NBA's best point guard?

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  • EUSEBIO - 8 years ago


  • chi town fan - 8 years ago

    Danyyy its not easy to get a triple double, especially when you have people like Jokim Noah and Taj Gibson, Tyrus Thomas, Brad Miller and Big Sexy, oh and Carlos Boozer, who are all really good rebounders. Kendrick Perkins sucks ass, big baby too little and KG not the same rebounder he was in Minnesota. And the Thunder have no rebounders, so you shitty

  • chi town fan - 8 years ago

    Yea I love Boston, but I also love my bulls. There has been lots of speculation on Rondo or Rose and I'm gonna have to say DRose. Sure Rondo is a better passer, but don't undermine Derrick's passing either, he just doesn't have the finishers Rondo has. In the open floor there is absolutely NO competition, Rose takes the cake, he is just simply the fastest in the league,but not leaving out t.j. ford. Jumpshot, DRose. And overall look at what Derrick has done for the Bulls, he is an MVP candidate, #3 so far, 25pts and 8apg to Rondo's 7pts 13apg. Rondo is just not there skillfully with Derrick.

  • Sarkies - 8 years ago

    Thank you Rosie!!! Someone who sees everything I see! I am a pint guard as well and I will tell you, I'm a scoring point guard who can pass to! So is it a bad thing that Derrick Rose can score and pass? NO! HELL NO! HELL TO THE NO! That's what a winning point guard does! I'm not comparing myself to Derrick Rose. Not at all. He would murder me in a game of basketball but don't sit here and compare Rondo to Rose and say he is better. All you can say Rondo can do is pass. Put him in a 1 on 1 game against Rose. Passing won't be shit then. He won't win and I will guarantee it. I know you're going to either say that they will never play 1 on 1 or that the NBA is a team effort which I will obviously agree with, but my point is if they did and went to 21, Rondo would be lucky to even score 3 points against Rose. Good day sir ;D

  • rosie - 8 years ago

    O yea and who is a starter for the eastern conference and who is winning the vote right now at the top of this website o yea d rose rondo fall back mr. 19% haha

  • rosie - 8 years ago

    Thank you sarkies finally someone who agreea tchas has no idea what the hell he's talking about yea rondo has a ring but that's it that's a team effort your sayin rondos team is better than the droses team ok fair arguement but individually howwver rose is third for mvp running started on the world championship team which rondo got cut hahahahahahah was an allstar 2year in nba 1st overall draft pick and is coachable boston fans and tchas and danyyyyyy eat your heart out because when it comes to derrick rose and gayjon o sorry I mean rajon rondo ;-) there is no comparison

  • rosie - 8 years ago

    Tchas and danyyyy u r f-ing idiots especially tchas ok since you want to bring upp the world championship um didn't weak rondo quit. Yea why u ask because he wasn't gettin any playin time behind who? Derrick rose u know why because rondo is weak as hell you want to talk about what pointguards are supposed to do um they are supposed to be leaders and set an example for their team I know I'm a point guard now u tell me what kind of point guard quits a team..... a very weak and bad one who has a messed up attitude even doc rivers said it and don't think I 4got about u Dannyyy dummy if rose went to the celtics he would average a triple double all the time u want to know why because teams double team rose like crazy way more than weak ass rondo so therefore garnett pierce and allen would flourish but if u put rondo on the bulls his career would be over just like it will be when the big 3 retires now put that in your pipe and smoke it and shut the hell up THAS and DANYYYYY

