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Egypt's Man of The Year 2010 (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 583

  • Ines - 13 years ago

    I chose "Other: A Egyptians" , for I think that for the first time, Egypt was not represented by a man or the other, but by all its people who claimed what they want :-)


  • Schez - 13 years ago

    I just can't understand how come the name of the young woman 'Asma Mahfouz' is not added in the list when her video motivated the Egyptian youth to come on teh streets, to join at the Tahrir Square. It was her short speech video that made the Egyptian to wake from their long slumber sleep. All others gathered after her call!
    My sentiments and all my points goes to one and only 'Asma Mahfouz' . May ALLAH swt bless her ..Ameen.

  • shan - 13 years ago

    I was looking at your list nominees, i dont think its a list of man of the year really i mean half teh people don't deserve it and no one would vote for them so why do you put them its more like an opinion survey and for those who would vote for Khaled Said i find also disturbing he was a DRUG DEALER, don't get me wrong he didn't deserve to die at alllllllll but a drug dealer as man of the year? come on don't promote bad behavior he sold drugs to kids how is that a good thing?

  • Megan - 13 years ago

    OK whoever this Hala chick is...she is either completely insane or so pathetically stupid...hello you moron....he stole from the federal reserve, bankrupted Egypt, contributed to mass unemployment and corruption, not only is he and his family as well as the inner circle hell bound but they are murderers, torturers, thieves and liars...not only did they rob 84 million people of their basic rights....they tortured to death...Khalid Said and many, many more while robbing an entire nation....if they lived in the US, they'd get life sentences and the lawyers would be on their tail...don't give me this sh*& about serving his nation...he terrorized it and the citizens and the others who got tortured and murdered...even children as young as 4...Peace with Israel, he handed Egypt on a silver platter to the West...and the rest of Egypt was gutted for their inner circle..even political scholars know are such a very, very pathetic imbicile...I nominate you as IDIOT of the century.....

  • Hala Khalek - 13 years ago

    Mohammed El Baradei is, without doubt, a highly respectable and inspirational figure. He showed all what hard work and accomplishment can do. He is respected the world over and not just by Egyptians. That does not qualify him as Man of the Year, however.

    How about Ahmed Ezz? How about our, for once, foregoing our prejudices and ignoring the unfounded rumours which swarm around this man and ask:
    1) how many people does he employ?
    2) what are his contributions to our national economy?
    3) when (very rarely) he agrees to a public interview, does he or does he not respond to his detractors on a solid, factual basis?
    4) what has he done for our steel industry?
    Carefully consider these questions and you will know that this man has done more than most for his country.

    How about Gamal Mubarak? He has worked tirelessly for this country and for the party. Are people opposed to him just because they believe he has some sort of advantage over the majority. Be that the case ... did he use that supposed advantage for profit? Everyone else in the surrounding region seems to be doing precisely that. He didn't, though, but worked tirelessly. Give credit where credit is due. Of the younger generation, he is the Man of the Year.

    As for President Mubarak - Man of the Year hardky suffices. From his earliest days, he chose the service of this country as his career. During the war, he out his life on the line so that Egypt and Egyptians may live. He, literally, was at risk of death every time he fired up his fighter plane but he did it unhesitatingly. As a President, he kept our country safe, restored our relations with our neighbours and maintained peace with Israel. He kept us safer than most from terrorism and, to all intents and purposes, has utterly devoted himself to the country. Do you think it an easy job? Don't you think there comes days when he just wants to give it all up and enjoy his life? But he doesn't back down from his responsibilities. Try looking at what he has actually done, rather than what the rumour mongerers assume him to have done.

  • TAFATEFO - 13 years ago

    مجدي أحمد حسين ولا إبراهيم بيه ...... حرام عليكي

  • TAFATEFO - 13 years ago

    I voted for Ahmed Ezz :D .. Honestly he is the man of the Decade asln

  • Mostafa - 13 years ago

    I suggest including Rachid A. Rachid to the list. He is a great mind when it comes to advancing Egypt's economic fortunes, and perhaps joining Turkey and other Emerging-Market tigers..His accomplishments speak for themselves..

  • Jason - 13 years ago

    I voted for Mohamed El Naschie.

  • Masry - 13 years ago

    Mohamed El Baradei has done what no Egyptian political figure has been able to accomplish in the past half century. The pressure now is on the so-called opposition to unite and function in a close manner and shared ideology.

  • muna - 13 years ago

    good khaled said is at the top

    i agree with ziad,

    he did more than all those names above


  • Ziad - 13 years ago

    he is not in Gov , he is not in Politics , but yet he did more to move us and change us the the whole list combined

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