Do you prefer to order wine from a sommelier?


  • Megan - 12 years ago

    "If a wine is too expensive, perhaps you should dine elsewhere?"

    Dr Michael Parmer is an elitist asshat.

  • Rene M Valverde - 12 years ago

    A knowledgeable sommelier who's not pushing for just a sale of the most expensive bottle is a great aide to identify the wines that specific establishment has to offer. Sometimes, those are not even listed but the sommelier knows about and can recommend. Wines should be discussed, and tasted, before becoming part of the meal. RMV (New York, Chicago, Miami)

  • Dr Michael Parmer - 12 years ago

    The second choice in this polls is directed to diners of lesser experience and knowledge of wine. A sommelier who is well schooled in wine varietals from a broad selection of vineyard throughout the globe can only assist a diner's vintage choice. The charge of "upselling" is ludicrous to any diner who knows wines and to any sommelier who is worthy of his craft. My father was a member of l'Ordre Internationale des Sommeliers Cordon Bleu. No sommelier of this quality would attempt to "upsell" a diner. There is either an appropriate wine with the diner's culinary selection, or there is not. Price should never enter into the process of selection. If a wine is too expensive, perhaps you should dine elsewhere?

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