'Is That So Bad' -- tell us, is it so bad?


  • kathie - 12 years ago

    I honestly dont think its that bad of a video...Just remember Faith Hill had a video where she was naked on a bed wrapped in a sheet in the music video "Breathe," so I honestly dont see anything wrong with this video

  • jemetta - 12 years ago

    i think it was a good video. in a rascall flatts video joe don showed his backside ,i mean come on people its just a woman dancing around in her bra and shorts people wear less than that in public.

  • theresa - 12 years ago

    She wore less then that on dwts. People need to chill out.

  • tom - 12 years ago

    thats talent

  • AMY - 12 years ago

    okay seriously we have rhianna who did a video wearing nothing, and then for country music we have laura bell bundy who did a video in chaps and basically a bra, and jesse james wearing a skirt that showed her butt. Yes I think starts show too much in videos, but seriously this is probably one of the cleanest videos out there these days.

  • P. Mendez - 12 years ago

    This is a great song and expesses how so many young single people feel today. There is no: sex, drugs, gang violence, profanity in the video. Nothing that is really inappropeiate for young people. Anyone that watches "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC will see her wearing less clothing than she is wearing in this clip. CMT, get off your high horse and air the video!!!

  • Jay - 12 years ago

    not near as hot as Faith Hill "Breathe"

  • carol - 12 years ago

    I always felt I was in tune with the times, but watching this made me feel like Julianne has taken it too far. If I were her mother, I would tell her; it's great when guys look at you because you're beautiful, but if they just lust for you, then it's time to re-access your image. She is beautiful, kind and talented; what a step backward for her career.

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