The top injury curtailed/derailed careers since the 2000 NBA draft based on draft position.

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Posted 8 years.


  • Mark - 8 years ago

    I think Jay Williams should get all the votes hands down. The problem is his career was so derailed that nobody knows him. This guy had a great rookie season then had a motor accident and never played another season in the NBA. Although the probable reason that Yao and Oden get most of the votes is that just about none of these players are known to most people.

  • AC - 8 years ago

    I agree with the comment made about Oden. He never even really got a chance to play. You almost feel bad for the guy because of all the 'hype' that was made about him. We'll never know if he would've lived up to it.

    Yao has been such a huge icon for the NBA in Asia and now I'm afraid he'll never return. I really enjoyed how Yao played and how he handled himself off of the court. It's too bad. It's just so hard for guys of this size to recover from these types of injuries.

  • Matthew Evans - 8 years ago

    Greg Oden has to get the unfortunate nod here because Yao at least had a few healthy seasons before the injuries started to pile up, and we at least got a taste of what he had to offer. It seems like Greg Oden will never get the chance to play an injury free season, and even if he does, the knees will probably never be 100%.

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