Out of the following potential candidates, who would you vote for in a Republican Presidential Primary? (Poll Closed)

  • Mike Huckabee
    882 votes

  • Sarah Palin
    2,136 votes

  • Mitt Romney
    558 votes

  • Newt Gingrich
    587 votes

  • Tim Pawlenty
    480 votes

  • Herman Cain
    820 votes

  • Mitch Daniels
    269 votes

  • Mike Pence
    583 votes

  • Other
    1,144 votes

Poll posted 9 years ago.

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  • Mark Lawson - 9 years ago

    Chris Christie for President, with Mitch Daniels as V.P.

    I would go for Pence, but I'd rather have him as Governor of Indiana after Mitch is done. Then, 8 years down the road, he can run, win, and quarterback the 2nd half of the game. That would give us 16 solid years to begin to undo the terrible damage that has been done for the last 100.

    Palin is best suited as a publicity whip. She would probably be an excellent head of the RNC.

    And Huckabee, Newt, and Romney--good men each--are old news. Again, great publicity whips.

  • DFior - 9 years ago

    How about Chris Christie, he sure is not afraid to make the unions and socialist hacks mad by simply making the tough decisions that this country will need to embrase before it is too late.

  • J. Arno - 9 years ago

    I voted for Mitt Romney by default, but was surprised that you didn't have Rubio and DeMint on list.
    Sara Palin would never win (tho' she is wonderful) because her life has been viciously parsed by the leftist media. Even a republican I know dislikes her for allowing the killing of wolves in Alaska.( Can you really please everybody?) Mitt should have won the nomination last time but Huckabee was too self-centered and egomaniacal to drop out and not split the conservative vote, giving the lead to McCain. Without Huckabee, Romney would have won over McCain- but no, he hung on knowing he would never really win. I dislike him for that. He does not seem presidential in demeanor or appearance although he has a charm about him for TV.
    Christy appointing a Muslim judge is a crazy thing. Was his life threatened? Was he promised a fortune from CAIR? Can anyone explain Bloomberg wanting a MOSQUE in NYC by the WTC?
    I'm afraid the Pauls are considered wacky by most people. We need a Tea-Party Ideals Conservative unlikely to make dangerous, unwise decisions and appointments. We need someone who can stand up to the left wing media assaults and parry their viciousness with lightening speed and vigor. What kind of a nut actually uses precious expensive air time to respond to accusations of witchcraft?. In High School yet. Did McDonnell ever think to respond that our president was doing drugs ( and probably selling) in HIS youth???
    Michelle Bachman would be fabulous. Probably the best. Yes, Michelle Bachman. Please, fellow Conservatives, don't screw this one up!!!!!!!!!!

  • AWATL - 9 years ago

    RON PAUL needs to be on this list! He is the ONLY candidate that I would currently vote for for President 2012!

  • Daman Singh - 9 years ago

    Why isn't Ron Paul on this list?

    He founded the Tea Party movement. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, you elitist scumbags.

  • JoePor - 9 years ago

    I like rep Mike Pence alot. Read his recent speech to Hillsdale in Imprimus... smart man! He's a true conservative. Palin, Newt don't have a prayer to be elected although I like them both. Romney is a RINO and Huckaby is a nice guy but too moderate. I LOVE Ron Paul but don't see him winning a general election... If Obumer keeps pushing left, GOP could put up any of the above and he or she would be victorious IMO. Go BEARS!

  • John Pickerill - 9 years ago

    The best candidate to make actual changes this government needs is missing: Ron Paul. I could write why, but it's all already written down in a little book he wrote called, "Revolution". I recommend you read it if you want to know how this country got in the shape it is in today, and also a well-defined plan on how to turn it around. In short, adhere to the Constitution. For some reason, that is considered extreme these days.

  • Rita Marie Smith - 9 years ago

    Hello, I would also be happy with, Tim Pawlenty, Newt, might be good too. Sarah Palin would be good Vice President. Oh, yes, let's not forget Michele Bachman, she is the most truthful congressman , I think we have in office.

  • Jackson - 9 years ago

    I think a fresh face that has acted and influenced his party ought to be highly considered. I personally think the list is too short at this point and should consider people who have taken real action in the Congress, and moved people rather than just talked about it. I would add Paul Ryan who made the most eloquent anti-Obamacare speech in the House in trying to stop it last year, and also Eric Cantor whose program (You Cut) inspired a lot of participation. It is too early to narrow the field.

  • Marilyn - 9 years ago

    Please include Ron Paul as a possible candidate in the future.

  • Robert - 9 years ago

    Donald Trump would be a genuis choice. He's so rich that no one could buy him. I also like the way he doesn't mince his words (hear that Rosie?) He's a financial whiz and I'm sure would be a VERY strong leader internationally. He certainly wouldn't let other countries crap all over us. This is the guy we need for TODAY. If you insist on putting support behind Palin (totally unelectable because the left already destroyed her), Gingrich (too conservative for Independents which we NEED), Huckabee-nice Christian man, but doesn't understand anything about the economy or Romney-great with economics, but has been away too long to catch on again.

  • henryKnox - 9 years ago

    Everyone knows that the biggest problem is PR. The Leftwing media spends all their time demonizing any candidate from the right that sticks their head up. What we really need to do is find a way around the huge propaganda machine on the left. Their tactic is to demonize to the average voter any candidate that they need to defeat. We have to find someone that is beyond the reach of their propaganda machine. They will stop at nothing and the truth is not precious to them as it is to us. To them the means ALWAYS justifies the means.

