Wilhelm, for you, the right EQIIx plan is... (Poll Closed)

  • Station Access - You know you want to be in all versions of Norrath... plus DCUO might ship some day
    3 votes

  • Platinum Membership - It is so totally worth it... for somebody
    0 votes

  • Gold Membership - You get to keep broker access, bag, and shared bank slots... and you get free vampires if you stick it out a few months
    8 votes

  • Silver Membership - Just $10, and you can still at least BUY from the broker
    7 votes

  • Bronze Membership - Feel what Free is all about... who needs the broker... or bag space!
    5 votes

  • Walking Away - Really, you're never going to get past 50 before something else comes along. Why bother?
    15 votes


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