What will you do in response to the upcoming light bulb ban?

  • Lex - 11 years ago

    California is a friggin' communist state I'm from the neo-communist block of the EU so I know what I'm talkin' about and I'm amazed how locals can't recognize history...oh wait they didn't learn history, I guess their best view of communism came from The 70's Show...hahh ask Mila Kunis maybe she recalls stories about Holodomor.
    Read the "politically incorrect guide" books for something real.

  • Wade - 11 years ago

    There needs to be another option "Buy all the incandescent bulbs I can find until LED lights become as bright as incandescents and somewhat affordable". The more I'm exposed to CFL's, the harder they are on my eyes.

  • Gaylon - 11 years ago

    I will mail order bulbs from China to support a RATIONAL energy policy, at least it exists in some part of the world. Sheesh...what's next? This isn't just weak democratic governance it's non-democratic governance. It's Marxism.

  • etudiant - 11 years ago

    It is typical of the public policy made by "environmentalists".
    The old bulbs are outlawed, because they are inefficient.
    The replacement bulbs contain mercury and are a substantial environmental pollutant.
    So we now need an environmental police and we contaminate our cities and poison our kids.
    How can I ever thank these good people?

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