  • lil - 9 years ago

    Most of voters/people have only heard the one name & that's PALIN.
    who's Mitch Daniel?

  • Alix - 9 years ago

    I hadn't even voted and the top of the page said "Thank you. We've already counted your vote". Huh? I would love to see Ron Paul on the ballot. I also think that a Gary Johnson/Michelle Bachman ticket would be good. They are both BIG Ron Paul supporters, too.

  • David McEldowney - 9 years ago

    Okay, what the heck. Sarah Palin? Come on people.

    What has Sarah Palin done lately? Oh that's right, she got a reality tv show. Oh and her daughter was on Dancing With The Stars. This woman is only in it for the fame. I honestly don't trust this woman at all and I don't see why you all do.

    Romney has my vote if we can't get Ron Paul in.

  • Viv - 9 years ago

    Donald Trump has the money and power to beat O and surely knows how to handle the economy. LTC Allen West has the courage, character and grit that
    our country needs so badly in dealing with foreign countries! I would vote for either one without hesitation and what a team if they ran together!
    What I don't understand is why Paul, West or Trump are not on this poll!

  • hubert kelsheimer - 9 years ago

    i think the poll should allow us to select more than one for general input and other should allow us to write in a name which i was unable to do when i tried it.

  • Karl Voelkel - 9 years ago

    Why is Huckabee even on this list????????????? If the Tea Party is going to support "RINO"s then why not have McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc, etc. etc???

  • Dr. Mark Carducci - 9 years ago

    Ron Paul is the only true 30 year plus CONSTITUTIONALIST. I don't plan on giving any more to Liberty.com strictly because they are blind to this fact, and choose to go for Romney. Go figure, he being the fascist supporter of a mandate similar to Obamacare for his state a few years back. Vote your conscience. My 50 foot $5,000.00 billboard is up on Interstate 215 and Durango facing east "RON PAUL 2012 A New Beginning". This is how committed I am for Ron Paul. The only Man for 2012

  • Ken - 9 years ago

    Sarah Palin? Get serious! She says the things that most Tea Party members want to hear. I really have no contention with the ideas that she promotes. I do however, have a problem with the people she helps promote. John McCain made her a scapegoat for his failed presidential bid. When it was all over he pretty much threw her under the bus. Then she turns around and campaigns for him in his senate race? That tells me that she is either about as stupid as the left tries to claim, or she is just another sell out. Personally I don't think she's stupid. While she may talk the talk, I have to wonder just how much she really believes in it. I'm not sure I buy her explanation for stepping down as Governor of Alaska. I think it had a lot more to do with her capitalizing on her celebrity status to sell books, and be on television. I don't fault her for taking the most prosperous road for herself, I just wish she'd be honest about it. A lot of people may dislike my opinion, but I just don't believe that she's all that she's made out to be.

  • Patrick Duffy - 9 years ago

    None of these candidates have the moral backbone to dismantle the Washington DC machine. Ronald Regan said one of his worst disappointments was the failure to cut spending. If he failed, then how do you think these people will fair? None of them are even close to the gipper. Our country is in peril, and there appears to be nobody to right the ship. My vote is for Jesus Christ to return and rule the planet, as that is the only hope for mankind at this point because America has failed, and America was the last chance for humanity to get it right, and it appears the end of it is near. Spending will not be cut, and the dollar will be destroyed. The end of the US dollar will mean the end of the USA, as a nation's currency is the show of it's strength and character, and we are losing both. I pray that I am wrong and God saves us out of this mess, but we must pay for what we have done. We cannot print away our debt and get away with it, and the God of Heaven will not let this generation pass on this massive debt to the next. Surely judgement is comming, unless we live up to what we have done, for we have lived far beyond our means, and it's time to live benith our means so that we can pay what we owe. Debt is a fule for war, and the tinderbox is getting ready to ignite. We shall see what happens with this congress, but I have very, very little hope that it can even repeal Obama-care, let alone put a dent in the debt.

  • Brian Lowery - 9 years ago

    I agree that the candidate must prove to be constitutionally conservative. The vast majority of our political leadership is constitutionally liberal both in their understanding of the constitution and in support of federal programs that do not allign with the constitution. It is troublesome that many liberal canidates would be listed in this poll. I suppose I would be called a radical because I have read and understand our constitution. I am not saying that I completely agree with all aspects of the US constitution. The document has not been updated for nearly a hundred years and 230 years since it was originally written. However, fundementally speaking the principles for our federal government spelled out in detail in our constitution still hold water. The most constitutionally conservative politician would "Hands Down" be Ron Paul. Bare in mind that Ron is stuanch against the creation and operation of a private central bank (The Federal Reserve). If you have read the constitution and understand it's contents then you would clearly understand that 'The Fed' is not constitutional in any form. Unless, you are a constitutional liberal and twist the original meaning of the constitution to fit your own personal agenda. And if you are a constitutional liberal, as with all constitutional liberals, you cannot be trusted. There was a specific reason our political ancestors didn't allow for a privatization of our monetary policy. The fact that our government appoints the Fed Chairman is not the equivelant of government control over monetary policy. The constitution clearly defines a non centeralized republic versus a centralized federal democracy that we have today. It is unfortunate the complete lack of understanding. I would bet that many folks leaving comments on this site have not read nor vaguely understand the constitution. It anger me...