  • Sarkies - 8 years ago

    I think it's funny that tchas can only say that Rondo had a 29/19/13 game. Who cares!?!?! That is one game. I'm not going to lie. Rondo is by far the best passer in the league. Not only because he has Hall of Famers to pass to, but because he can trick the shit out of you and get a player open. But Derrick Rose is a better point guard. I'm not saying that because he is my favorite player. I'm saying it because look at the facts. If there are 2 seconds left on the clock and you're down by 1, who would have a better chance at shooting and making the shot? Rondo or Rose? Rose always draws the double team just by being passed the ball. Rondo only averages 10 points a game. Yeah, He doesn't need more because there is Pierce, Allen, and Garnett, but the Bulls have Noah, Deng, and Boozer. Boozer averages 20 points a game, Noah averages 16 points a game, and Deng averages 19 points a game. That is more than the Boston big 3 and that's with the Bulls fourth man (Deng). So if you add Rose to the other 3 players I mentioned and Rondo to Boston's, that speaks for itself. I'm not going to lie, I think it is a little bit of a race between D. Will and D. Rose but as of lately, it's looking like Rose wins the debate. I watch every Bulls game. Derrick Rose can pass. If the Celtics are so much better than the Bulls, why are they barely ahead of the Bulls for the number 1 seed. Rose is faster, blocks better, shoots better, can dunk, can pass, can steal, has better defense, can shoot free throws better, can finish better, can lay up better, is a major MVP candidate, is starting for the Eastern All stars, and much more. You wanna say Rondo has a ring and Rose doesn't!?!?!?! This is Rose's third year in the league and he has already done more in his career than Rondo. Rondo didn't get a ring on his own did he? No. He had to wait for the Celtics to get Garnett and Allen just to barely get it and with that, that's when he started averaging more assists as well. You wanna say Rose didn't to much for team USA!?!?! I'm sorry, but didn't Rondo get cut from team USA for not being ready for a task that big and Rose started every game. Rondo has a ring, Rose is getting his soon! Rose went to the All Star game his second season and barely missed it his Rookie season. It took Rondo 4 seasons just to barely make the team due to injuries. Rose has a Rookie of the year award and a gold metal. Rondo doesn't have any of those. And after this season, he will have an MVP award and maybe even a Ring!!! Rose was the number 1 overall pick as a point guard. The fourth point guard to ever be picked number 1 overall in history. The last one was Allen Iverson. Rondo was 21st. Rose can score and pass. Rondo can only pass. Only thing Rondo can do better than Rose is pass and that's because he has a Hall of Fame starting line up to pass to. Rose is a better player, more valuable, and more clutch than Rondo. Wait until Boozer and Noah are under that rim and they put Korver on that court with Deng. Rose will have more assists than he will know what to do with. ROSE = BEST PG, MVP, FUTURE HALL OF FAMER, etc. Bottom line, hate all you want. I will give Rondo his props on his passing and gamble steals but Rose is more valuable and can do much more for any team than Rondo ever would think of.

    P.S. Rose had a better playoff debut than Rondo did. I mean, he did tie Kareem Abdul Jabar for an NBA record. Just saying ;p

  • flightclub7 - 8 years ago

    D. Rose is a prolific scorer because he has to. WHO ELSE IS GONNA SCORE FOR THE BULLS, KEITH BOGANS? KURT THOMAS? BRIAN SCALABRINI? I chose D.Rose because he DOES EVERYTHING his team needs him to do. Rondo has less responsibility, he just has to focus on giving ray ray n the truth tha ball n his assist total goes up. N he can't score if you put a decent defender in front of him. NBA FINALS 2010 Rondo avg'd 44%FG(on avg 11 shots a game), 24%FT n 4 TO's when Kobe decided to lock him up. Rose gets doubled by basically every team he faces n still wills his team to win. At the end of the day, Rose will out play Rondo, Nash, CP3, DWill, n whoever else who think they a pg. 24.7 ppg , 8.5 apg while leading a AVG bull team to being 1.5 games behind the BIG 3 for 2nd in the East?? Nash avg'd 15 n 11 when he won his MVP, Rose deserves it dis yr

  • rondo-true pg - 8 years ago

    hey! rondo is the best true pg... yes, drose is great but being a pg is not just you score, you must make ur teamates involve in the game by making great play and passes, and rondo is the best in that. he's also the number one in assist... rondo is the catalist of the big three in boston...

  • Glenn R. - 8 years ago

    I'll say, D-will or Rondo

  • Virgs - 8 years ago

    am a massive rose (and bulls) fan, think he can be one of the all-time greats but in terms of pure point guard play hard to go past rondo. easily the most unselfish player in a league that becomes more about egos all the time, reminds me a a whole lot of Magic in the way that his highlight reel is all about making other players look better. Has a great supporting cast but i couldn't see the Celtics being one of three teams who can win the title (along with Kobe and the Heat) without him. Great to see Rose leading the all-star votes for PG in the east but if i was looking for a general in a championship-calibre team, Rondo all the way.

