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Now that Derek Jeter has finally signed, has your opinion of him changed? (Poll Closed)

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  • Bob Hecmiere - 13 years ago

    Laughable! Jeter gets paid nearly three times what he is worth on the open market and you have fools here saying he was "treated badly"!

    Yes, Yankees' fans sure know their baseball!

  • Jeda - 13 years ago

    I'll tell you what stinks-- this POLL. the choice should read "I think more highly of Jeter now than ever, and the Yankee front office has shown its ugly rear-end way too many times now."

    Why on earth are some of you saying that Jeter is "greedy" when it's the richest of the rich Steinbrenners who were holding the cards on the other side of the table???? Why would you want to defend them? You want to help them keep money in their pockets, instead of putting it into the team? Interesting concept.

    Or that pinhead Cashman, who cannot negotiate his way out of a paper bag-- not in the past, not now, and apparently not ever. Notce how Cashman is STILL at it in the press, just can't leave it be-- "It's a question of worth" and "Honesty is difficult" He's STILL throwing jabs at Jeter, when Jeter is saying, "I'm happy with the contract; the anger is in the past." Sheesh. Flying elf, indeed!!! LOL.

    You know it's Cashman's fault, to begin with, that A-Rod didn't agree to a contract early-on and they had to then up the ante to this incredible sum. He's never handled these big deals well, and when his little ego gets stung, oooh, boy, watch out! NOT. It only ends up hurting the TEAM in the end. Causing problems like this one.

    Man up, Cashman. And you fans-- take a look at whom you are supporting when you are bashing Jeter in this deal. J's agent didn't even say anythning all that bad about Cashman, to begin with-- there was no need to fire back. To say that the negotiations were "baffling" could even be construed as a compliment, if Cashman weren't such an insecure weenie. So, hey, if you guys want to go ahead and say that rich A-holes and their weenie reps came out of this as the admirable, honorable, strong-hearts of the two opponents, then fine. I'll say this: GEORGE Steinbrenner would never have said, "Jeter can just go test the market elsewhere" after Jeter had already said he was not going to. George might have gotten hurt and emotional, but he'd never have been cold-hearted and let Jeter take the bullet of being the one painted as "greedy."

    Or, hey, even more crazy-- that the FANS own the team and that the FANS are due respect and yada yada-- how much more self-important b.s. can you come up with???? Jeter had already said he wanted to play NOWHERE else but for the Yankees-- for US fans. Get real. He did nothing wrong in all this. Cashman, Steinbrenner, agent, media-- everybody else has a black eye, but Jeter's heart is in NYY, and as far as a contract goes, he was only waiting for the best contract he could have, same as any one of you would have done.

    If Cashman had simply come down off his self-imagined throne long enough to have negotiated a contract quietly before the season's end, instead of this silly prideful "We just don't do that," then all of this would have been averted, in the first place. I think Cashman likes the drama and the mud-slinging, gets some kind of sick charge out of knowing he holds so much in suspension for so many for as long as possible. Ugh.

  • evelyn - 13 years ago

    very much disappointed with how Cashman handled the start of the negotiation with Jeter. CASH...MAN is RUDE and TACTLESS !!!To suggest that Jeter shop around when from the start he knows that Jeter is not going anywhere is something uncalled for .. not a class act, MR. Cash

  • EM - 13 years ago

    I think Mr. Jeter forgets the public owns him and the Yankees. Without all the media, people buying tickets, memorabilia etc. they are all nothing. WE MADE THEM ALL RICH, RICH, RICH!!!!! If the it leaks into the news- to bad. I like knowing how it is going down. Without us you are nothing and all athletes, owners, actress and actors are all the same. ITS ALL ABOUT THEM AND THEM BEING RICH, but forgetting who actually made them rich. If we don't go to the games, movies, buy jerseys etc. then there would be no money to give you. I get more turned off everyday by the elite society.

