Will you do Meatless Mondays in 2011?

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  • thomas thirion - 9 years ago

    Hoorah for Meatless Mondays, it's a good idea for many to solve a few of our problems and may get lots to go for more meatless days.

    Something i'd like to also see is people eliminating meat as the main course of a meal, like a steak, or pork chop or several pieces of chicken. Using small portions of cut up meat in food dishes where the main ingredient is a grain, like rice ; a vegetable, like potatoes or beans; or a pasta, like noodles & spagetti can help us wean ourselves from eating so much meat in one sitting. Adding a variety of grains,vegtables, nuts, herbs and spices to these meat flavored dishes will teach us to use and enjoy more of these great foods rather than the typical western meal of meat, potatoes and a veggie, or a burger and fries.

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