  • tchas - 8 years ago

    you guys are crazy.can you tell me the team that has the best shooting percentage in the league?take this example during the 1st game against orlando, boston shot at 35% without rajon and the 2nd game boston shot at 60%with rajon .do you know what it takes to give the ball to ur teammates at a specific time in a specific position that can allow them to make a good shot?that s the job of a PG

  • AllBall - 8 years ago

    I personally believe D Will is the best PG right now. You also have to acknowledge who the players are around the PG that help them make plays. No doubt D Will and CP3 haven't got the same supporting cast as Rondo, DRose and Westbrook in Durant. And Nash is basically doing it on his own at the moment. Will be interesting to watch who will bring it in the Playoffs.

  • Maurice - 8 years ago

    I think its a tough one, all that comparisso...what would rose do with the celtics and vice versa.... nonsense...

    I gave my vote to rondo cause i think he is the best point guard in the old sense of the word. a classical point guard who plays tough hard D, passes the ball like no other and most importantly knows what his teammates can or cannot do... he just knows when to give the ball up.

    D Rose, i prefere his game. he is the better new school point guard I would say. but its a tough one i would say, couldn t he also be a two guard... ( a young iverson kinda guy) the way he cuts to the basket, his quickness... i mean check iversons stats... he also got a career average of 6.something assists... i know he lacks size, like iverson...

    its just a tough one... D Rose and Rondo are eye to eye...
    talking about the rest in the league...
    D Will is also right behind
    Nash also tough to judge, if he was just a bit younger, but he still knows who to dime and play... I mean look at his body, would you expect him to be at the level of game he is...he was...
    Westbrook is pure athleticism.. he sure knows how to ball too, but so far he is not one of the top guards id say... but give him one or two more years...

    and well, don t know why but i got nothing to say about chris paul. somehow I don t know his game, just his stats.

    1.and 2./or 2. and 1. Rondo/D Rose
    3. D Will
    4. Nash (considering what he has done in the past also)
    5. CP3

    Westbrook, wall

    but somehow you have to keep lebron in mind as well...I know... but he a point forward somehow.

    but still my personal favorite...

    BARON DAVIS. even when blake didn t play with him.

  • cj mo - 8 years ago

    why is jason kidd,chauncey billups,tony parker not part of the conversation? and if I were to choose,chris paul is the help from his teammates,but because of him,they still hold on to that 6th spot........

  • ric - 8 years ago

    d-rose is the best pg now in the nba no doubt about it the way he is playing...rose will eat rondo alive..haha rondo is averaging good numbers because he has good teammates like allen,pierce,kg,shaq who could finish 4 his pass and he is in a contender

  • David - 8 years ago

    Look at the Boston whiners. Your PG is 2nd rate, just like your

  • Stanimal9 - 8 years ago

    Sure that Rondo is totally over-rated! He's never doubled, he passes the ball to people who all have been all star (Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Shaquill O'neal, Jermaine O'neal) and these team mates all shot above the 50%(except Jermaine 45%). So every pass has a 1/2 chance to be an assist and when you're getting a few steals from the passing lanes then it's the fastbreak with 100% shot and what does rondo most of the time after a steal? Pass it!
    We shouldn't even compare Rondo to these amazing PG!! He should never go the ASG!
    The best is probably Nash but his team suck.
    D-Will is easier to compare to D-Rose they both have an average team but they're doing everything. I love D-Rose but I think D-Will is still the best for the moment his efficiency reveal it. But D-Rose threes have improved a lot this year!

    Westbrook is incredible but still have some inconstancy like someone said and CP3 is great but for sure his team is bad! It shows us how good he is but it's hard to compare his team is so bad without him they would be behind the Wolves in the standings! And it's hard to say about CP3 scoring ability because they're playing so slow he should be running so mcuh more!! And play more fastbreak! I hope he'll be soon moving out of this team!

    So Nash is really great and has benn 2xMvP so it means what it means, he didn't steal it! But right now I think he's fourth on the list right now but 1st in career.

    1. Deron Williams
    2. Derrick Rose
    3. Chris Paul
    4. Steve Nash
    5. Russel Westbrook

    CP3 will be moving up as soon as he left this Hornet team or at least get a second good player, more dominant than West. However CP3 is still 1st in efficiency.

  • Fungery - 8 years ago

    Actually, the best one is CP3, he dimes, steals, scores, he does everything, ofc everyone else is great, specially D-rose, but CP3 is the best one of them, the team really needs him, did u see last season when he was out? the hornets lost tons of games, now they'r playing much better, he is one of the best PG ever in the league, but he's not much recognized.
    CP3 rules!

