How Much Does The Patriots Loss Bother You?

  • Joe - 10 years ago

    Didn't like the game plan towards the end. Seemed like they thought they had plenty of time.
    Brady wasn't Brady. Defense chocked.

  • Elle - 10 years ago

    It was the way they lost that was hard to take. Ugly stuff.

  • jenniD - 10 years ago

    They're not the Sox - now their losses are personally devastating!

  • swimdad - 10 years ago

    More worried about the Lakers!

  • Punch Drunk - 10 years ago

    Sorry I wasted my time watching grown men
    damaging each other. And being cheered on for doing so. Sad.

  • Terry - 10 years ago

    I wish them well, but sports is way way down near the bottom of the list of things that are important to me. Artists, Cape Ann Art, environmental issues, gloucester fishermen and every day people are much more important to me than the Patriots. Thanks for asking

  • Charlie - 10 years ago

    It bothers me that the Pats offensive line were really offensive in their protection of was almost like not one of them cared about winning.....did Brady forget to buy them breakfast?

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