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Posted 9 years.

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  • Herb - 9 years ago

    Sahag, I chose the third option with a twist.

    First, my selection of number 1 was quickly diminished for it sounded like a record title - something stuck in my head about 'Crazy Sue', or 'Crazy about Sue'.

    Second, my selection of number 2 for, to me, depicts a lease of a car or dwelling...leaving the potential reader puzzled.

    The third option piqued my interest, and as I stated above, with a "twist". Without reading even an opening sentence I'd consider changing the title to: 'Living Crazy: A Year of my life as an Undergrad'.

    To me, "living crazy" reflects on both parties in the roommate relationship...Sue for being the crazy you imply and you for being crazy to share an abode with her...

    I don't know, just adding my tuppence worth of creativity here. Unfortunately, I can't get more creative than that as I'm hunkering down these next four weeks to complete my thesis paper for my Master's program at National. Yes, I, too, am c-r-a-z-y!!!


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