Should the 'Wetfoot-Dryfoot' policy be terminated?

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  • Mario Diaz - 8 years ago

    I agree with the "Daughter" that the policy is bad, in fact, it has caused innumerable deaths at sea of people enticed by the prospect of reaching a rich land that will give them legal status and opportunities, on top of probably reuniting with relatives and friends - "heaven" so to speak. But she only says that the policy is stupid without taking a stand as to how to deal with the "balseros". She might think that ALL Cubans who reach American waters should be admitted. That would be even worse because it would further encourage that horrendously dangerous trip. I think that Clinton was not perverted but tepid, trying to pander to the Cuban voters in Florida. The only right policy is to return to Cuba ALL illegal Cuban immigrants arriving by the sea. Upon enacting that policy, there would few if any more balseros. It makes me sick to think about the thousands who have drowned. The US should make sure, though, that all the visas to be granted under the immigration agreement are granted. If there is a problem with the administration of the visa lottery, the US should tackle that problem with the Cubans. Encouraging illegal immigration, by action or inaction, is preposterous, and is also immoral when the trip is so perilous.

  • Daughter of a Bay of Pigs Brigadier - 9 years ago

    The creation of this stupid policy of "wet foot/dry foot" was made by the perverted "Clinton" and his band of coverups perverts. It was only created to appeased the Haitians in Florida and that is all. The Cuban "lottery" exists but it is held back by the communists and they only give it to who they want it to give the lottery to. Since there is no freedom there is no freedom to get your "lottery". Those that have envy of the treatment of Cubans, should go to Cuba and LIVE in the island. By experience of the regimen, then you will understand instead of being so ignorant.

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