How Long Before Salty Caves and Puts Out Content


  • doublej1d - 2 years ago

    Day 1 I can do this!
    Day 2 Damn I miss my Salty!
    Day 3 SALT SALT Someone give me SALT!!!!
    Day 4 I think the human body must have it's daily dose of SALT to survive!!!

  • Justin - 2 years ago

    3 days. Salty's more addicted to the and the news than Hunter Biden is to Parmesan cheese

  • Lisa Bell - 2 years ago

    Salty, I miss your shows already. I completely understand what you are going through. I became political after watching the election being stolen day after day. I couldn't care about politics until then. Since then, all I do is watch political videos and article's. This shit will drive you mad. All of the obvious lies and people believe it.

    I have to take breaks every once and a while and just stop watching it or I get very depressed and angry. I am watching the world crumble and I can't do anything to stop it. I am on disability and can barely get by on it. I really wish I could do videos myself so I could red pill people, but I missed the bus. Cant start it on YouTube to gain an audience to move to another platform.

    I just want to help people realize how messed up this world is and everything is really just an illusion. Our world has been controlled by elites and big corporations and it has been that way for decades. Trump tried to change that and they couldn't have him do that. Its obvious Obama is running things behind the scenes. He had biden put everything back to how it was when he left office. China bought our government and that's why everything is upside down and doesn't make any sense.

    We can't give in to anything or we will lose what little freedom we have left. The Salty Army is everywhere and I am so thankful to be a part of it. Enjoy your break, let everything sink in and everything will come together in your mind. Hope that came out right. When you pull back from int
    fo overload, things will blend together and you can see how it all fits together.

    Wow, didn't expect to say all of this, but im glad I did. I am alone in this world, so its good to reach out to others in the army.

    Lisa Bell, The Salty Pug

  • ROBERT J LYNCH - 2 years ago

    I have to say, I was kind of sad in clicking on Odysee and finding no Salty Crackers. Not even limp reruns. Ho-hum.

    Thing is, "Other Stuff" is certainly building up. We've got a full on shipping crisis that Brez Spud isn't even vaguely aware of. And it is going to metastasize. ... because like a large clogged pipe 'down the line' pushing up the shite upstream ... which clogs them in turn, to a craptastic shit storm, well... apparently in the last 2 months the equivalent has happened to international and 'intranational' shipping.

    'Detroit' can't making replacement-and-upgrade-for-the-fast-retiring-fleet trucks to carry shipping containers too and fro. But the trucks (also 'cuz of Covid) are being retired out of service. And the containers are literally overflowing the ports-of-entry. There is talk of the OAKLAND Ca terminal (one of the larger ones) trucking containers to Alameda's long barely-used ex Naval Air Base. A few hundred acres, and all of it good for containers.

    But that is only 1/4 of the problem! Putting them somewhere is good. But getting them to destination warehouses is vital. And that's the second part of the problem. The warehouses are CHOCK FULL of shit that's been delivered late, and the ultimate buyers are contesting that they even want delivery. There's no good that comes from left-over 'fresh sushi'. The clogged pipe metaphor reveals itself.

    Then there's the near-embargo (by the Chinese) of shipping key 'little stuff'. A completely unheralded shitstorm. You now, bags of catalysts to ensure power plant effluvia is nice and non-toxic. To ensure top yields per barrel of crude oil. To make plastics, dyes, inks. All that. And now China's dalliance with making mountains of FAKE chips has come to roost ... and the US vehicle production is all but shut own.

    Hate to say it, but the Chinese as hand-wringing and disingenuous as ever, are absolute masters at hobbling the West by an economic-product trade war. Like who's going to blame Chan or Wong or not delivering the widgets that now in 2021 are exclusively made in China and NO WHERE ELSE? How easy it is to sink a battleship. No ball-bearings.

    This is quite a storyline, and it is unfolding in real time.
    Not exactly the Spud-in-Chief at his mindless shennanigans. But still...
    So far, the deliveries of stuff haven't materially affected most people's mega-mall shopping experiences. But that's coming.

    I saw signs of it just yesterday: STAPLES (the office crap supply depot) has lined just about every one of its shelves with boxes of copier paper. To keep them from looking empty. Crap copier paper,everywhere you look. And its a total ruse: none of the plants are marked with prices. They're just FILL to trick the eye. Truth is, apparently, much of the Office Depot type stuff is LOCKED UP in shipping containers, which aren't being trucked anywhere. Or in ships of the coast. Today, 73 of them off Long Beach. More coming. No truckers. Wow.

    Perfect storm.

    Just saying, GoatGuy

  • Randall - 2 years ago

    6 days before airing and claiming it was seven just to have fact check prove him wrong LOL

  • Neil Archer - 2 years ago

    Could be red october. I predict 3-4 days. Anyway enjoy your break.

  • JakeFromState - 2 years ago

    About 12 of Biden's Diaper Changes or 3.5 days

  • SmegheadMomma - 2 years ago

    It's not your fault Salty.. Those commies are too crazy not to REEEE about.

  • Edward - 2 years ago

    I have somewhat of a faith in Salty, therefore i voted for 3 days... though i kinda want him to fail, I need my salty drug fix. On the other hand, you gotta detox sometimes from all the madness. Anywhore, best wishes from Canada! Stay strong, you mullet wearing asshole!

  • Edward - 2 years ago

    I have somewhat of a faith in Salty, therefore i voted for 3 days... though i kinda want him to fail, I need my salty drug fix. On the other hand, you gotta detox sometimes from all the madness. Anywhore, best wishes from Canada! Stay strong, you mullet wearing asshole! ????

  • G.D. - 2 years ago


  • Sly - 2 years ago


  • RedNeckSailor17 - 2 years ago

    Bought a coffee mug for me and a tank for my lady off of your site. My favorite mug.

  • Pastor Shadilay - 2 years ago


  • neverson42 - 2 years ago


    p.s. FIRST

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