Will voters accept Rahul Gandhi after Wikileak cable on Hindu terrorism?

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  • Abraham - 9 years ago

    Rahul Gandhi is a traitor and a terrorist. He is clearly on the side of the Pakistani Army/ISI who are saying the exact same thing. He is batting for them.

    This SOB needs to be hunted down like the mangie do that he is.

  • debasisha - 9 years ago

    It is high time for us to throw out the this family.A oriya saw says" The end of a dynasty is marked by the birth of a horse faced son". How long can congress accept such intellectually bankrupt people as leaders.I really wonder do they operate through some world wide mafia connections. It would be preferable to become a citizen of Arundhati's republic than suffer such monarchical morons.

  • Chandrakanth.R - 9 years ago

    Gaurav's comments are harsh but so true.
    I am just hoping that Rahul Gandhi keeps making such statements often that the Congress will find death soon enough. I think the Congress has outlived itself.

    At the same time, the concern is what do we get.... highly corrupt politicians such as Yediyurappa.

    I wish there were more Manmohan Singhs; IK Gujral types in Indian politics.... thats asking for way too much

  • gaurav - 9 years ago

    voters will whole-heartedly accept him because voters are Hindus and Hindus being assholes have no self-respect.

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