Which film do you think is the best of 2010?

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Posted 9 years.


  • shivani - 8 years ago

    king rocks..........East or West ,SRK is the Best.
    he does not need any voting.

  • BHATTACHARYA - 9 years ago

    Robot should be the no-1 among all films released in 2010 .Rajini is the magnificent hero at all time in indian cinema.Rajinkanth is the real super star of indian stardom.

  • safeer - 9 years ago

    Salman khan acted best in the film

  • donic - 9 years ago

    Rajinikanth's ROBOT is a fantastic ,watchable movie among all the movies released in 2010. Science fiction first of its kind in indian style but not an inch less than any foreign films shot so far. We should appreciate the work done by all the participants. But its Rajinikanth who shoulders the movie from title till end . Any actors could make the movie a hit but it is only Rajni who made it a block buster. Rajniji can be titled as "UNIVERSAL SUPERSTAR"

  • Ajesh - 9 years ago

    A man at the age of 60 + who could gather all ranges of audience is none other than our Super star Rajinikanth. Even adding to it Shankar made a very good work in this film. So that it could even blast a super hit all over the world.

  • Firoz - 9 years ago

    Robot is best film for the year 2010.. Rajini Sir Rocks

  • dinesh - 9 years ago

    robot is best indian sci-fi movie in 2010,
    compared to other movies in 2010, Robot is somewhat different....A lot of new scenes in technology(Mention Indian films Only- dont compare with hollywood films)
    For Example,
    A Little scene From Robot,
    Scientist cut the Robot's arms,Legs and Head,
    See the (Performance+Technology+Script),

    Indians always think to do new,It proved in this Robot.

    And Finally Dont Compare to hollywood films with Robot (Hollywood Movies are always have International Market, so they produced the movies with millions but Indian movies not have that kind of market) Ofcourse this is done by Robot.
    So OnceAgain 2010 Best Indian Movie is 'Robot'.

  • micson - 9 years ago

    ROBO is the best movie ever watched . Rajinikanth has given the outstanding performance in all three roles. By giving such a stupendous hit he stands no-1 among all indian stars. Rajinikanth rockzzzzz.

  • lokendra - 9 years ago

    robot is the best

  • Khan - 9 years ago

    SRK rocks......undisputed Bollywood Badshah..... King Khan.... My Name Is Khan...d best film of 2010.

  • Vijay - 9 years ago

    Rajni is the all time best

  • C S R MURTI - 9 years ago

    Dabangg shaowed that Salman is the best. He can do any type of character and and excell.

  • umapathi - 9 years ago

    robot is no.1 in 2010.Second would be Dabangg

  • fact - 9 years ago

    Robot rockz...

  • omid - 9 years ago

    My name is Khan is defo the best film with the best actor SRK in it,,,,,,we love u SRK!!!!!!!!!

  • d s rao - 9 years ago

    no comment

  • Prashant Mishra - 9 years ago

    My name is khan is truly awesome. Srk at his best,with kajol acted brilliantly. Shahrukh ensured that people will never lose heart from him . best movie of karan johar yet

  • NADEEMAHMEDKHAN - 9 years ago


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