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Does this loss convince you that the Jets are pretenders? (Poll Closed)

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  • sull - 13 years ago

    Wow, you dopes kept yapping after Brady and the Pats owned you. The Pats D is pretty much all rookies that's how you one your second game. Rex buries the Ball? You don't watch tape and loose to Miami at home? Good luck trying to make the playoffs. Bad coaching up there with big mouths.

  • tim21967 - 13 years ago

    that pole is stupid , if there record was based on bad teams how do you explain the 38-14 loss the pats had in the first meeting , what early season jitters for the shitty patriots who just got lucky .

  • N.E. Bob - 13 years ago

    The vaudeville act continues in NY !! Instead of forcing the team to watch the tape...and maybe playing it back a few times to rub it in how bad they played (Like BB would do) the buffoon (RR) elects not to watch the tape, tells his team to just forget about it, and goes and has a ceremonial burying of the game ball. That will accomplish a lot RR. When are you going to force your team to look in the mirror? You've been lucky to win the games you have, and you were exposed as "frauds" against the class of the NFL. And you will lose to Miami this week too because you did not force the team to examine itself and improve. RR just hopes the "breaks" go his way this week rather than make the team better.

  • paul johnson - 13 years ago

    Just one game patsies when it's all said and done.the new jets will be holding the trophy and obama will be kissing rex ring take that to the bank patsie. GANG-GREEN let's roll baby

  • BZ - 13 years ago

    The Patriots and their fans will be totally disappointed by years end. This I guarantee! Brady will come out of the closet and the Patriots lose out!

  • joe s. - 13 years ago

    when leonard went down i said this is the start of the jets downfall. reminded me when gastineau and klecko went down in 1986. they were exposed. is hackett back running the offense ? and ones remark on here speaks volumes. the next 4 games no one is going to lay down like cincy and indy did last year. i hope i'm wrong. however it does not look good for the jets. i don't lose sleep anymore (i've grown older and wiser lol) i just go into every game expecting the jets to lose. and with that monday night mauling i knew before hand it was going to be another loss when the team needs to win and send a message to the rest of the league they always lose. its the jets m.o. since 1969 and will continue.

  • Richard L Cruser - 13 years ago

    On any given Sunday every team in the NFL has got their butt kicked, the Jets got theirs Monday night. I love the Jets they are a good team and in the next four weeks they will show everyone just how good thet are!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J - 13 years ago

    Finally a little order has been restored in New York. I won't talk badly about the Jets, except perhaps to say that they should learn to brag after their games rather than before. But to all you self-satisfied Pats fans, please remember that the Giants own and will always own you. So you beat New York's JV on Monday. Big deal.

  • FTHEPATS - 13 years ago

    How about we remove pat's key players and play a game against the healthy jets.
    oh wait, that happened, and the pats LOST.

    a win is a win and a loss is a loss, pats and jets are even, see you in the playoffs.

  • T. Taric - 13 years ago

    I felt like I was hearing Dandy Don singing in the first quarter. At least he would have made watching on Monday more interesting.

  • A Fan - 13 years ago

    TALK????? You can tell a team that is just talk, the pretenders. After each play, they find something to celebrate about: first down; 2 yard gain; made a tackle etc. The good teams just play the game: score a touchdown - get back to the huddle and ready for the extra point; win a game - get ready for the next one. Emmit Smith said it best "When you get to the endzone, make it look like you are used to being there, don't put on a vaudville act!" The Jets constant celebration makes it look like they spend more of their time practicing celebration routines than good plays. The coaching staff are the baboons who seem to compete with the players for our entertainment attention. Entertain me with good football, not dance routines!!! If I want to see that, I can tune in to the latest news reports of a tribe in Africa who has just hacked up their neighboring village with machettes, and watch as they dance around in celebration. Grow up Jets, pretend you are professionals for the rest of the season!!!!

  • 11 Rings 10 Fingers - 13 years ago

    When you win, speak little, when you lose, speak less. The Jest and their fat loudmouth coach should heed these words. I don't think I ever enjoyed a regular season win so much. They have not sniffed a Super Bowl since 1969 yet they continue to shoot their mouths off.

  • jrios - 13 years ago

    All you ppl who voted that the team has a good record because of bad teams are morons that dont know football. who are probably Giant fans. and as we all know you guys are the biggest idiots in NY. it was a bad loss but shouldnt take away from there record and that the Jets are a good team. Last year there record was worse and went to the AFC Championship. the way i see it the Jets will have to play better and will they will make the playoffs. if the Patriots can lose to the Cleavland Browns they couldve lost to the Jets and any other team in the NFL. so get off of Brady's nuts and actually learn the game of football you idiots.

  • Charles - 13 years ago

    RexAre you & your not yets,mathamatically elimiminated from the playoffs yet,or are you expecting your next 4 opponents to lay down for ya. Go get a gd snack...................