  • Bullfight - 9 years ago

    you people make me sick! Sarah Palin could not even finish being the Governor of Alaska! Newt is the the only real change of kicking the lies out of Obama! Sarah is just after the money . Look at the behavior of her family.

  • Josie - 9 years ago

    How about Congressman Allen West, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie (yes I know Gov. Christie said he is not interested) but this is to save our country. Most of the above have too much history, wether real or made up by the lefties and media. Sara Palin certainly deserves it (not sure if that's an honor anymore though) but can you imagine what the nutsos will do if she runs. Newt has too much that can be targeted and people have not forgotten his transgressions. Please we need to do this right. How we will come out with two more years of Obummer is hard to imagine but add four years to that and we can look for another country to move to????? But where? God Bless America and it's people, walk with God and let it be our guide.

  • John - 9 years ago

    What about Marco Rubio, Chris Christy, Rand Paul or Trump?

  • Gerry - 9 years ago

    Ron Paul is unelectable - Period. (even though I love his viewpoints and common sense style). Ron Paulites need to stop pushing him as this guy is the type of independant that will end up being another Ross Perot and will split the vote and we'll end up with another four years of Obama. We need to do what we can to elliminate him from running in any form. I like him, but he's extremely dangerous for our country at this pivotal point in time.

    Newt. No one's talking about him. I don't think he's really been taken seriously for some time. Good commentator and excellent historian, but doesn't possess the leadership qualities that are needed at this very important time in our history.

    Sarah Palin. Great gal and would be an excellent President, but hey... perceptions are everything. She won't be able to overcome the heat... end of story.
    She might be able to be a strong endorsement for someone of her own gender, however ;)

    Christy. Sorry, but no. He also doesn't stand a chance of winning and we MUST put forth a winner this time.

    Trump. Possibly, but really he lacks much of the luster and qualifications for government work. You think Palin was critized for her lack of experience, just wait till the dems get ahold of this man's record and 'interesting' background. Nah, won't/shouldn't happen.

    Romney. Old news. Still a good looking guy, but no one really likes him very much and he's already seen as a loser from past mistakes.

    Col. Allen West. EXCELLENT choice, but as another poster said... no one knows much about this guy unless you really do your homework. However, his intregrity and honesty about almost everything he's associated with would lead you to believe he would be an excellent candidate and a great leader for our country.

    Bachmann. She is just a breath of fresh air with common sense values. She has a will of iron and will hold accountable those of little intregrity and love of country. She would be my #1 pick if she decides to run. Let's hope she does. It's time for a woman in this highest place of office and no one deserves it more than her.

  • Larry - 9 years ago

    If you want courage, look to Pawlenty. He pulled out his pen every year and said this is the Minnesota Tax Payers best friend. It is my veto pen. He promised to veto every tax increase sent to him by the Democratic Legistlature. And he did.
    The Democrats in Minnesota hate him.
    His Anti-Tax stand resonated with enough republicans and independents to get him elected to 2 terms.
    He understands fiscal responsibility. He made several trips overseas including China and Russia to give Minnesota products and companies a foothold in those countries and now Minnesota's economy is reaping the benefits. Our unemployment rate is below the national average and our manufacturing sector is hiring.
    He is not a flashy fast talker, he just tells it like it is, tells you what he wants done and does it.

  • Dick - 9 years ago

    Why is no one looking at NJ. Gov. Chris Christie

  • Chatty - 9 years ago

    I'm amazed at the number of people who have commented about supporting Lt. Col. West, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, etc. None of these guys has a voting record in Congress yet. How do you know if these people will turn out to be REAL conservatives? This is the same reaction many people had to the election of Scott Brown from Massachusetts. Many people were calling for him to run for President before he cast his first Congressional vote! Although his election was fantastic for a Fascist state like Mass, I SURELY WOULD NOT WANT HIM FOR PRESIDENT. Please don't jump on anyone's bandwagon until they have a real history of conservative actions.

  • Grad Student, MI - 9 years ago

    Palin...all the way. It's too early to handicap any presidential contender. So the "unelectable" commentators, way to listen to the media. As I recall that's how Obama got elected.

    I am going to vote for who I find best fit for the job out of the bunch. None of the wimpy boys in the party fit the bill. They're not worth my vote.

  • Rick in Denver - 9 years ago

    Sarah Palin is a staunch conservative and constitutional originalist. She clearly articulates the conservative message. Governor Palin and her supporters are constantly bieng told that she can't win. President Reagan was also told he couldn't win in the 1970's. President Reagan was able to convince enough "independants" and a large number of Democrats (including the AFL-CIO) to vote for him. The conservative message is simple; limited government, individual liberty, private property rights and adhearance to the rule of law (the constitution). As with President Reagan, this is the message that Sarah Palin is a champion of! The commentors here who take personal shots at Sarah Palin have fallen into the Alinsky trap of attacking the messenger when the message is a universal truth that can not be defeated!

  • Geri - 9 years ago

    As for Palin's electability with regard to this poll - how many who have voted are moderates or independents? She may poll well with the far right, but what about those groups? They are needed to beat Obama. At this point, more voters identify themselves as independents than with either party.

  • Bill - 9 years ago

    This poll is a total landslide for Sarah. She has 27% of the vote against 7 competitors, and well over twice the votes of her closest rival. And she's not electable? Just wait until she's running against just der reader, or the hildebeaste.....that's the media and democrats biggest fear.