  • Pat - 8 years ago

    Dwill all the way, seems he's always underrated compared to other pointguards (paul, rondo and now rose) even though he's the one carried the team with the least "big-name players" into quite a good spot in a competitive western conference

  • Daniel - 8 years ago

    The Celtics are my favorite team in the east and I love to watch them. But when ppl say rondo is the best point guard it makes me cringe. Here were the top 3 point guard assist duos in the NBA last year: 1. Nash to Amare. This makes sense because Nash is the best distributor in the NBA hands down, he's proving it by having the same amount (nearly) without amare. 2. Williams to Boozer. These two had been the dynamic duo in Utah ever since the jazz drafted Deron. And without Boozer Williams is averaging only assist less per game and over 5 points more. 3. Rondo to ALLEN. Isn't that strange? Stockton to Malone. Nash to Amare. Magic to Kareem. Williams to boozer. All are guard to forward/center. Rondo and Allen is guard to guard. And rondo has the best shooter in NBA history on his team coming off of screens every play while rondo just stands at the top of the key to either feed Allen or drop it to Garnett. Even Nate Robinson could get double digit assists AND STILL SCORE on the celtics!!! Does anyone else see logic in this?
    Also Deron is a better distributor than Rose. Thats why dwills the best period.

  • danyyyyyyy - 8 years ago

    I really hate that derrick roses one little trip double is getting blown out of porportion I mean rondos on like his 6 one (not including playoffs) and they barely talk about his. i mean its about time Rose got one hes been in the league 4 years i mean westbrook even has more they need to stop talking about something that happens once and start mentioning the guys who didnt just get it by look and by getting more than one like rondo westbrook and lebron those are the only ones because any body can get one but it takes true talent to get multiple.

  • ray - 8 years ago

    so much on the young guns...
    but why is that J.Kidd is not in the Poll?

  • Toad - 8 years ago

    I am an Aussie, n from i can see, D Will is the best. I go for utah singehandedly because of d will and the way he plays basketball. Rondo has no other strings on his bow, and D Rose- maybe in a few years. None others in contention.

  • danyyyyyyy - 8 years ago

    You guys are saying that the only reason Rondo is getting those kind of assists is because of pierce, ray, and garnett are shooting 50% or better but if you look at their numbers before they played with Rondo they shot in 40 percents for all 3 so rondo gives them great passes so they make the bucket Ray allen is on his way to the 50 40 90 club because of rondos awsome passes to find him ask any of the celtics they will tell you that they have never had a passer or playmaker like rondo before it just makes them all much better period.

  • Heath - 8 years ago

    I agree with Daniel, the Jazz have always been a decent team and D will has got them there. He leads the team like a PG should. I hate how the jazz and d Will never come up as being a good team they could win 20 games in a row and people would still be talking about miami 3. This is just another thing were they give credit to those that dont deserve it. Rondo doesnt deserve to be mentioned if I were on the celtics I would avarage 14 assists too and I am horrible. he is suronded by good players that why he get so many assist. D will is the best Point gaurd in the NBA by a long shoot. GO JAZZ

  • Ne-Yo - 8 years ago

    If we take a look at how the Celtics did when Rondo was out we easily see a drop. Point guards were not meant to score back in the day. There's a reason they are called PLAY MAKERS. Even if Point Guards had too score Rondo's ability to get to the rim is first-class. He is able to get past first-rate defenders with ease and that takes skill. Which leads to his PPG. Yeah he takes gamble with lunging towards the ball. But he knows exactly when to make those type of plays, which leads to his SPG. His shot form is not bad, He just has no confidence in his shot. If he is able to gain that, then he'll easily be able to shoot, get past defenders and pull off assists on the offensive end. But if you're asking about a pure PG, its Rondo no doubt. He is easily able to boost the potential of his teammates that much more. Steve Nash is also an excellent example of this (Reppin Canada!) If your looking for someone to score, then Derrick Rose. But this is for best PG, so i'll go with Rondo on this one.

  • Akash - 8 years ago

    Daniel is the smartest person that has said anything on this poll. Deron Williams is the best point guard, that's the debate, not which point guard is on the best team because then it would be Tony Parker, and we all know he is not. Deron has arguably the worst team (maybe Nash, but he still has carter, who is old but knows how to score) of any of the point guards with no 0ther real threats offensivly but he still leads his team to wins in big games. Wait for the playoffs.

