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Posted 8 years.

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  • Shannon - 8 years ago

    I want to start your program but workout early...5:30am...M W F...it would be nice to digest your workout before I get to the gym thus I'd like to see the workout before the week starts...I'm a mom of 2 kids...with very little "free time" so the more I can absorb on a weekend means I can hit the gym hard rather than have to read through the workout when I'm there. If there is a move I don't know how to do, I'll research it a bit on the internet beforehand to make sure I've got it straight in my head before I get to the gym. Mind you, with your videos attached now, it does make things easier. Only other thing is that maybe an alternative to a move might be helpful. EG: Cable Row machine...my gym has one downstairs and I have my happy place upstairs in the lady's fitness area where I pretty much have a gym to myself with all those ladies chatting on the ellipticals...I have all the free weights, bosu/bands/benches/machines/medicine balls/room to move to myself. I'm not sure I could muster the confidence to break into the man room...

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