The Queen's speech is:


  • Evie - 13 years ago

    Olly might technically be right, but everyone refers the one a christmas as the queens speech, and doesnt really care about the parliament one!

  • Jay - 13 years ago

    No matter what this poll says, or the comments say, it doesn't change the fact that OLLY IS FACTUALLY RIGHT. (The one at christmas is called the queen's christmas speech, it's quite simple...)

  • Bryan - 13 years ago

    In Canada, we've always called the Queen's Christmas message just that. Usually, though, people just ask if you saw the Queen's message, or if you saw the Queen. The speech at the opening of Parliament is called the Speech from the Throne (or Throne Speech), which HM will deliver if she happens to be about. Otherwise, the Governor General reads it.

    I believe in you, Olly.

  • Scott - 13 years ago

    Olly may be right, but everyone still calls the Christmas speech 'The Queen's Speech'... So he's wrong.

  • Tom - 13 years ago

    Whilst Ollie is actually correct I couldn't bring myself to agree with him over Helen so I took option number three and haven't looked back!

  • James - 13 years ago

    Olly is definitely right.

    Queen's Speech = State opening of parliament.
    Queen's Christmas Message = the one she does at christmas.

    Even wikipedia (of all places!) manages to get this one correct.... sort it out, Helen & Martin!!

  • Dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn - 13 years ago

    Olly is right. No-one seems to agree but he is right.

  • Steven Chicken - 13 years ago

    Olly is bang on. Fuck the doubters, Olly.

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