  • Joke - 8 years ago

    1. CP3
    2. DWill
    3. Rondo
    Rose is a joke coz he has a sg heart but pg height

  • nash4 life - 8 years ago

    nash leads the nba in games with 15+ assists. also nash is 36 and hes still in the conversation with these 2o sumthin young men. im a loyal suns fan and i watch nash play everygame and he starts out the first quarter with 9+ assists rondo is only averaging so many assists because his teamates make difficult shots with ease. when nash plays he gets the ball to his teammates with good passes that gives them easy shots they dont have to work hard for, nash to me deserves more respect in these comments than "hes too old to play good anymore" go on youtube and search steve nash and u will find that he has an awesome sense of humor and he has pretty good highlights too

  • kenny - 8 years ago

    how do you define a good point guard?
    a point guard excel at what a point guard should do.

    in my opinion, steve nash/rondo. chris paul used to. but his performace seems to drop recently.

    rose can just move to shooting guard. he's not a pure point guard. u call him a good playmaker? shame on you.

  • beofaction - 8 years ago

    Nash beats them all in FG%, FT% & 3PFG%, and beats everyone except Rondo in APG. That's what a true point guard does. The 2 guard is the SHOOTING guard. If a point guard is spending all of his time shooting, then that means everyone else who is really supposed to be scoring is not shooting.

  • Clippers LOL - 8 years ago

    Rose is easily the best pg... Just because Rondo supposedly passes the ball better, it doesn't mean he's a better pg... He's a god awful free throw shooter, and shooter in general, and is no where near as explosive as d-rose. Both are decent rebounders, and Rondo has the defensive edge at this point, but D-Rose is a little younger and has more room to improve.

  • Benji - 8 years ago

    Nashty, Wow, you have no idea what you are talking about. At first I thought that you had some valid points but then you said that Nash is the best defender. That is almost laughable. I happen to really like Nash. I have loved his game for a while now, but a defender he is not. He gets blown by nearly every time he defends.
    Yes, he did wint he MVP twice but Kobe was putting up moster numbers and no one wanted to let him get another MVP award. It is the curuse of being at the top of your game for so long. Jordan should have been MVP nearly every year he played until he retired for the second time.

  • Tayhar - 8 years ago

    How did the discussion completely eliminate Deron Williams? The article is about Deron and Derrick. Deron has been playing unbelievably in Utah, even without another all-star on his team to back him up. The best point guard isn't someone who can throw alley-oops to their 7-foot tall center who can't miss a dunk. It's someone who can step up when their team is down or feed them when they're hot. Deron Williams is the epitome of an all around PG. He's so clutch in the final minutes when the game comes down to the line, and he can pass perfectly to get his team involved. It's about being a leader, and he's exactly that. Give credit to Rose, Rondo, and Westbrook though. I love watching all of them play. Pretty soon they'll perfect their game and be as good as Williams.

  • Christian - 8 years ago

    JOHN STOCTON was, and is the best p.g. ever. His assist and steals record will stand for another twenty years easy.

    Of course if D. Rose was on the Jazz and D. Will was on the Bulls then D. Will would be winning this pole. That's the way it is if your a Jazz fan. It's not my fault I was raised in a douch bag mormon state. I didn't choose it, but I was and the Jazz are my team.

  • nashty - 8 years ago

    answer your own question. who is a better passer/scorer than nash? none here
    who has a higher IQ than nash? no one
    who plays great defense? nash
    whos passing highlights are all over espn? nash
    who has been a 2 time mvp and an all star the last 15 years? nash

    everthing points right to him. everyone doubts him becuase hes older than these pgs but still has game

  • Benji - 8 years ago

    Nashty, I have seen about 15 Suns games this year and I honestly feel like htey would have a better record if Nash would take over games more. He waits until the game is almost out of hand, usually with about 4 minutes in the game to go, and then he try to take over. Yes, his assists would go down but team wins would go up. What matters more?

  • Benji - 8 years ago

    Nashty, So who is the best then, Nash?

