Should all five stars of 'The Big Bang Theory' make the same amount, a la 'Friends'?

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Posted 9 years.


  • Sue Treanor - 2 years ago

    Superbly written and performed perhaps the only show I've ever seen where I actually have a lol moment
    While all characters are integral to the shows chemistry Simon H is by far the funniest followed by Mayim Bialik then Stuart

  • Johnnie Benton - 5 years ago

    I think wolowitz is 1 of the funniest characters on the show and leonard n my opinion is not that funny granted he is a good actor and its the writers that make them funny or not but leonard just doesnt do it for me i think wolowitz should definitely make what leonard is making if not more. My opinion of the funniest to least funny characters on big bang goes like this #1 sheldon cooper #2 howard wolowitz #3 Stuart and from there id say raj,penny,amy,&bernadette are all equally funny along with howards mother btw cuz she is funny as hell for her small voice roll but n my opinion leonard hofstetter is the least funny character on the show n i do believe its partially the writers not coming up with parts that make him seem funnier but also i believe a big part of it is just that he's not that funny no matter what the writers wrote for his parts n the show. Just my opinion and i am not saying my opinion is anything special its just how i view things

  • John Spiess - 6 years ago

    I like to begin by saying, The Big Bang Theory is a really excellent show. and I really believe that all the actors in the show make you show 1 should be paid more than the other. it just wouldn't be fair. the writers are fabulous and are doing a excellent job creating new episodes. and I'm sure that the whole cast will have no problems with finding new endeavors to go further in their acting careers. it's a very popular show and I can see you being around for quite a long time

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