Is the NZSO as important to New Zealand as the All Blacks?


  • Anne Kendall - 12 years ago

    The two cannot be compared.However, a country without culture - Music and the Arts - is dead.
    Sport is physically beneficial, particularly for the young. Culture nourishes the soul taking us beyong the mundane for all of life. New Zealand should be known as a cultural country.

  • Lorna Lander - 12 years ago

    Of course NZSO is far more important than the All Blacks. Throughout history, cultural life (i.e. the soul of a nation) provides succour not only for the present but also for the future.

  • Lorna Lander - 12 years ago

    Much, MUCH more important. The effects of the culture of a nation - i.e. its soul - always, in the long run as well as the present, last much longer than the effects of sport. Politicians who do not recognise the value of NZSO are doing their country an enormous disservice for both now and the future.

  • ina - 12 years ago

    I regard the NZSO as a wonderful uplifting institution especially when things are a little askew in my life. I am transported to other places as I sit and watch the players interact and listen to the combinations of sounds that they are so excellent at producing my spirit soars. However as a young person I skipped school in order to watch my countrymen from Wales dancing and side stepping the New Zealand players on a rugby field. There are many kiwis who feel cheated if they miss either of these outstanding institutions as preferences are different amongst people of this country

  • Raymond Hawthorne - 12 years ago

    Comparisons are odious. To avid sports followers the All Blacks and their success is an imperative. To those of us whose preference may be the arts, the NZSO along with all arts bodies in this country must be supported and sustained. Each has it's place in the culture of our country. To suggest otherwise shows complete ignorance. Michael Laws please take note. Your bigotry is shameful. Why does it not surprise me.?!

  • ian dawe - 12 years ago

    i'm with peter willis on this one. the all blacks are nothing more to me than a grossly overpaid bunch of thugs. have never watched them for years. contrasting them in importance with the NZSO is a chalk and cheese issue. the NZSO contributes a quality to our well-being wereas the abs, here today and gone tomorrow boys. govt seems happy to throw money at sporting endeavours and other irrevelant people but the arts are always the 'poor cousins' when any funding is concerned

  • Penry Putnam - 12 years ago

    I couldn't do without either of them

  • harry kendall - 12 years ago

    I'm afraid that my true comments regarding the intentions of this government would be unprintable.

  • Gowan Patton - 12 years ago

    The NZSO is a world class orchestra that up coming musicians can genuinely aspire to join. We have established a standard and that means the next generation of players have a target. Overall he NZ music scene is extremely well served by this wortld class orchestra. If cuts are to be made it should be from the administrative overhead. After all it was only 50 years ago that Jim Hartstonge and a PA ran thje orchestra as well as the visiting artists programme so there is a lot of fat in that area but the core orcheatra should be sacrosanct.

    NZ more than ever needs to define itself through its arts and culture to provde the sprinboard for forward progress

  • Richard Clark - 12 years ago

    the day that the All Blacks get no Government money aka taxpayer money, the day the education system is properly funded, the day we stop locking up kids but lock up their parents :) will be a good day, the day all Artists get a living wage will be an awesome day.

  • Rhys Barker - 12 years ago

    The N Z S O is a national artistic icon of which I am extremely proud. I strongly oppose any move to reduce its governement funding or diminish its status as a national symphony orchestra.

  • fj wright - 12 years ago

    It's Much MORE important!

  • Valerie Rhodes - 12 years ago

    As a music lover, the NZSO is far more important to me than the All Blacks.

    A key component of a civilised country is the quality of its cultural life in all its manifestations - music, art, dance, film, theatre etc.

    We need a national orchestra equally as much as national teams representing various sporting codes.

    It is a poor country indeed that neglects the arts and those engaged in promoting them.

  • Peter Willis - 12 years ago

    I can't answer this question as I think the NZSO is MORE important to NZ than the All Blacks.

  • Noel Johnson - 12 years ago

    We need a balance between sport and culture

  • cathie benson - 12 years ago

    great players

  • tom - 12 years ago

    IT'S MORE IMPORTANT!! i never watch rugby or follow sport... but the nzso has helped me in so many ways! they are the best!!

  • margaret harris - 12 years ago

    The NZSO is much more important culturely. It does not make nearly as much money as the all blacks and certaainly behaves a lot better. The All Blacks keep onb behaving so badly that the country is embarassed by them. Why do the tax payers have to pay magadollers for expensive stadiums for the hierarchy of the rugby players to drink etc.
    The NZSO have to struggle. We must support them in every way we can.

  • J R Stossberg - 12 years ago

    Yes Music & Arts is as important as Sport! Look at the cultures in this respect in Europe!

  • Phillip Rose - 12 years ago

    This is a silly question. The ABs and the NZSO are both important NZ institutions. They can both be loosely put in the "entertainment" basket, and both perform publicly in venues where people can pay to see them. There are other similarities as well.

    The ABs represent the history, culture and execution (performance) of sport in NZ, rugby in particular. That's an important history and culture whether you're an AB fan or not.

    The NZSO represents the history, culture and execution (performance) of western art music and often, NZ composers in particular. (The music played on the NZSO's recent China/Europe tour included pieces by three NZ composers.) That must also be considered important, regardless on one's personal predilections.

    Both institutions should be regarded as national treasures that proudly represent NZ on the national and international stage, institutions that routinely "punch above their weight", bringing recognition and respect and admiration to NZ as a country and to New Zealanders as people. This recognition comes to all of us regardless of our individual views on or support of the ABs or the NZSO.

    I look forward to the next illuminating newstalkzb poll, "Which is more important to New Zealand, wine or sheep?".

  • Katherine Lancaster - 12 years ago

    The NZSO serves an important ambassadorial role - representing the best of New Zealand's musical talent on the domestic and international stages. The cohesive abilities of the orchestra are held in high esteem, attracting accomplished international conductors on a regular basis. It is an important cornerstone of a culturally articulate society. Aside from these more lofty functions, it provides a sincere form of enjoyment for many people throughout New Zealand - from young to old. The concert programmes contain a variety of both well-known works, and those that push the audience into new musical boundaries. The NZSO also plays an important mentoring and education role - inspiring young New Zealand musicians. Surely, this government needs to encourage a continuation of musical excellence and artistic aspiration? Use another intervention logic, beyond the purely value for money approach! The world of economics is a pendulum. National identity is a constant. Long live the NZSO!

  • Rex Benson - 12 years ago

    I couldn't do without either of them.

  • Gareth Farr - 12 years ago

    Great topic of conversation - but a badly phrased question!
    Does it mean 'SHOULD the NZSO be treated with as much importance in New Zealand as the All Blacks?', or 'IS the NZSO actually as important as the All Blacks to most New Zealanders?' My yes answer was assuming the former - if the latter, my answer would be no.

  • Christine Borra - 12 years ago

    If the NZSO was more active at events like the Rugby and opening things for us then we would look to them like the HAKA.. we need to get the young ones and Joe Normals hearts beating from some stirring music and knowing that is our our NZ sounds...

    It can happen... thet them play at the World CUp and be in the opening game??????????????????

  • Carmen Dalli - 12 years ago

    Absolutely as important! In fact for some of us it is much more important- give me a night out to the NZSO anyday above a game of rugby!

  • Bevin - 12 years ago

    I am always uplifted and refreshed when I hear the NZSO play. The All Blacks can be inspiring but so often their human foibles spoil the inspiration. Give me the NZSO and music for preference any day, especually as the so often include NZ composers.

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