  • nashty - 8 years ago

    nash makes everyone on his team better and thats all a PG needs to do. he can still score 15 ppg while handing 15 assists. he led his team to the western finals last year, but only lost to the champs in the la lakers. do u see they way he shoots the 3 off the pick and pop. nails it every time

    drose is also very good but cant lead his team far in the playoffs which is all that matters. he can score, dish out a few and rebound but at the end of the day theyre still 5th or 6th in the east.

    lebron and the cavs had the best season record the last 2 years but they sucked in the playoffs.

    rondo is by far the best at passing, but the worst scoring. he has the best scorers in paul, ray, and kevin who make every shot and thats why rondos passing numbers are high. his foul shooting is beyond terrible and has a bad outside shot. he can only drive.

    deron is still good. but where are the jazz. he can score and give dimes but the team isnt good enough for deron to be considered in the mvp race

  • Benji - 8 years ago

    Daniel, I agree with you. Rondo is so overrated. If he only has one member of the big three he would be a scrub. Oh, wait, he was when it was just him and Pierce. In a few years when Boston loses guys to retirement of permanent injury rondo will have to increase his workload and he will be exposed.
    I did find it interesting that he did not play for Team USA. He claims that he left the team for personal reasons but I got the impression that he left due to the fact that Billups, Westbrook and Rose were taking it to him and he couldn't succeed against them.

  • Daniel - 8 years ago

    Deron Williams slow??? Another "fan" with absolutely no knowledge of NBA basketball. Deron Williams has the best crossover in the NBA. He postered Rose last year if you've forgotten as far as athleticism goes. 9.5 apg after losing boozer and increasing his scoring by 5 ppg when his team needs it most. Deron Williams is incredible.

  • Daniel - 8 years ago

    Deron Williams has been the best point guard for 4 years and gets no credit. I watch this guy game in and game out do absolutely eveythingbfor this team. RONDO IS THE MOST OVER RATED PLAYER IN THE NBA!!! And now people are back to under rating Deron Williams. Sad. BTW how are Chris Paul and Steve Nash leading dwill for starting all star position? NBA fans have no knowledge of the game... As with the bias in this poll. Again Deron Williams is hands down the best.

  • r.j - 8 years ago

    My bad u guys talking on da phone but d.will is so freaking slo he reminds of a old guy u watched him once or twice that team is so boring to watch.

  • Lone Danger - 8 years ago

    They are all good at different things. D. Rose is a great rebounder and hyper athletic, Rondo is the best passer, Paul is all around with great defense, Williams is a great scorer, Nash is always consistent great shooter/passer, Westbrook is a BEAST. There's really no way to go wrong with picking any of these cats. John wall and Raymond Felton creeping into this convo as well. So many great pg's in the league right now.

  • r.j - 8 years ago

    D will is cool but he is a system pg and I don't think he gone do that this year but he has to b top the all that athletic or that great a defender he plays bully ball.

  • Benji - 8 years ago

    Antoher thing to think about is Drose relies completely on his athleticism, and not so much on basketball IQ. That will not always be there and I always get worried about PG who rely so much on athleticism. Kidd is a great example becuase he can still play great for any team and yet I would be surprised if he can even touch the net anymore when he jumps.

  • Benji - 8 years ago

    Drose has had an amazing beginning of the season. The thing that I am the most impressed with is his ability to rebound. He is the MVP this year at this point, hands down. The Bulls have a great record right now and he is the reason for that.
    With all of that said, I would watch out for Dwill. If you look at his numbers that past few years he always has a stronger second half of the season. After the All-Star break he dominates the league as a PG. Yes, Drose has better numbers right now, but by the end of the season Dwill will have taken his spot back as the best PG int he league. To try and validate my point look at what Dwill did to Denver last year in the playoffs. He had the best searies of any point guard in league history. That has got to tell you something.

  • CJ - 8 years ago

    d-will was NEVER the bes pg n da league cuz cp3 was always da bes til he got njured las season. rondo only passes and if u notice erybody on dis list scores and distributes the ball 2 their teammates. drose scores, cp3 scores, d-will scores, nash does, and westbrook does. basically
    1=derrick rose (wade/rose 4 MVP)
    2= chris paul
    3= deron williams
    4=steve nash
    5=russell westbrook/rajon rondo

  • tchas - 8 years ago

    MG excuse me but we re serious here

  • tchas - 8 years ago

    chitownbullie excuse me but i think you don't know anything about PGS. rose didn't dish 5APG during the world champ with KD and Billups who are all star.

  • MG - 8 years ago

    Tony Parker! How on earth is he out of the list?

    watch some Spurs matches!

