Out of the following potential candidates, who would you vote for in a Republican Presidential Primary? (Poll Closed)

  • Mike Huckabee
    882 votes

  • Sarah Palin
    2,136 votes

  • Mitt Romney
    558 votes

  • Newt Gingrich
    587 votes

  • Tim Pawlenty
    480 votes

  • Herman Cain
    820 votes

  • Mitch Daniels
    269 votes

  • Mike Pence
    583 votes

  • Other
    1,144 votes

Poll posted 9 years ago.

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  • Mindi Ginger - 9 years ago

    Love Ron Paul but he comes off as a winer, Sarah is great & she does not let the press get away with anything as they keep ragging on her leaving as Governor she did the rite thing saved Alaska tons of money on bogus law suit fees there would have been no problems if those people whom filed law suits had to pay ALL COSTS if they lost & they all lost. Newt is smart but he had his chance, Mitt has a bad temper & Mass is in trouble because of healthcare,Ryan,Rubio,christie don't want it,Col West & Cain not well knownPawlenty needs a strong running mate like Bachman, Pence not strong enough, all I know that whoever it is I WILL vote just to make sure that the votes go against Obama.

  • Stan Pennington - 9 years ago

    Mike Huckabee and Mike Pence WOULD BE THE PERFECT CHOICE!!! Pair them up and you have a winner either way.--- Put the RIGHT leaders at the top and ---WE THE PEOPLE ---will fix the rest!!

  • Molly - 9 years ago

    Everyone needs to remember that Newt Gingrich had his chance ones and he blew it. You need to listen towhat he is saying. This is a man who favors One World Government. Check out the New American and read about Newt. This is a good source. We need to get past Gingrich and Huckabee. Huckabee is a RINO like Gingrich. Huckabee raised taxes in Arkansas and then sold everything and moved to Florida. Ask people from Arkansas how they feel about their old governor. People- check Mass and look at what Romney has done to Mass. They are broke and there health care sucks. Rubio still will not caucus with the Tea Party and Michelle Bachmann so he out. What we need to do is go against the grain...The Bush Family is pushing in a round about way for Jeb so Sarah need to go back to Alaska so Mrs. Bush has said is out. Think people or Obama and some RINO will take it in 2012. I think we need to stick with Palin because many say she can't win, but she will if we vote for her. We can't let other people tell us how to vote.

  • G. black - 9 years ago

    At this point in time, I don't think any of the possible candidates listed can beat Obama. Perhaps one or two of them will emerge later on. I like Newt and Palin and most of the rest of them, but the media will blast both of them unmerifally starting when they declare (and really have been already) their intentions to run. Perhaps by the middle or end of this year, some of the lesser known possibilities will pick up some steam and perhaps Obama will continue to have economic difficulties (although I hope the economy will improve for the sake of the county) and some of his other problems get worse he will continue to lose favor with his base and the regular folks. I havle my fingers crossed.

  • SM - 9 years ago

    Sarah Palin? Get f'n serious, she is no more a "tea party" representative than Obama!! Why is Ron Paul or Rand Paul not on your stupid list?!!!

  • Punice - 9 years ago

    Newt would follows the Constitution, has experiences necessary and will be a strong, intelligent leader of our ailing country damaged by excessive spending and greedy Government representatives and unions.
    Huckleby: Likeable, but reminds me of Jimmy C.
    Ron Paul: another Perot.
    Palin: Liked her before; no chance to beat Obama, though.
    Romney: We need new school candidates.
    Pawlenty, Kain, Pence & Daniels: none have a 'kick ass' leadership attitude.

  • Ron Paul - 9 years ago

    I am a libertarian. An anarchist. Vote for me and Barack Hussein Obama will be in office for life. More Koolaid please.

  • Joe Shedlawski - 9 years ago

    I agree with JC and so many others that Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich, although they might be among my very top choices if I could choose the next president, are simply not electable. Nor is Huckabee...the Arkansas thing would haunt him and he is seen as part of the "religious right" by too many so-called "moderates." Nor is Romney...again, I love the guy, but he is now yesterday's news. Pawlenty is my first choice at this point but let's give some of the others an open mind as they developname recognition. And let's face it...there are other well-known Republicans who could make great candidates if only they'd decide to run. Hey, Condi Rice, where are you?!

  • Shawn - 9 years ago

    Chris Cristie has my vote... Theres a guy that tells it the way it is and has to be.

  • Nancy - 9 years ago

    I agree with Allie - LTC Allen West should have been one of the choices.

