What’s your number?

  • Rachael - 8 years ago

    I am 18. I have had 3 partners. I was in a long term relationship with one. The other two I have know for years. I am not necessarily ashamed of 3. But, I am starting to feel dirty..

  • rachel - 8 years ago

    Im 25, have been with 40+ sexual partners and I've never had a pregnancy or STD... yeah I've been in long term relationships but when I'm single what's the point in being celibate lol... I'm safe and love sex, so who cares about a number?

  • Erica - 8 years ago

    I am 22yrs old && will be turning 23 by the end of this yr. up until the age of 20, I've only had 2 sexual partners. almost 3yrs later, I'm up to 19 sexual partners. i was in a very long relationship throughout high school && up to my freshman ye in college. once we broke up, i got a Tad crazy. 19 of my sexual partners, 14 were only one night stands. yea, that's horrible. but being a college student && partying my butt off, I've had my experiences. I'm not ashamed of my #. i know it's bad, but those #s weren't mistakes. some i wish i could take back, but what's done is done. i don't classify myself as a whore, although some ppl would look at me as one. having multiple sex partners doesn't classify u as a whore, but the way u go about carrying yourself does. does that make since? I'm actually finished w/ the wild party life now, && I'm ready to find something serious. these days it's hard for a woman to find a worthy man to settle. that's one of the main reasons our #s continue to increase.

  • ali - 8 years ago

    I do not think the amounr matters if you are content with it, however through my teen years I was sexually active and now regret it, I got into a relationship at 19 to 23 and was faithful yet it ended up becoming abusive eventually I got out but had a breakdown and as I,had such low self esteem about myself thats why I had put up with it for so long. I went for counselling cbt, and uncovered issues and instantly regretted my behaviour as a teen I felt disgusted and now at 25 next month will not meet anyone else,as I would be to scared to tell them my number which is around 19. I doubt,anyone would accept me for me and I now couldnt lie about it so ive resided to single life! I get told your atteactive and nice and do get chatted up yet now I couldnt let anyone get close so be sure when you do gave multiple,partners just make sure its what you want :)

  • Ummagirl - 8 years ago

    Well I'm 26 years old, have had roughly 30 sex partners since I've become sexually active and have never contracted an STD. Does that make me a whore, I really don't think so. I live in Miami, and let's face it, down here men aren't exactly looking to settle down. Theyll date you for a few months and will leave you the second a better looking women shows him the slightest bit of attention. I'm not saying that your location has anything to do with it being more or less expectable to have a higher number but let's face it, women are sexual beings and have needs too. If youre my age, unmarried and living in a town full of men that don't want to be held down your number is naturally going to be higher than the girl who married her high school sweetheart.

  • tiaboo - 9 years ago

    Well i don't think it matters. Aslong as you don't upset anyone and don't flaunt it. i'm only 17 and this is going to sound really bad but i've had 16 partners. Yes i am not proud of it but i am also not ashamed. I have no children. And for the record I have had no sexual diseases. If i were a man talking this wouldn't even be looked down on... So like i said aslong as no one gets upset ...whos to say whos a slut?

  • Kham - 9 years ago

    I don't think any woman should be ashamed of the number of her sexual partner; it's her business and her decision. Krissy wrote as follows, "If your embarrassed by the number of sexual partners you have then you need to take a serious look at yourself. If I answered this question honestly (which I did) then my number is 6. Four men I was in long term relationships with and it resulted in a child and two I only dated briefly (six months) and it did not flourish beyond that. So if you can't answer this honestly and not be embarrassed then you should think about how easily you give up the goods ...... and maybe go get tested." WTF?! Why was this statement even submitted??? You have four kids by four different guys. I'm not saying you should be ashamed, BUT you should keep your mouth shut. That means you've had unprotected sex with at least four men...who should get tested now....