  • chitownbullie - 8 years ago

    also put Drose on the same squad with 3 future hall of famers he'd average 15 assist a game as well as Rondo!!! put rondo on the bulls can he average 15 assist??? NO

  • trent S - 8 years ago

    All these points gaurd's are very good, but as far as strength in all categories of performance you have to go with D Will! Yeah D Rose is great scorer and has some sick moves, other than Williams his is my favorite. Rondo is great at assist's, but once again look at the field goal percentage of the guys around him. He needs to score more. CP3 is a great pg, but he doesn't have the power D Will does. Nash is still good, but his time is almost up. Westbrook is gaining ground fast on this field too, take a look at his #'s. Once again though on efficiency rating and pure talent D Will takes the cake!

  • chitownbullie - 8 years ago

    D.Rose Hands down.........someone mentioned that DRose is a scoring point guard. if you are from chicago you will understand that when DRose came into his rookie sseason he wasn't a scoring point guard....he could score...but it was a point when he wouldn't take over a game..because he wouldn't shoot..he showed flashes of it like the first round playoffs against boston..that was a classic matchup....Rondo is good but if you put him on the bulls he would suck...he doesn't get doubled at all and he can't shoot!!! you have to have you best ball handler on the court be able to shoot' go to the hack a rondo...and westbrook is the ish but he shoots too many inappropiate should not be shooting the ball 25 times and you have durant on the wing...EVER!!!

  • r.j - 8 years ago

    Rondo has the better team no doubt, and d.will is steal number 1 but rose probably will b by the end of the year.

  • Patrick n - 8 years ago

    Deron Williams is the best pg ever real talk

  • jazz lover - 8 years ago

    J Sellars i am with you d will all the way go jazz

  • r.j - 8 years ago

    And d.rose if u ever watch his games he passes the ball amazingly but his team mates blow more lay ups then I have seen and I watch a lot of games. I say they blow about 4 or 5 assist a game its not on him about assist its the people he pass to.

  • jazz lover - 8 years ago

    J Sellars i am with you d will all the way go jazz

  • tchas - 8 years ago

    did he win the series?

  • r.j - 8 years ago

    Are u guys serious may b u don't remeber d.roses first playoff game and what he did to rondo

  • J Sellars - 8 years ago

    Seriously people - biggest & strongest is
    DWill. He can run thru the trees right to the hole then get his own rebound and shoot a three! All this talk will help him ramp it up. You know the NBA always lets sick teams get well on the Jazz. DWill just has to ride it out. See ya at the playoffs!

  • tchas - 8 years ago

    smoove you r totally right and you can trust me

  • smoove - 8 years ago

    I hate haters. Both are great pgs, so stop acting like rondo sucks compared to rose. They are in 2 different circumstances, rondo can score if he wants to but chooses to assist , rose has to score for his team to win, overall rondo IMO is better because he can dominate without scoring , but thats just my opinion, he already showed us last year in the playoffs he can score if other starters are in foul trouble, so to all you rondo haters U DONT HAVE TO LIKE HIM , BUT RESPECT HIM HE HAS BROKEN MULTIPLE RECORDS AND HAS A RING, ROSE DOESNT HAVE SH!T :)

  • tchas - 8 years ago

    rosie I think u re out of u think rose can wait to see a teammate available to pass the ball?he would be the 1st in turnover.why rose didn't do that during the world championship?he was playing with KD , Billups and the others.rondo is good in dishes and he is the best; rose is good in scoring but he is not the best.DONT THINK ROSE CAN MAKE A TRIPLE DOUBLE WITH 29pts 19rbs and 13asts EVEN IN REGULAR SEASON ok?

  • tchas - 8 years ago

    If we look through the history of basketball, the asts leaders have always been PGs.scoring many points is the job of SFs and SGs so I think rose is a SG.SHOOTING is not the job of a PG but of a SHOOTING guard.a PG makes everyone play the game and look over the defense and no doubt that rondo is doing all that very well

  • Rondo 4 mvp - 8 years ago

    Rondo averages 13 assist per game . How much does Derrick rose get? Rooonnndooo all day

  • rosie - 8 years ago

    Um tchas your wrong the only reason rondo gets all those assist is because he. Dribbles around until ray allen paul or garnett get free then passes then they make it my 8 yr old bro can do that all you have to do is keep your head and look for the open men rose doesn't have the personal rondo does trust me rose can do anything rondo can even better but the real question is can rondo do what d rose can?.......... Let me answer that for you helll no

  • danyyyy - 8 years ago

    If you are saying the best point guard it is steve nash and Rajon Rondo because a point guard is someone who makes others aroung him better and passes instead of doing everything. But out of the group the better player is D Rose he doesnt hand out as many assists but he makes up for it with everything else I dont consider him a true point guard even tho he plays the position he plays his own way like other point guards are starting to do.

