Who Should Be Buganda's New Katikiro after Katikkiro JB Walusimbi Walusimbi?

Posted 8 years.

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  • george kigozi - 7 years ago

    Hon Apollo Makubuya is my personal choice for the high office of the Katikiro of Buganda. Reasons for this my undertaking are abound but it will suffice to mention just a few such the long experience he holds at the Kingdom`s Headquarters bearing the not easy post of Attorney General for a long time- a position he has held with esteem, dignity, a deep profile of responsibility and an unquestionable love he has for the very institution he`s serving and the deep loyalty he owes to the person of His Majesty King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II . Too Mr. Makubuya is academically well profiled as a lawyer with national and international recognition with faculties to engage Uganda`s Central Gov´t on any deal that can be of great benefit to the two institutions for the well being of our people in Uganda. Mr. Makubuya highly recognises and respects the cosmopolitan nature of Buganda given her history, geopolitical and economic central position in Uganda. Certainly with his seroius mind he will act as a liaison given his impeccable communicational skills both in letter and speech. His messages are clearly cast across and easy to comprehend. He is both hard and soft!- a balanced mix of qualities we need at this very particular time. I beg at this stage to be well- understood that inspite of my estimation and preference for Mr. Makubuya Iam in no way ignoring or underrating the positive attributes and ability the of the other candidates listed a long side with him above. Thank you for allowing me this space. George Kigozi (Co-founder and former Secretary General of the Ugandan Community, Munich-Germany)

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