  • Marilyn Parker - 9 years ago

    Ron Paul. Everything he has foretold has come to pass. He is outside the mainstream just like his son who is now much in favor with fiscal conservatives. Paul Ryan who was ridiculed by his own party and now is now in charge of the House budget committee. Donald Trump deserves another look. He might be controversial but he has experience, is an economic guru, and he has done the homework

  • Common Sense - 9 years ago

    Do I agree with Palin on policy? Mostly. But I'm sorry folks, she doesn't come across as "presidential," and no, it's not because of the main stream media's coverage of her; that is my honest to God opinion of her, not influenced by anyone or anything else. I think she is most helpful to the cause by doing exactly what she is doing - driving the left nuts, raising money, and strategically endorsing candidates when and where it is helpful. Ron Paul could never win a national election, just forget about it right now. I like him, but a Libertarian simply cannot win nationally right now. That leaves us with the "has been" group of candidates and a few fresh faces, non of which appeal to me strongly. I voted for Mike Pence in this poll. He's a strong Conservative, has most of the right positions on the issues, and doesn't have the baggage of the other candidates. I also like Rubio and would love to see his name put out there.

  • robert marcoccio - 9 years ago

    After reading through the choices and comments about candidates it should be apparent to WHY THE TEA PARTY SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO ENDORSE CANDIDATES....it is the reason the REFORM Party failed. Once the organization rally's around one candidate - then the organization must establish an agenda - Once that agenda is established then we loose those members that do not support that agenda....AS WE STAND UNITED BUT UNAFFILIATED we cannot be attacked or separated by the Media or any other political authority. This is the same system used by the Son's of Liberty and other civilian groups prior to the war for independence. It is the most effect method to be used against the unlimited resources and authority of government. The premise of this list is to trap the TEA PARTY into an established NATIONALIZED organization and upon do this will end the positive momentum we have established.

  • Alan - 9 years ago

    Michele Bachmann, Jim DeMint, Paul Ryan or John Thune for 2012.

  • 13 o'clock - 9 years ago

    Ron Paul because was right all along. He deserves the nomination more than anyone else mentioned.

  • Chris - 9 years ago

    Wher the F**K is Ron Paul? Intentionally leaving him out of this poll, and others like it, only fuel the fire that our MSM, and politicians are terrified of this man.


  • Liberty Now - 9 years ago

    If you do not have Ron Paul on your list you really should take the word "Liberty" out of tour name. You risk a lawsuit for false advertising.

  • Sherri - 9 years ago

    Why isn't Ron Paul on here? Sarah Palin?? lol

  • HAH - 9 years ago

    Other: Gary Johnson. I argee that Sarah Palin stands little chance of winning against Obama, and she seems to be a neo-con. The neo-cons are pro-big-government. Yes, she is better than Obama in wanting to limit government, but it doesn't *take* much to be better than Obama.

  • Deanna - 9 years ago

    I would vote for Sarah Palin in a heartbeat! But second choice is not even listed......Gov Cristie from New Jersey.

  • CocoChavez - 9 years ago

    Where is Ron Paul you politically racist scumbag elistists?

  • Bruce - 9 years ago

    Let's agree first on the skill set we want our presidential and vice presidential candidates to have before we start selecting "winners". Without well defined criteria, we've got no valid method to compare possibilities and the selection continues to be a personality contest.

  • Sara - 9 years ago

    I think Sarah would do very well for the republic remaining as she is. Encouraging, informing the people as she does now. Head of RNC? she does the job already without the strings. I like Newt, I think he has been there and has the T-shirt & cap to prove it. He knows what is in the pot, he has the spoon and has used it before... (the mice can't fool the top cat). As long as this country remains in military conflicts I think we should have someone with gravitas someone who
    can look the enemy in the eye and seriously convey with the look alone "Don't mess with the USA". Perhaps Bolton or West. Anyway I believe this country needs to be praying for Gods wisdom and discernment and that a godly man and/or woman will be raised up for such a time as this. As a read all the previous comments I actually thought"shoot, for thst matter lets get Rush Limbaugh in the mix with Glenn Beck!!

  • Richard - 9 years ago

    Due respect, but Ron Paul didn't start the tea party. I have no problem with Dr. Paul or his candidacy, but lets get the facts straight.

    And as for how his supporters "act", I would say that they are American voting citizens and perhaps they would act better if they weren't treated so absurdly by the GOP regulars.

  • gah - 9 years ago

    In the mid-term elections, women gave 49 percent of their votes to the gop, and 48 percent to the dems. That is the first time in 30 years or more that the dems didn't enjoy a double digit lead among women. A big part of the reason for thas is because Palin has, essentially, become the face of the gop. Two thirds of those Palin backed in the general election won. Several of those she backed in the primaries were long shots, Haley of SC was in 4th place before Palin endorsed her, within days she was #1 and went on to win the governorship. Martinez in NM was trailing her rival as well, she won the primary, then went on to win the governorship.

    For those of you who have falled for the line of BS from the MSM that Palin can't win, think again. If she can help swing the mid-terms for others, she can more than swing the 2012 election her way.

  • Stephen - 9 years ago

    Sarah Palin should not be this far ahead. She shouldn't be anyone's first choice as a leader for this country. She has proven herself to be ignorant and undeserving of the office as well as polarizing.