  • Charles - 13 years ago

    Rex,did'nt go home after Monday nights game,instead he went to his office. Sounds to me like Sexy Rexy's super model wife would'nt let him in the house. She (the super model ) did'nt want to sleep with a fat LOSER

  • Robert Williams - 13 years ago

    Ha ha. Speaking as a Patriots fan, I have to say this was the most satisfying win since the Pats last won the Super Bowl. The Jets really shouldn;t have shot their mouths off. Lesson learned, I trust. Ryan needs to zip it.

  • Russ - 13 years ago

    New York Jests Ahhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.That's the sound of the whole world laughing at you ass' , and how badly beat you were for it.Ahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Jason Finkel - 13 years ago

    Rex Ryan should learn to keep his big fat mouth shut.Instead of" I`m not going to kiss Belachicks ring." he ought to kiss Bill`s ass.
    Maybe this sound beating will keep him and his mediocre football team from shooting of their ignorant mouths shut and just play football to the best of their ability as limited as it may be.

  • jim - 13 years ago

    The thing that gets so irritating is the way Ryan kept talking all that crap. He's going to kick Bill's ass and we beat them the first time. That first time was when the Patriots were just learning to play together being mostly rookies. The sign of a great coach is when the players learn as the season is going, how to play together as a team. They weren't use to each other yet and didn't know the system Bill was teaching them. This is the same as it was in the early years. You've got to learn to keep your thoughts to yourself and don't feed fuel to the other side. This is exactly what happened before, yet the Pat's never replied to anything negative that was said about them. How does anyone believe saying what was said about Bill and Tom wouldn't be put aside and made to make the Pats more angry and wanting to prove all the naysayers wrong? Tom Brady, no mater what you may think, is the greatest in his field that ever played. Even Montana says so. He already has better records than Manning has. What's happening to Manning by the way. Now that he has only "normal" player, he can't seem to win the way he use to. Gee, Brady never had hall of fame players like him, yet he has 3 rings. Joe Namath, hall of famer, never won anything big. All he did was guarantee a win. Yet, in that game, he didn't do anything extraordinary. The only thing NewYork can brag about are the Yankees, and only then, because they bought all of the best players. They never played on an even scale with all of the other teams. No matter what, Boston, or New England, has the best football ownership and team that has ever been assembled. Too bad.

  • Tom - 13 years ago

    Nothing but talk. They should toss that fireman around like pedro did to zimmy. Jets will alway's suck. Joe Namath is not walking through that door. How manny years has it been since the Pet's won a super bowl? haha Ryan can now officially kiss the great ones ASS.

  • Norm - 13 years ago

    Love the comments by the Pats fans, as a life-long Patriots fan myself. The gratification of last night''s victory is almost indescribable. and I won't bore the educated sports fans of NYC with more taunts. What's interesting is Why. Why do Pats fans hate the Jets? I mean, the Jets have rarely been cause for concern in my 45+ years of being a Patriots fan. It's because when the Jets float above mediocrity even for a moment, they suddenly become so full of themselves as to be unbearable to other NFL fans. And the fact that the Jets are from NYC doesn't help in this case - almost as if Pats fans relish the once-in-a-decade opportunity for the pretender to strut its non-existent tail. Because that's when we get to hate the Jets and mutter not so loudly - not with the same hatred that goes along with the Yankees version of the following statement, but rather a mix of disdain and bewilderment - the Jets suck. Cuz unfortunately, unlike with the Yankees, when all of New England says The jets suck! during football season, we mean it. And we're usually right.

  • Ted - 13 years ago

    Patriots fan for life, Why is that some people will still stick their hands into the lions den even when the sign says not to! Learn from the Steelers and others who thought they were champions before they played the game. Don't throw fuel on the fire! Rex was trying to fire up his team by not being afraid of the Patriots and running his mouth, when clearly he should have been preparing his team.

  • Jim - 13 years ago

    Brian Schottenheimer just like his Dad!! Cannot and will not win a game when it really counts!!!!

  • buzzardbill - 13 years ago

    Avid Pats fan here but I was anxious re: this game. I had seen the recent wins by the NYJ & thought they were lucky and beneficiaries of poor coaching by opponents. However, miracle finishes are celebrated when Favre Brady & Manning are at the helm So I wasn't so sure. Now my doubts have been removed and can once again say that the Jets suck.

  • Tim - 13 years ago

    I'm speaking as a long time Jet fan and what I saw last night brought back the shameful memories of the Rich Kotite era and I saw the result of the Jets dropping Danny Woodhead from the roster. Another example of the horrible job done by the coaching staff and the front office. This kind of thinking of dumping such great talent will always keep the Jets out of contention of any Superbowl game and there should be a good hard look on rebuilding the front office to stop giving away our best assets to get to the game that will always allude one of the most enigmatic teams in the NFL. Thank you again Jets for letting your fans down once again and can't say I'm surprised by the outcome of last night. I do not hold the players accountable as much as I hold the coaching staff for not having the players fully prepared for last nights contest that could have changed the course of the organization for all time. If you encourage your players to talk the talk them make them able to have the proper mindset to back it up on the field.

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