  • frankt - 13 years ago

    The only thing you should remember about these negotiations is that Cashman jumped off a building dressed as an Elf during the talks. Maybe the tether was too tight and cut some oxygen off to his brain, but some of the things he said were silly at best and malicious and conniving, more likely. Here's to the Flying Elf!

  • connie marko - 13 years ago

    Derek was treated badly by Yankee management, ie brian cashman. I am so sorry to see the end of the wonderful relationship of jeter and the Yankees. I hope cashman, not the team, suffers the bad karma of his behavior. Go jeter, have a great season and a great year.

  • brianconnelly - 13 years ago

    jeter never wanted to become a free agent because he knew he could extort the yankees for more-aging,declining icon trying to get as much as he can-after 3,000th hit, watch him decline faster than you can say Joe Charboneau

  • Duffy Hamilton - 13 years ago

    Derek ranks at the very top of all sports figures for his professionalism and conduct both on and off the playing field. The media never knows when to back off. Maybe the media could learn a few lessons about how to treat others from athletes like Derek Jeter.

  • Duffy Hamilton - 13 years ago

    Derek ranks at the very top of all sports figures for his professionalism and conduct both on and off the playing field. The media never knows when to back off. Maybe the media could learn a few lessons about how to treat others from athletes like Derek Jeter.

  • Steve Randel - 13 years ago

    Baseball, now more than ever, is a business. Having said that, Jeter was treated with a lack of respect. He didn't object when the Yankees said they wouldn't negotiate a new contract during the season. But then he was put on the back burner while the Yankees searched for a new pitching coach, when there is little pitching left to coach. Now that Derek and Mo are back on board, lets sign Lee and then look into building up the farm system with fresh new arms. A good start would be in the Dominican Republic.

  • kat - 13 years ago

    I have to believe if the Boss was still around, Mr. Steinbrennar would not have allowed Jeter to be treated the way he was. Even Mr. Strawberry said the Boss would be turning in his grave at the treatment of their Captain. The same people that thinks Jeter didn't deserve what he got will be the same one's kissing his a$$ when he once again proves people wrong.

    The Captain is one of the few class acts the Yankees have left and one of the few who has caused them no embarrassment and yet Cashman and his goons stick it to him. So much for showing Jeter a little respect. I forget these days respect comes with a price tag.

    This is a guy that would play rather he was sick or beaten up and never complained about aches, in fact it has been said pulling Derek out of the line up was like pulling teeth from a grizzly.

    Glad to see Derek is remaining in New York.

  • mike - 13 years ago

    He was absolutely greedy and selfish....just look how Mariano Rivera handled his free agency as he was offered more money and years from Boston and others but Yankee pride kept him in uniform (same as Bernie and Andy when offered more). 15 million was way more then anyone would of offered him...I never heard anyone else offer him more...Mariano,Andy and Bernie are more deserving to be Yankee Captains!

  • tigerygy - 13 years ago

    Jete deserved whatever he could get. That's just the business of sports these days.Joe,Mickey,Yogi.etc.,would have done the same. They just lived in an era without free agency. Live with it people!

  • Bltread - 13 years ago

    Jeter got what he deserved even a little more I don't think He should had to take a pay cut He's done to much for the yankees He's been nothing but class welcome back Derck I wish we had more like you

  • Esta Zavota - 13 years ago

    I thought from the start of the negotiations that Jeter was being trerated shabbily by management in the manner in which they aired everything in public and the lack of respect they showed for the classiest player in baseball. They tried to portray him as greedy by the negative comments that were made. I knew that they were going to lowball him right from the outset when Hal said that the negotiations could be testy. It also shows that Derek was more interested in longevity than money. They were asking him once again to take back seat to A-roid and it was not fair and it still is not fair.

  • Ray - 13 years ago

    Was there ever any doubt??? The media turned this into a Ali-Frazier fight. i mean, picture Jeter standing on first base after collecting his 3000 hit in another uniform... lol. He wouldn't have been the first Yankee to reach 3000. That would of been a few million in incentives gone.............. And i'm a die hard Yankee fan, however I just laughed every time I heard the media say: It's getting nasty... Was there ever any doubt?????

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