  • Bob Jones - 9 years ago

    The reason Sarah Palin wouldn't have a chance is because everyone is falling for garbage the liberal news is spewing about her. Why do you think they are constantly on her? They don't like her because she says what she thinks and follows through. This scares the crap out of them. The last comment I heard about her is she doesn't have enough experience. How much experience does Barry have? He's a total moron and I doubt he can tie his own shoes without the help of his wife and daughters. Don't fall for the garbage, she's a good candidate and I'd wouldn't hesitate for a second to vote for her.

  • lime - 9 years ago

    Palin, because watching that trainwreck is worth it, and an easy win for the dems.

  • The real Ron Paul Tea Party Supporters - 9 years ago

    RON PAUL in 2012 IF we make it that far before the dollar crashes and the country falls to anarchy as planned. Read the IMF riot plans:


    Of course, the chinese could show up any day now too. They are amassing by the millions with equipment in panama and mexico and are ready to pour in from Canada too eh! The entire west coast does not stand a chance of survival. There is NO navy on the west coast to defend the country from the large chinese navy and as that chinese missile launch in December proved, we have NO DEFENSES from a surprise chinese attack with chemical and or biological warfare. Of course, they can also give the nation a massive EMP and that will set the nation on the course of destruction and demise.


    The plan to kill off the american armies and bleed the military forces to death by your leaders is working out greatly. Many of the military are dead, dying, and about to die after being killed off with the depleted uranium, mycoplasma vaccines, and wars started over lies and deceptions as planned by the banksters and war mongers that call them useless idiots and cannon fodder. They set nazi germany up the same way and this stupid nation of lemmings is quick to follow in the footsteps of nazi germany because now america IS NAZI GERMANY!!! Sad that we cannot learn form history and funny how history repeats itself. Bankster planning!!! No nations military forces are more stupid, ignorant, and blind then those of the us of A.

    Have you read this?


    Plan accordingly and invest in long term foods, seeds, silver, gold, and lead!

    GET SIX MONTHS OF FOOD STORED RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Peace be with you.

  • Helen Jenkins - 9 years ago

    My vote would be for Sarah Palin, President and John Bolton, Vice President. They are the only to with the knowledge, common sense, courage and honesty to do what it takes to up root socialism, honor the Constitution, cleanse America of PC moral depravity. The two of them - especially John Bolton would get America out of the UN and get the UN out of America. America is a wonderful country, but its time to stop policing the world. How can America fight terrorism on the one hand and financially support it on the other : Lebannon, Palestine, Saudia Arabia, Egypt and many parts of Africa. Sarah Palin and John Bolton see the world as it is, not as they wish it were. We need leadership that is courageous, honest, more AMERICAN, than politician. Both, have been very successful in their personal life. Their first 'power' experience will not be in Washington,DC. They also live a life that has integrity based on character and faith. I hope both win. HFJ

  • conservative - 9 years ago

    Trump is a very Interesting choice. I have no doubt if you put him against Obama when it comes to a debate about the economy and also China - Trump will win it. He believes we are selling our soul to China. He's right!

  • conserative - 9 years ago

    Michele Bachman is just enjoying the attention and is not making a decision yet. I doubt she will run. Bobby Jindal said "No for 2012" but I bet you in 2016 he's going to do it.

  • Gerry - 9 years ago

    Just saw the above posting. Yes, Col West and Bachmann would also be UNSTOPPABLE !

  • Judy E - 9 years ago

    I 've been watching Donald Trump. He's independent and will do what needs to be done to get this country back on track financially and in the world arena. He knows the American Dream means hard work and integrity.

  • Jessica - 9 years ago

    While Palin isn't really an option anymore, Michelle Bachmann would be the best woman we would consider in the tea party. The question is. . . are we ready for a woman President?
    I wonder if Bachmann would consider being a candidate?

  • Gerry - 9 years ago

    Agree. A Bachmann/Huckabee team up for election in 2012 would be unstoppable!!!

  • conservative - 9 years ago

    Andrew Jackson? I thought Palin was Esther, Lincoln, Reagan, Bush (depending on the time of day) all rolled up into one? Now she's like Andrew Jackson? LOL! Palin is only a woman who served a half term as Governor and then stepped down (yea we all know the reason why) - made tons of money being a Fox News Contributor which she usually contributed from her studio in her home, all the while making a family reality show. She is no longer a politician in office. Now adays the bar for being president is a bit higher than in Andrew Jackson's day I would say. Most people don't want the average joe or should you say frontiersman for president. They want someone experienced and smarter than the Average person who can turn this economy around. Unfortunately we cannot turn the clock back to the 17 or 18 hundreds nor does the average American with an ipod and blackberry and a 4g cellphone want to. Unless she can come up with a solid plan of ideas to match Obama blow by blow she has no chance of being elected.

  • Ronnie - 9 years ago

    Where is Michelle Bachmann on this list. She would be the best for our country and in the executive office, but yet... not even considered. Why?

  • Dave - 9 years ago

    As a middle of the road conservative I can't understand why Palin is still even considered. That is the best way to hand the White House to the Democrats. I can assure you she would not get my vote. I think a great team would be Huckabee/Brown ticket. Also did anyone listen to Trump on FOX tonight. He sure has the right idea's to bring some respect back to this country and to stop kissing butt to make people like us. He said he is actually considering a run.

  • Connie - 9 years ago

    I like Eric Cantor or Paul Ryan !