  • Different Strokes for Different Folks! - 9 years ago

    Um Elise,
    Let me explain something...you see someone can sleep with 20 men and use protection, have no STDs/STIs and in a man's eyes shes good to go, clean and knows how to please(presumably)....now, someone whos had 4 kids by 4 dads with a total of 6 sex partners has been a little bit more exposed, she's not quite ready for the term "cum dumpster" but she looks like she's taking applications for baby daddy #5, and baby daddys 1-4 are just too much baggage

  • Elise - 9 years ago

    I think the reason girls lie to each other about their number is perfectly illustrated here.. Why don't we just stop with the name-calling already? I'm pretty sure none of us want to return to highschool. I answered honestly (zero) and I'm not embarrassed about being a virgin. And @Whoa Krissy! What the heck does having kids have to do with it? How is someone who's slept with 10 people ok but someone who's slept with 6 and had kids a slut? How does the fact that she was brave enough and had the respect/responsibility to keep her child instead of murdering it make her a slut? You're the one who should be ashamed of putting someone down for being brave enough to do something you arent.

  • Jessica - 9 years ago

    Well, I answered this while being completely honest. I've had about 11-16 sexual partners ( not that I don't know, that is just what I chose on the poll) and I don't see anything wrong with that. Like someone said before me, it is the internet so I don't know why people would care that much to the point of having to lie when it's a poll in the first place. @Tracy, I think you're completely right. It honestly depends upon where you're at in your life and not quite "what kind of person you are". Everyone is a critic so no one person is ever going to make anyone happy.

  • Tracy - 9 years ago

    There is a lot of questions left out of this pole which matter a lot, and I have strong feelings on the numbers thing. I am not a slut by any means, but I have slept about one new guy on average for every year I have been sexually active (16) and I am now 30. If you are still with your high school sweetheart you should def. have very low numbers. If you have been with your husband since college, your numbers would be higher etc... If you are single (not married) until you are thirty or forty your numbers would naturally be higher. That is just my opinion though. lol

  • That Girl - 9 years ago

    Lol i didnt lie and i really dont see y anyone would its the internet. Its not like anyone will ever even no who i am or who u are. oh hey VX ur pretty funny and lorene i think ur just a little too embarassed lol

  • vx - 9 years ago

    Lorene, you're a cynical slut.

  • Whoa Krissy! - 9 years ago

    Whoa there Miss Krissy! Who are you to say about who should be embarrassed about having multiple sexual partners? I think YOU need to take a serious look at YOUR SELF girlfriend! YOU should be the one to be embarrassed here--having 4 kids to 4 different guys, you're the one who needs to go get tested--your BRAIN for prostituting out your Uterus! I'm pretty sure most people would consider what you've done more along the lines of someone who should be ashamed than those of us who've had more than 6 sex-capades! Thanks for the laugh today!

  • My wife - 9 years ago

    I entered this number on behalf of my wife. We are swingers. She had 15 guys before me and about 30 since we've been married. Once you're number is 40+ I can't really see the difference between 40 and 400, so I see no reason to doubt that number. Mine is only about 30 so I have some catching up to do.

  • krissy - 9 years ago

    * I meant a child with each relationship. (I have a 9 yr old, 6 yr old, 4 yr old, and 8 month old).

  • krissy - 9 years ago

    If your embarrassed by the number of sexual partners you have then you need to take a serious look at yourself. If I answered this question honestly (which I did) then my number is 6. Four men I was in long term relationships with and it resulted in a child and two I only dated briefly (six months) and it did not flourish beyond that. So if you can't answer this honestly and not be embarrassed then you should think about how easily you give up the goods ...... and maybe go get tested.

  • Lorene Lundy - 9 years ago

    Do you REALLY think that ANY "Real" women are actually going to tell YOU the REAL TRUTH about their past Sex Lives? Honestly!?! HaHaHaHa!! REAL women will actually LIE to EACH OTHER about their sexual pasts!! So - to think that any TRUE & HONEST women out there in the Real World of today are REALLY going to be honest with the PUBLIC about their sexual pasts is just DREAMING on your part! Except for the rare Gal who's husband was her 1st and only sexual partner - just prepare yourselves for "lies, lies, and MORE lies" - since women don't even trust EACH OTHER with their most intimate secrets - MUCH LESS the whole world of The Internet! They'll all go to THEIR GRAVES, BEFORE before giving out ANY of the information that YOU'RE demanding, which REQUIRES them to reveal their names & E-Mail addresses!! Are You Nuts?!? But - Good Luck - and "You All Can (and Will Have To!) Just "Keep on - Dreamin' On!" (And lastly - MANY Thanks! You've given me THE BEST LAUGH I've had in ages!!)

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