  • tchas - 8 years ago

    RQ excuse me but you r totally u remenber the last semi between cleveland and Boston?Rondo 29pts 19rbds and 13 asts can u tell me that rose is able to do that against the best team of the regular season in the semi final?maybe rondo can't shoot well(wrong) but ask rose and he will tell you how to dish 24 asts in a triple double

  • RQ - 8 years ago

    Rondo is a great playmaker, but let's not forget that a PG has many roles.

    Rose can score from anywhere, mid range, 3s, running one-handers, drive like no other, and can finish. If you don't think that he isn't a great passer, then you just haven't seen more than one game, or you look at his 8 assists and compare to Rondo's 13.
    Rose does have better all around skills and his D is actually getting way better.

    Rondo's D is over-rated because he fills passing lanes and gambles to get steals and fast breaks.
    Rondo's outside shooting is terrible, which is why he focuses on getting to the basket for high percentage shots.
    Also, Rondo shoots 45% from the FT line...that's some Junior High School number, especially for a PG.
    If Rondo were with other players, he wouldn't score more, and when the Big 3 retire, we will all see that happen.

    I think Rose is number 3 after Deron and CP3, but who knows by summer, the way he keeps improving...

  • tchas - 8 years ago

    a PG must be the coach on the floor and make sure everyone is playing well instead of being a selfish player.In Chicago we all hear about d rose only but in Boston we hear about all even big baby is making his number because rondo is making evrybody better

  • Tony_PHs - 8 years ago

    i like Steve Nash but i think D-rose the best right now cause CP not even close to D-rose!!

    D-Rose the best i can tell u right now ! Nash too old for this thing!

    Go Heat!!!!

  • Joao P - 8 years ago

    In my opinion you ve gotta not just look at the teams where they re at right now, and think about the contribution they give to their teams offensively and defensively and then imagine if one of the other top pointguards would be able to do a better job, thats the only way to fairly decide who deserves to be called the best.
    For example DRose and Williams are without a doubt the best scoring pointguards which means they are a better fit for teams that don t have a lot of star players to give the ball to, However Nash and Rondo are undoubtedly the best dimers, they can make a whole team score but if we imagine rondo playing in chicago we can see his 14 apg dropping instantly and his ppg not increase that much cause he's long and even mid range just aren t good enough as well as if you put Drose on the Celtics his ppg wouldn t drop that much but his apg would hardly get a big boost because he s just not that good of a passer which means probably the team wouldn t get any better
    So I really still believe that the best Pointguards in the league are CP3 and Steve Nash because they can both lead the team wether in assists or points and they re experience makes them reliable in every phase of the game and virtually in any team.
    Honorable mention to RWestbrook that's playing his ass of but isn't still one of the greats due to consistency (or lack of it)
    greetings from portugal! Go Celtics

  • fan - 8 years ago


  • Manuel P - 8 years ago

    Rondo: more double-double, Triple-Double, assist, steals, better field goal %, Better IQ
    Rose: more Points, Blocks, free-throws, 3pt, Better Skills
    Rondo does everything but score for the team his team but he will if he has to.
    Rose is a scoring PG but he'll get to that point where you can do it all but its not now

  • drose > all other pgs (stop crying boston - 8 years ago

    all rondo does is pass to ray allen or paul pierce or garnett coming off screans and shoot jumpers.... lmao thats how 10 of his 13asissts come from... lmao

    typical bostan fag fan

    drose will outplay rondo anytime anywhere

  • tchas - 8 years ago

    a PG's job is to try to get everybody involved in the game and to make everyone feel good and at this point no doubt that Rondo is the best

  • drose - 8 years ago

    drose been the best pg... you just have to watch him to understand what us chicago bulls fans no,,, we have something special....

    drose=mvp and will eventually be the best pg ever...

  • chi - 8 years ago

    wtf nash is the best

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