Do you keep a log of the games that you play?

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  • Dave Vander Ark - 9 years ago

    I quit keeping a log in mid-2010 when it became more trouble than it was worth. I had been feeling some pressure to make sure I played certain games just to get them played, or just because I hadn't played them in a long time. I really like not tracking. I just play what I want, there's no self-imposed pressure. I may go back to logging games played in the future, but for now I'm happy to ignore it.

  • Stance - 9 years ago

    Just started this year. I finally got my collection all listed (I hope), and my wife suggested tracking the plays to see if we actually will EVER play every game.

  • Martin Leathwood - 9 years ago

    I have kept a record for the last six years. not as detailed as some others I know but I'm not reallya record keeper. I also list with whom I played the games so when one of my group claims he has never seen a game before I can tell him when he played it !!!

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