Who do you support for President?

  • Christines - 12 years ago

    No one that stupid, immature, and disgusting can ever be the President of the United States! Obama is a street thug!


  • Grace - 12 years ago

    I only vote for Hillary. She is the best chioce for President. I trust her. please vote for her!

  • Grace - 12 years ago

    I only vote for Hillary. She is the best chioce for President. I trust her. please vote for her!

  • Grace - 12 years ago

    I only vote for Hillary. She is the best chioce for President. I trust her. please vote for her!

  • cplummer - 12 years ago

    Sen. Clinton is my choice for President!! Hillary '08!!

  • marie3548 - 12 years ago

    Obama has no experience to fix the mess that 8 yrs of Bush has left s in what we need now is Hillary Clinton she is strong and intelligent and she will get this country back on track

    Hillary 08

  • mesablue - 12 years ago

    Senator Clinton is the logical, smart and only choice. This time, we get to vote for a president of experience and intelligence, as well someone extraordinarily likable, indeed.

  • Don - 12 years ago

    I am a registered republican supporting Sen. Clinton. I feel Sen. Obama is way to inexperienced and overly naive about both domestic and international politics. Frankly I amazed at the knowledge Sen. Clinton has about issues; i.e., is able to speak to them specificially with facts and figures whereas Sen. Obama does not seem to have a grasp of issues but rather sort of an overview. So for me with will be Sen. Clinton and if not, then Sen. McCain (altho other than on military related issues I think he is also inferior to Sen. Clinton).

  • Babs - 12 years ago

    The more I see of Barack Obama, the less I see. Hillary Clinton has such depth of intelligence and judgment. She doesn't just get out there are give empty speeches about everything that's wrong with America and that it's got to "change", she proposes ways to make those changes with insightful goals and plans to reach those goals. She is awesome, will make a phenominal President!

  • Nancy - 12 years ago

    If Obama was truly a uniter, we would be united already. If Obama could really heal this country and bridge our divides, it would have happened by now.

    Obama is not what we need right now. We don't need a cheerleader who is not even a patriot.

    Let me put it this way. Suppose your house is damaged in a flood or something. You can't get to work re-decorating the house until you fix the damage. Hillary can fix the damage. She has the knowledge and skill to get things done.

    We need Hillary.

  • ann - 12 years ago

    The cyber geeks are out rigging another poll...they know how to make BO's numbers skyrocket. No matter...Hillary will win because she's got the smarts, the grit, and the strength. It's a good thing, too...we need her economic knowledge and her strong military understanding. Did you see her on the armed services committee meeting today? She was awesome...the best of the three.

  • Maria S. - 12 years ago

    We have been a divided country for years, and Barak Obama has deepened that divide. I cannot understand what people see in him, he is a mile wide and an inch deep. It has gotten to the point at which I can't listen to him, stand the sound of his voice, or even the look at his face. Phony, inside and out. Y'all are free to vote for whomever you want, this is a free country. I prefer my President to have some balls and it is evident that person is not Barak Obama, the self-serving arrogant steed that he is.

  • Char - 12 years ago

    I saw them both speak in person in Grand Forks, ND and Clinton
    had solid solutions how she would take care of problems. Obama
    just said NOTHING.

  • Leigh39 - 12 years ago

    I support Hillary Clinton because she is absolutely the most qualified candidate running. She runs circles around Obama. She can talk about any issue with depth and thoughtfulness that is simply lacking in Obama. He needs a teleprompter. Also, Hillary can beat John McCain and Obama, with all his baggage, will be obliterated by 527's supporting McCain. Wright, Rezko, Ayers, etc...will haunt him in November should he be the nominee. And really, he claims to have more foreign policy experience than either Clinton or McCain because he lived in Indonesia for a few years as a child and has a poor grandmother in Africa. Is he serious? This man is both naive and arrogant.

  • hoss - 12 years ago

    My only choice is Hillary Clinton I do not trust Obama to judge a dog show
    much less be President. We have enough problems to deal with because
    of W we sure don't need anymore and with Obama that's all we would get.

  • Patrice - 12 years ago

    Well with Hillary now 18 points ahead of him in PA I see it must be the NObamabots spamming this poll. These polls are not reliable. The real poll will be when PA votes. I support Hillary Clinton because of her strength in the face of adversity, her tenacity, her determination to launch universal healthcare for everyone and her compassion and dedication as a Senator and fromer First Lady. She has done real work in the Senate that gives her the experience to be President.

