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Should the Giants fire Tom Coughlin? (Poll Closed)

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  • James - 12 years ago

    Tom Coughlin built up a huge amount of "chits" and "credits" for the Super Bowl run in 2007 and justifiably so. However, he has dissipated all of this with horrific finishes over each of the last 3 years. First, breaking out 11-1, then stumbling in the last quarter of '08 and trashing the first seed advantage versus the wild card Eagles. Second, the abominably disgraceful finish of the last two games of 09, which if both had been won should have brought the Giants to the playoffs. Finally this year, 1) tossing away the Tennessee game, 2) inexcusable overconfidence for the 2nd Cowboys game at home, 3) lack of down-the-stretch toughness once again in the first Eagles game and 4) the final abomination of blowing up 28 points in the last half quarter of our last home game.
    Actually I'm not that distraught over losing the Packers game, because of a) Lambeau Field, b) Packers' revenge factor from 3 years ago, c) their desperation also to win to playoff qualify, and d) Aaron Rodgers coming back basically healthy and raring to go. But how could Brandon Jacobs not protect the football on his long run when our G-men still had a chance, and worse, Kevin Boss not falling on the fumble?
    We veteran fans, and, sad to say, apparently coaches, forget that the mostly young players on NFL teams have not THEMSELVES experienced: gut-wrenching collapses, subtle but drive-sapping over-confidence, over-looking of small yet vital details, and the post-terrible-defeat temptation to feel sorry and sad rather than be cooly angry and mad. This is where coaches earn their paychecks- or not.
    Eli Manning is certainly a major upgrade over Kent Graham and Danny Kanell. However, down the stretch these past 3 seasons, (albeit not the first 52 minutes of the 2nd Eagles game), he has not seemed to show the flexibility and "we'll-do-whatever-it-takes" confidence in the face of adversity manifested not only by Vick-Rodgers-Brees-Brady-Peyton, but also by he himself in the '07 playoff run, the end of '04, and the beginnings of 05, 06, 08, 09 and '10 (he was mainly terrible for almost all of 07- including the Jints' vital win in Buffalo!- until the end of the regular season game versus the Pats). His play right now is mediocre when the chips are down- definitely not on the level of the #1 '04 overall pick.
    He ought to consult with Phil Simms and Bill Parcells about the '90 Giants. Their offensive statistics were NOT impressive, yet they set an all-time NFL record for FEWEST turnovers! I think Phil threw only 4 interceptions that year, and the Maramen, despite injuries to Simms and Rodney Hampton, pulled off TWO of the greatest upsets of NFL playoff history against the ultra-powerful 49ers (denying Montana and Rice their "three-peat") and Buffalo Bills (who stampeded Oakland in the AFC championship game 51-3!). In those games, literally every inch counted- Ottis Anderson gained 5 yards on the last two interior run offensive plays versus SF, and Matt Bahr's winning 42 yard field goal barely made it through the uprights; a desperation tackle downed QB Jim Kelly at the Giants' 29, and Scott Norwood was barely "wide right" from 47 yards. Oh- and your head coach was there also!
    It seems that Tom Coughlin has forgotten the above lessons from the 1990 championship. I once remarked about my most incompetent professor in graduate school that he truly was a real gentleman- and as a teacher, he was a- real gentleman. I respect Tom Coughlin highly and consider him a real, true-blue gentleman both off and on the field- despite his on-field ultra-emotionality. But right now, as a coach, he is a- real gentleman. Unless the Giants not only beat Washington- no easy task!- and not only qualify but WIN at least two playoff games, I believe Tom must be let go- and the above scenario seems considerably even more unlikely than winning the Super Bowl did exactly three years ago.

  • Tony - 12 years ago

    1. This Team is undisiplined, and unprepared-Coaching staff must go.
    2. Eli Manning is the QB and will not be going anyhwere any time soon. Although his interceptions are through the roof he has alt least 20 TD passess and 3,000 or more yds -2005-2010. He is tough has played with injuries and has not missed a start. How many of you fans remember Giants QB's the likes of Dave Brown, Kent Graham, and Danny Kanell?
    3. Not all of the interceptions are Eli's fault. Tipped passes and WR's not running thier routes properly.
    4. The whole team is underachieving, Offense, Defense, & Specail Teams - coaching staff must be accountable. I'm not a TC hater but the team is not responding. Maybe it's time for a noew voice to be heard.

  • richard todd - 12 years ago

    Serby, what right do you have to say whether a person deserves to lose his job. Did you lose your job when you pushed Richard Todd to the point where he had to throw you into a locker and humiliate you the way that he did. Calling for someone to lose their job is a little unfair. Second guessing is fair game, but calling for a man's dismissal is a little harsh.

  • mkarel - 12 years ago

    Forget the talk about Eli, the talk about fumbles, the talk about the defense. None of this would be necessary if SOMEONE other than me, screaming at a big screen TV in a bar in Washington, DC, knew the Eagles would on-side kick. As soon as they scored to make the score 31-17 I said they would try the on-side kick. Not to be at least wary of that happening, as Akers approached the ball the Giants turned AWAY from the ball. When was the last time an onside kick was recovered without a player from the receiving team in the picture. This is indefensible and is why the coaching staff must go.

  • david emerick - 12 years ago

    Manning is the one who should go, not Coughlin. The Giants won the Super Bowl in spite of Manning, not because of him. He is not a franchise Quaterback, he is a mistake waiting to happen. The first mistake was trading for him ( remember he was too good for San Diego?), the second has been keeping him this long. Time for him to go, and for the Giants to get someone who won't keep turning the ball over. Gee, I wonder if that Philip Rivers guy is available?

  • Ron J - 12 years ago

    Coughlin is the blame, his teams are not prepared, his special teams stink, he cannot stop the fumblitis and interceptions. It is totally undisciplined and one person is responsible for that-the head coach. If Eli hangs his head one more time and looks like a lost little boy then he should be fined for bad body language that is detrimental to the team-No heart out there and looking more and more like a team that has no direction

  • jeff - 12 years ago

    U can,t blame the coach all the time. Its time to let eli go u have a qb that would rather throw the ball to the other team than to run with it you watch all the qb they will thak a chance on 3rd and two if nobody is open not eli he will throw to the other team before he runs with it keep the coach try another qb it will work out better

  • Sandy Sbarra - 12 years ago

    Jerry Reese recently said it best - "This squad has more talent than the team that won the Superbowl." I would certainly agree, which means this team for at least two years has massively underacheived. So, either Jerry Reese is miguided, which I don't agree with, or coaching is the obvious culprit. OK, so Eli isn't Peyton, and never will be. However, this marks a second year where his performance has declined. While the defense may not be strong at linebacker, it is on the line and in the secondary. Remember what this team was doing to quarterbacks earlier in the season? Now they don't even put pressure on the QB unless "the house" is coming. Last, how many years do we have to endure a crappy special team before someone says "enough" and really fixes it? Coughlin must go.

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