flash anyway. Perhaps others who view different kinds of content on a regular basis will find themselves in a different situation.

  • Deb - 8 years ago

    I have Flash enabled, but I never experienced any problems with it? May be because I almost always use Firefox, is Flash a problem specific to Safari?

  • Horse - 8 years ago

    This is a really stupid poll. What about: no - I haven't tried it because I'm lazy?

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