  • Isaac - 9 years ago

    I see people saying Palin for Senate, but I've got one better for you all! Sarah Palin being appointed to Secretary of Energy! Then she can run for president AND be qualified!

  • Kim - 9 years ago

    I've heard this pairing talked about...Michelle Bachman & Col. Allen West. What do you think?

  • jpeditor - 9 years ago

    " As perpetrator of the Tea Party"

    Put down the bong.

    " and the only candidate your likely to unite the Libertarians behind, your poll is sadly lacking without him."

    a/ if the Libertarians vote for a dem or stay home in 2012 because Paul wasn't considered, they should be DEPORTED with the illegals many of them hire.

    b/ This poll was about candidates for President of AMERICA, not for President of PAULISTAN.

    (here's a tip, come back when your leader and the majority of your members aren't backing PSYCHO-JIHADIS against Israel and America. We know most of them are doing it for the Lebanese Hash but thats no excuse).

  • Loretta Neal - 9 years ago

    I strongly believe that Gov. Mike Huckabee is the candidate that will beat obama easily.
    He is the most conservative and has the most experience... He is both fiscal conservative and ,
    social conservative... He is not wishy washy saying one thing today & something else the next day.. He stands for what he believes , he is honest and, has the most integrity. I am 67 yr. old woman that has never been involved in politics before.. There has never been a candidate that I was 110% for... I will do what ever I can to see that he is elected.. My husband & I live mostly on SS and ,don't have a lot of extra money ..But ,I will do my very best to donate the maxium to his campaign.. That is how much I believe we need Mike Huckabee to bring us out
    of the harm that obama will have done to our country... Huckabee 2012..........

  • Geri - 9 years ago

    It is highly likely that there may be some leftists voting and skewing this poll toward Sarah Palin. They would love to see her as our candidate, because it would ensure an Obama victory in 2012.

  • stickywillie - 9 years ago

    Sarah's like a rolling manhole cover, without the sexually inuendo, but with twice the momentum and inertia. Not electable? Look what she's doing on this poll. If you don't think she's electable, you're listening to democrats and the media because that's exactly what they are saying.

  • Shavager - 9 years ago

    We need a bright young conservative, time to stop running has been politicians who've been there for years for the establishment. It's time to nominate a Mike Pence or Paul Ryan. I think a Pence/Ryan ticket for Pres. and VP would be unbeatable.

  • Isaac - 9 years ago

    Well, Sarah Palin has the support of the tea parties. However, due to her lack of experience and polarizing figure, she is unelectable. I find that to be a darn shame. I loved Sarah during the '08 election cycle because she was a charismatic, Conservative, constitutional woman. She had so much potential, but she resigned from the governorship. I would have easily been able to vote for her in good conscience in '12 if she were still governor of Alaska.

  • Peggy - 9 years ago

    It's apparent that most of these comments are from those who really don't know very much of anything about Huckabee . . . so many false statements. They should read one or more of his books, but from the sound of most, they've probably never read a book! Huckabee, 2012!

  • Larona - 9 years ago

    Jim DeMint, Allen West, Michelle Bachman,

  • bill - 9 years ago

    Sarah Palin mybe toxic but she is not a politician; but so was Andy Jackson - He was just a frontiersmen, and one of our better presidents for the common people.

  • Conservative - 9 years ago

    Well if anything - it will be interesting to say the least. If any of these can sway the Independents and Moderates to swing their way it will be a miracle. They need someone who can appeal to all of them. Anyone can poo poo that idea because they are enamored of their personal choice, but unfortunately they will need those two voting blocks in order to win. I have no doubt any of these can win the base - but it will NOT be enough to pull them over the top.

  • Alex - 9 years ago

    I question why I remain on your mailing list when you neglect obvious additions to this list like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Michelle Bachman, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, and Jim DeMint in favor of has-been/never-was candidates Huckabee and Romney. In addition, although I expected her to be on the list, Palin doesn't have a hope in ____ of winning and frankly, I don't want her as my president - her heart's in the right place, but her mouth acts faster than her brain.

    It also makes me laugh looking at the bar graph and seeing that the number 2 choice is "Other", but it looks like the least people have voted for it until you look at the count. Please do this poll over again with different candidates.

  • Sara - 9 years ago

    I would like to see more options. West, Paul, and Rubio.

  • Daliine - 9 years ago

    I agree. So many on your list are just old news.
    I'd love to see Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul together on a ticket. Ok.... way out there... but I know "liberals" who would vote that ticket. We will be facing some truly horrible economic choices in the near future and we need “doers” in office not politicians. We need someone who has "America's best interest in mind” and willing to to kick %$#@ and take names, regardless of the political fallout. Both of these men can and would step up to do what needs to be done. I only put RP in the vp slot due to age.
    I am tired of being feed the same list of regurgitated names!

    (on Sara Palin...sorry guys she didn’t even serve out her term as governor...enough said)

  • Conservative - 9 years ago

    Yeesh - ya think this poll is not being Freeped for Palin? No wonder she is winning.

    2012 GOP PRIMARY POLL (FReep this poll!)
    The Patriot Caucus PAC ^

    Well anyway - if you get to vote and it somehow turns fair.... good luck.

    I voted for "Other" - still waiting for the "Dark Horse" to appear. None of the others will win against Obama. His approval levels are going up to 54%. None of these will be able to beat him. They just are not popular enough outside of their fanclub base.

