Do you agree with the "new" Zodiac Rules?

  • Nadia Yanez - 9 years ago

    im really confused, ive always believed in the zodiacs and was born to be a gemini the sign of twins had so much belief in mine just because it fits me, whatever im twins i have my good and bad and now all of a sudden im born a taurus? the stubborn one? really this is so weird like i need to see the proof proof to actually believe that i am truely a taurus now and so on

  • pisces - 10 years ago

    luv my zodiac sign..i was and will b a Pisces..

  • scorpio - 10 years ago

    bull shit im not gonna change to libra

  • JimEmac50 - 10 years ago

    I read a lot of funny stuff here. The thing of it is, the 13th sign has always been there and the same stars examined since the beginning of "man gazing" at the sky.

    They are NOT bringing anything new to the world. The position of the SUN doesn't lie. That's like saying " they saw Jesus 2,000 years ago, but he doesn't exist". Today as it was 2,000 years ago, people can't handle changes in their lives even if the truth hits them in the face.

    As far as changing the Zodiac signs goes; your life is exactly what you made it out to be.

  • Zinnia - 10 years ago

    This is so annoying! I am a Libra and I love being this. I hate Virgo. What the hell is with them?

  • Nude - 10 years ago

    Calm yourselves...OK...Take a deep breath... there now.

    A couple of hundred years ago astrologers and astronomers were the same and then stuff happened - the dawn of the age of science (very Aquarian). A battle ensued pitting Man against Fate and God against Evolution. Astrology, like many other systems in the west fared poorly and in some states and municipalities outlawed. So what became of the astrologers? Many of them did indeed turn to science and became astronomers. Even today, astrologers secretly straddle both worlds due to fear of being outed by Community College astronomers. Now do you get the picture? Even though after 3000 years the constellation of Ophi is barely a major player in astrology (not a significant part of the Sun's path) , science is willing to risk everything on a-- comment from a Community College Professor!!!!! Sadly some of our oldest religions have fared no better over the years. Did you know that the vatican use to commission astrologers and the printing of Tarot cards? Where are they now? They'll never tell. And, did you know that the Islamic system of casting a chart predates Greek astrology? They'll never tell! I admit that the western astrology system is pretty convoluted. It's not as simple as the system as George Washington and Ben Franklin employed as masons. But, it's pretty sophisticated and technically precise in its calculations. The only speculations are the predictions otherwise the reference data is sound. So what just happened? You may have to seek the advice of a member of the illuminatti for answers. If you get one, please post here...Nude

  • Paul - 10 years ago

    They can't change peoples horoscope JUST LIKE THAT!!!|!
    That is very stupid!!!!I love my zodiac sign SCORPIO!! I ain't changing it just because they add it...SO STUPID!!

  • Jean - 10 years ago

    This is stupid!!

  • Amanda - 10 years ago

    Somebody has done smoked to much crack!!!!!!!!!!Somebodys just trying to get sum attention,and honestly i think they are one sandwitch short of a picnic basket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian - 10 years ago

    I have been a GEMINI for 46years i aint changing now. Thank you, BRIAN AKA KEITH THE GEMINI

  • bob - 10 years ago

    if you believe in that dumb shit you have to go with the current rules... which are more like the old rules... which dont make any sense anyway and is why only idiots believe in that shit.

  • Crys - 10 years ago

    DISLIKE!!! Im an ARIES ALL DAY everyday refuse to change cuz of this hidden constellation caca!!!!

  • heheee - 10 years ago

    HAH. Screw scientists. They kept it that way for a REASON. STOP TRYING TO CHANGE EVERYTHING. I don't believe in horoscopes but i like the sagitarrius. I'm going to STAY one too! BALLS TO YOU

  • Timothy Taylor - 10 years ago

    This is stupid, all they did was shorten scorpio to 6 days.

  • daveed - 10 years ago

    So was I born under the old sign, and die under the new one? When did it change?

  • A Kantor - 10 years ago

    OK so I'm just going to be born a Scorpio then all of a sudden 14 years through my life I'm gonna change it i don't thinks so i would fix that cuz i guarantee that not many people will be willing to change the symbol they have had all their life .
    I was born a Scorpio and i plan on dying one too thank you very much!!

  • Jamie Smith - 10 years ago

    I have always believed that i was my zodiac sign. I even fit the personality. I just dont understand how it could be different. I have always been proud of it and i love my birthstone. I cant imagine thinking anyother way. I hate people who have to be jerks about it too. Like its something i believe if you dont agree that great but dont be rude. Its not like im rude to other who believe differently. Also somethings are important to other wether you agree or think they are completely stupid, dont ruin it or be a jerk about it.... thats just maturity.

  • jamal - 10 years ago

    I don't agree with the I like being a cancer and that what I'm sticking to I was born a cancer imma go as a cancer

  • AMY LYNNE - 10 years ago


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