What are the two least likely developments for education reform in 2011? (Poll Closed)

  • Major new federal education law. (New federal legislation revising No Child Left Behind)

  • Major federal education spending cuts. (Cuts in federal elementary and secondary education spending to levels at or below 2008 level.)

  • Major Teacher Strikes. (Teacher strikes lasting more than 3 days either statewide or in 2 large school districts.)

  • Teacher pension/health benefit crisis. (A state or large school district fails to meet legal obligations.)

  • Rising Student Test Scores Nationwide. (Significantly higher 4th grade and 8th grade student performance on both the math and reading components of the National Assessment of Educational Progress.)

  • Online Learning Laws. (Students allowed to take (without local district approval) online courses for credit and use them to meet high school graduation requirements in 2 additional states.)

  • Universal preschool. (Adoption of free, universal preschool education by 2 additional states.)

  • Major School Budget Cuts. (Total U. S. elementary and secondary education expenditure levels fall to levels at or below those in 2008.)

  • Vouchers/Tax Credits. (Adoption of universal tax credit or school voucher plan by 2 states.)

  • Tax Credits Constitutional. (Supreme Court decision declaring Arizona tax credit law constitutional.)

  • Merit Pay. (Adoption of mandatory statewide pay-for-performance plans for teachers by at least 2 additional states.)

  • De-certification. (Elimination of requirement that prospective teachers take courses in pedagogy or other ed school courses by at least 2 additional states.)


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