  • Kathleen - 12 years ago

    I support Senator Clinton because I believe in her and her policies. I do believe experience matters. Anyone vying for a job knows full well you are not hired ona the basis of what you will do, espcially in this competitive job market, but on what you have done that supports your words.

    For the first time in a long time, we will have a President who understands the issues as well or better than her advisers.

    I'm not voting for a front man, I'm voting for a President!

  • CognitiveDissonance - 12 years ago

    It is so obvious to me that if you listen to what the candidates are actually saying, there is only one who knows what they are talking about - Hillary Clinton. Watch the debates and you'll see how Obama waits for Hillary to answer the questions first, then basically says "Me, too!" Look at his advisers and you'll find a bunch of recycled republicans who want to privatize social security and voucherize schools and do more and more outsourcing and trade deals that are costing Americans jobs. We don't need another republican. Especially not one running as a Democrat. On top of that, Obama is unelectable. Can you imagine the 24/7 hit ads the republicans are going to do of Rev. Wright if he wins? He couldn't be elected dog catcher once that gets revved up.

  • Summer - 12 years ago

    It was easy for me to choose Hillary - to put it simply, she is the best, most qualified candidate - by a mile - and she will be a GREAT President of the United States. After suffering through 8 years of Bush, we've earned a GREAT President!

  • Lin - 12 years ago

    Senator Clinton is far more electable in the GE against John McCain. This is what the Obama camp refuses to see. His arrogance would let him win the nomination, and lose the White House.

    Senator Clinton is on top of the issues and has answers. She will be a great president!

  • hector - 12 years ago

    Hillary is obviously the best qualified of the entire field this year. She has mostly been there, learned from that, not as co-pres but as trusted advisor. She is not someone who would be asleep in the front pew for twenty years, or who skates along without doing her homework. She stays informed on all issues, is really the compassionate conservative of the era. We need a multi-tasker with a refreshing new point of view. Let's hear it for the ladies!!!

  • navyvet48 - 12 years ago

    Experience matters to me...Hillary '08

  • 30yrdem - 12 years ago

    Hillary gets my vote......Experience matters to me!

  • wodiej - 12 years ago

    I too have serious issues w Obama's lack of patriotism. He won't salute the flag, put his hand on his heart for the Pledge of Allegiance-probably doesn't for the National Anthem either. Won't wear a flag pin. His wife says this is the first time she has ever been proud of her country as an adult. And he attended a church for 20 years where the reverend is known for racist, hateful and anti American sermons! Cripes, I can't believe that he is still in this race. He should have been run out of town on a rail. I just think it is scary that he is being supported by so many people! Go Hillary! I voted early yesterday in Indiana for Hillary!! Whoo hoo!!

  • sam - 12 years ago

    IND voter here - It's Hillary ...if not, the 2nd most qualified...McCain. There are no other real options.

  • Jane - 12 years ago

    Hillary in '08 We want the BEST!

  • mary - 12 years ago

    Hillary will win.

  • Adam - 12 years ago

    Dolores, its ignorant people like you that really makes me worry about the future of our country

  • Curtis - 12 years ago

    I've been working hard for Hillary in Eugene, OR because Hillary Clinton has spent the past 35 years fighting for American families and she has real solutions to tackle the tough issues we're facing. I'm supporting Hillary because she has a record that I know we can depend on.


  • Dolores Fleming - 12 years ago

    There is no way in hell Obama would ever get elected predident of these UNITED STATES.He has been up in Washington bareley a year and is running for President.COME ON.He even has said out of his big mouth that he never got into Washington but he knew it needed a change.What was he doing up there then,sleeping.He is also a muslim,his spokes person has said that Obama is a muslim but not a practicing one.Get that PRACTICING .One Muslim has said that they were going to attack us from within our own country.The blacks still blame the United States for bringing them here.They were bought here as slaves and sold by there own leaders.There is no way that this country will have a black man running this country. White men alone would not stand for a black man telling them what to do.

  • usnkricket - 12 years ago

    Personally, I can not support Obama if he can't salute the flag of the country that he wishs to be the leader of.
    I am an AMERICAN vet.

  • May Huddleston - 12 years ago

    I don't see how the majority of people voted for Obama. Hillary has it more together regarding all the domestic problems we have, has a better knowledge of foreign affairs, and doesn't talk as if she's on cloud nine like Obama does.

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