Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin together on TV is ...

  • Joe - 9 years ago

    Sounds like it was fun for all. The kids probably had an absolute ball.
    Hopefully Sarah and Kate found closeness to God and each other while out there.

  • Mary Ann - 9 years ago

    Kate made an absolute ass of her self.

  • Vickey - 9 years ago

    Well, I think that those are funny suggestions. Both are reality TV folks, I think that it's a mistake for each of them- Kate had to many kids....Sarah had to many lawyer fees to pay. There were reasons why each had a show. But, Sarah's was successful and about a wonderfully beautiful outdoor lifestyle.
    I think that Kate would be eaten alive, because Palin wouldn't know how to handle her 'attitude' problems- or better yet 'would know how' to handle it. And, the show would not last long. Put Kate with 'OctiMom' like I said before, have them run a daycare facility, and try to teach to young mothers' of why not to have so many kids to begin with. SOME media mogul should pick that opportunity up somewhere??
    Or have her fill in for Rachael Maddow on the msnbc News Cast, they might like each other!

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