  • John - 9 years ago

    Most of the above comments regarding the above candidates are appropriate. Many would be great Cabinet candidates. The bottom line is none standout - there are no Reagans. Especially against a potential candidate, like it or not, who is scheduled to raise a Billion $ and has a huge vote getting campaign machine - including the media. And who, unfortunately & unbelievably, has been a disaster and the largest threat to our Republic EVER. I am actually independant and have never been a fan of Donald Trump, however, he is the only one that I can so far identify as being strong enough, has the intellect, resources and backbone to stand up to Congress, the lamestream media, and has no fear of our foreign "allies" and enemies and/or .distractors. Michelle Bachmann would be a great running mate. Also tough, credible, savy, smart and a great campaigner but very soft edges.

  • Ackston - 9 years ago

    Personally I think we have a deep bench. All the above would be a decent enough president if elected, some better than others -especially in contrast to any "Progressive" liberal. I hate to say that I'm an "anybody-but-Obama voter but that pretty much describes my sentiments at this point. He's been doing so much that is destructive of our nation and he's committed to doing more that anyone but him would be preferable.

    Frankly I think Pawlenty, Huckabee and Romney are too eager to compromise, even though I like the fact that Huckabee is for the Fair Tax.

    As previously stated by others, I think some are more electable than others. I would vote for Newt in a heartbeat and probably Palin too but I don't think either one is going to win enough of the early caucuses and New England primary votes to get enough traction in the other primaries and I doubt if either would win over enough middle of the road "moderates" or independents let alone many Democrats in the general election.

    Ron Paul is very attractive to me now and has improved in my estimation since the last election though I have some reservations over his national security policy. But I'm coming around in that regard too.

    Herman Cain, Alan West, Marco Rubio, Pence, Santorum, Daniels are wild cards entering the campaign. What if one of them announced ahead of time that Rubio or Chris Christie would be their running mate. That would be a huge game changer for me. I like Rubio and Christie immensely. Imagine a ticket one day that featured both of them, I wouldn't care which one was at the top of the ticket although a Rubio as pres. and Christie as vice pres. is probably the most winning ticket.

    I'm going to enjoy the debates and watching their campaigns. We'll see how they do on the campaign trail, how well they articulate conservative principles and connect with voters and how much they stick to those conservative principles.

  • Gene Holtzhouser - 9 years ago

    I just finished reading Newsweek, Jan 10 & 17, 2011 about Jon Huntsman Jr., former Utah Gov and currently Ambassador to China, pick it up amd read it. He could be the new fresh breath of the GOP.

  • Gary M. - 9 years ago

    Congresswoman Michele Bachman should certainly be considered at this early stage. Her views are probably the most consistent with Republican conservatism and a true constitutionalist. Second to her in this department, in my view, is Sarah Palin. However, as much as I like Palin, I feel she has too commercialized herself of late. I strongly believe there is an important role for each of these women to play in the coming years and hopefully in a Republican takeover of the WhiteHouse!

  • Force2 - 9 years ago

    What about Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal, Haley Barbour, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio? So many others are either radioactive (Sarah Palin, Huckabee), too old and with failures attached (Mitt Romney, Newt Romney) and totally colorless (Pawlenty, Daniels), no experience (Cain), and too attached to the failures of the Republicans (Pence - although he might be able to get over that).

    And why are we so anxious to get a taget for the Soros minions to aim at?

  • Patrick - 9 years ago

    It's Huckabee all the way.

    Daezy, above, is a perfect example of someone who has fallen for the misinformation efforts against him. She said, "Huckabee wants to appease both sides, and lets killers free." That's not true.

    Actually, 1) Huckabee takes a strong conservative stance, yet is wise enough to behave with civility when discussing the issues with others who disagree with his positions and 2) Huckabee handled the Maurice Clemmons case appropriately. Clemmons was not a "killer" and Huckabee didn't even let him free. In Arkansas, Governors do not even have that power. What he did do, is commute an obviously excessive sentence of 108 years to only 47 years (still longer than what most people get for similar crimes) for someone who had committed a crime when he was only 16 years old. Also, Clemmons had already been incarcerated for 11 years by the time he was released by the parole board. At the time of the commutation, Clemmons had NOT killed anyone yet, therefore, you saying over the internet, to the entire world, that he frees criminals is NOT being careful with the truth on your part. Please stick to the facts. Huckabee used the best judgement that he possibly could. I would have done the exact same thing. You probably would have, too, unless your name is Mitt Romney and you just don't even bother to look at cases like this for fear of hurting your political future.

  • truthsearching - 9 years ago

    Ok, seriously everyone should look at this: http://twitpic.com/3r9khp/full

    Why does 17% look like so much less than 9% and 10%?

    If you wouldn't have voted for Ron Paul... fine. You're crazy but fine... at least he should have been on the list!

    Watch, even though he won CPAC, he has the best chance to beat Obama, he predicted the economic collapse, and he is called the father of the modern tea party (sources - http://twitpic.com/3r9khp/full) he won't be invited to debate in the primaries, he won't get the press the other candidates do... why?

    Because he is not establishment... and everyone voting for Huck, Palin, Romney, etc are all being suckered into another term of Clinton/Bush/Obama/etc. There has been no difference in administration, or candidates in years.

    Romneycare = Obamacare
    Foreign policy is always the same
    Monetary policy is always the same
    Tax and Spending are virtually the same
    The roll of what government should be is virtually the same...

    The list goes on.

