Is it WNTC worthy?

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  • Jane-Bob - 9 years ago

    Is that a MAN!!!!!!!!

  • Patty - 9 years ago

    My first thought: Is that a man?? That hair...that's a man, isn't it?? It looks like a beach cover-up, so yes,I think it's doable on a 14 year old at the beach or pool, but that's a man!

  • Renee - 9 years ago

    Why does this look like a man's face attached to a woman's body? And she (?) doesn't look too happy about wearing this treasure!

  • Jenn - 9 years ago

    I think its fine, since it seems to be a bathing suit cover, NOT a dress...
    Its not something the average woman could wear, that may be the problem with it. There's no way I could wear it, that would be disgusting, but my teen daughter could pull it off... at the beach, only.

  • Lily - 9 years ago

    Agreed - the model looks like she's had her face slapped, and why is she wearing a mis-shapen tablecloth? As for her hair it looks as if someone has thrown a doughnut at her head.

  • Fiona - 9 years ago

    its not just the hair, or the fact that the model looks like a man, the dress is just truly awful. In the words of my seven year old son who happened to be sitting on my knee when the photo came on screen "Ewwww! Gross!"

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