    Also, everyone should watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dmPchuXIXQ

    twitter = @truthsearching

  • Gregory B Hahn - 9 years ago

    Wow, a lot of diversity, that's good and bad. I just hope when it all shakes out and we have a chosen one, we can all get behind them to keep BO from having another shot at it. Personally at present I'll have to stick with Huck, Palin lost a lot of my confidence by backing McCain last election. Many of the ones I've seen mentioned would be good possibles, we all see good and bad in different ones. The bottom line here is whomever is chosen we must throw out our differences aside and get them in office. I hope that's something we can all agree on having to be done.

  • Ginny Rober - 9 years ago

    These characters are all a little anemic and state-loving, folks. Until one of them persuades me that s/he'll immediately STARVE THE STATE, I'm assuming I'll vote Libertarian in 2012.
    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
    Let's all re-read Harry Browne's "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World" or the Austrian economics email "Daily Bell" to disenthrall ourselves from statist GOP hype. Watch what they do to the debt ceiling less than 6 months after the 2010 elections.

  • Charlie - 9 years ago

    We need someone who knows how to run a business which this country really is. I will fully support DONALD TRUMP for President If he decides to run. He will announce his intentions at the end of June (after the latest Apprentice show ends). He would clean house down there and demand that you do the job and earn your money and if you don't, then

    "YOU'RE FIRED!!!"

  • ValuesVoter - 9 years ago

    I put in Paul Ryan's name. I like Chris Christie but has no vote for Romney. I like Sarah Palin to rally the troops and agree she could lead a group to mobilize on-the-sideline voters. But no Huckabee, Romney or Gingrich for me. This is good that we're talking about candidates now. Whoever takes the candidacy, we better be behind his/her back.

  • cpr - 9 years ago

    Actually none of the above. How about John Thune, Haley Barbour, Marsha Blackburn? But please, please not Huckabee or Palin!

  • David W - 9 years ago

    Regardless of who is the Republican nominee for President, the only way that person will not win is if "We" do not stand united behind that individual. This means, stop degrading candidates. This means, if you have something negative to say, make sure it is based on facts / on their record. More importantly, "We" must not shy away from highlighting the negatives (facts, record) of Obama; such as, he is not Pro Life - infact, he took action on 4 separate occasions to deny a child medical attention in an attempt to save their life after a botched abortion attempt (the children were placed in a room until they died).

    He refuses to provide a birth certificate (there exist birth certificates from Kenya that testify to his birth taking place there; also, not even his own party has taken action to encourgae him to prove his birth place which they would do if he were borne in Hawaii).

    As for candidates, "We" don't need to replace a politician with a politician. That is why Palin is our best choice along with Herman Cain. So what if the apposing party call her names and says she's stupid; if they want to lie to themselves, let them. What we know about Palin is that she is "a Christain", is Pro Life, is a Christain and Constitutional Conservative, is Pro American, is Pro Bill of Rights, is for a smaller / less intrusive Government, Pro Individual Responsibility, is a sound and well founded mother and wife, actually knows and has the experience of running a business, and is not a lawyer (LOL).

    As for Huckabee, Romney, Gingrich and others, I strongly encourage you to do some research. They are not much better policy-wise than is Obama. They have some good ideas but they have lots of questional baggage.

  • Diann Averett - 9 years ago

    I started looking for candidates soon after the presidential election. I think we need someone with actual credentials and skills. I believe that a former governor brings the executive experience that is needed while someone who has been in business in crucial at this juncture. Finally, we need someone who has foreign policy experience. I think that former Utah governor and current ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, Jr. is the whole package and would do a great job. He has actually accomplished something in his life other than writing his bio at 40. With someone like West or Bachman as VP, I think it would be a strong ticket. Beckel even mentioned him as a possible candidate on Hannity the other night.

  • Ben Stormes - 9 years ago

    Get Ron Paul on your list and lose the rest. Sara can be his running mate. Do Not let GOP idiots like Carl Rove tell us "who can" or "can't" get elected. Lose the RINOs, especially Romney the Commie!

  • Douglas Meeks - 9 years ago

    I voted for Newt because he is the best man for the job, that does not mean I think he can get elected, he comes with a lot of old baggage. People need to get behind somebody that can win, that excludes Sarah Palin even though I agree with her on 90% of things I do not think she could ever be elected, so Romney looks like the most "winnable" candidate (is that a word?) Newt would still be the best man for the job...

  • Mary-Ann Levy - 9 years ago

    I'm with others here - what about Lt. Col. West? with Sarah Palin as VP - no he doesn't have "name recognition" YET - but with backing he could get it quick enough. Even Marco Rubio would be a better choice than most of the above - Newt is too "old school" he had his chance and was part of the do nothing era - when we had the majority and didn't USE it.

  • Rich Weber - 9 years ago

    Where is Paul Ryan? He has developed the most reasonable plan for getting us out of this financial mess!

  • Judy Wise - 9 years ago

    John Thune and Mitch Danials scare the pants off the Democrats. Paul Ryan, yes!
    I can't stomach Newt.

  • Tom - 9 years ago

    no one wants to talk about the federal reseve, or the fact that fanny and freddy are still a huge problem. where is a canadate with guts?

  • Bob - 9 years ago

    Glad there are so many to consider. Yet, no one mentioned has the brains, experience and skills to be our nation's president as well as Newt. None of those mentioned are perfect and I hope many of you will forgive some of his few mistakes and support him for he is the smartest leader we have.

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