  • bullwhip - 9 years ago

    i love palin , but the librel press will eat her, with no mercy, !! i like pawlenty allen west, or marco rubio. NO RETREADS FOR SURE, or RINOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan Smee - 9 years ago

    Senator Jim DeMint,
    Someone with a backbone, I like Ron Paul too!

  • Dawn - 9 years ago

    Ron Paul and Jim DeMint should have been on this list in place of Huckabee or Romney. I like Mike Huckabee but he is no Conservative. His record as Governor shows that. Why does the GOP insist on going down the same roads that prompted the birth of the new Tea Party movement? If they don't "get it" now, I fear they will cause Obama to be re-elected. GOP in DC had better get on board or get out of the way.

  • Gary Walter - 9 years ago

    My choice is without a doubt Mike Huckabee. Not conservative? Please- The snark attacks make Jaws look like a goldfish. But we all know that Jaws was fictional just like these attacks. From everything to his opposition to Tarp to his stand for the unborn, Mike Huckabee is a principled conservative. Of course as a governor working with a highly democratic state legislature, he didn't get everything he wanted but he did reform the tax system in Arkansas. Yes there were federal mandates and voter approved initaives to fix up terrible state roads. A government governs best which governs least, but it also has to govern. To hear some of the snarky comments you would think the government should not exist at all. Good luck with that working for you. Gov. Huckabee is indeed a conservative but with his communication skills, he is actually one who could get the a-political types to vote for him. If we want to dethrone BHO (and throw the throne away) then we need to appeal to those voters as well. Send the snark attacks back to sea and lets get behind a standard bearer who will defeat Obama in 2012.

  • Gale - 9 years ago

    NONE OF THE ABOVE. Even though there are several candidates in the list that I agree with their platforms, they have been "branded" by the mainstream media and John Q. Public. We need some FRESH blood in D.C.!! Congressman Lieutenant Colonel Allen West should've been on this list, but I would still cast my vote for him. I listed him under "other".

  • Dr. Ron - 9 years ago

    I think you folks that are trying to ask for a Presidential nominee, e.g., Paul, West, etc., are perhaps more than a little premature? These are good men, for sure, but neither has the experience and track record to run a nation. THAT is what got us in so much trouble in the first place. And yes, I like West, and I'm a retired Colonel, but no he doesn't have the right kind of experience "yet", though he is far more qualified as he stands, than the incumbent.

  • Bob - 9 years ago

    Michele Bachman & Alan West

  • turthsearching - 9 years ago

    This survey just shows that taxdayteaparty.com is part of the GOP establishment that hijacked the tea party in the first place. Ron Paul started the Tea Party, and Fox News and the GOP hijacked it so that they could shave off more votes off for their establishment candidates.

    FACT IS - The country will be in the same place it is now with any of the candidates that are listed here. Palin is not electable, and she's a wolf in sheep's clothing. We can't have any more RINO (Republicans in Name Only) candidates.

    If this was truly a Tea Party focused organization, RON PAUL would be on the TOP of the list. He basically STARTED the Tea Party. He is the ONLY CANDIDATE who has the voting record to actually prove that he'll cut the spending.

    I'm un-subscribing form all of the emails, and am no longer going to consider myself a member of taxdayteaparty.com as I am convinced it is COINTELPRO (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO) for the real Tea Party.

    It's GREAT to see all of the Ron Paul supporters light up the comments section of this poll. I hope the rest of you look at the voting records and wake up.

    Twitter - @truthsearching

  • Vanessa - 9 years ago

    Michelle Bachmann has what it takes! She doesn't take any crap, she is a very familiary face to the Tea Party and in the era of the Health Care, Cap and Tax, etc. She is very intelligent, not just looking out for her own back, trustworthy, very classy, but stands her ground.

    We really need to watch her and encourage her to run for President!

  • Greg M. - 9 years ago

    What about Chris Christy from NJ?

  • Bruce - 9 years ago

    Trup, unfortunaely, is more of a RINO than a true conservative

  • Michael - 9 years ago

    Palin is a nice person and great at drawing a crowd. Would love to see her as a senator from AK or possibly the RNC Chairman. Talk about raising money! But I do agree with several here that she wouldn't have much of a chance as a candidate. Mitch Daniels seems to me to be a guy that doesn't speak like a politician (Pawlenty, Huckabee, Romney). He identifies the problem and proposes a solution, popular or unpopular, and sounds willing to make the tough decisions required of this nation in these times and most importantly, he is unapologetic about conservatism. The great thing about Reagan was that he never let the liberals frame the debate, he always questioned their premise. I guess I'm not extremely excited about anyone on this list at the moment. Just biding my time until Rubio decides he's ready. Maybe Daniels/Rubio???

  • Conor A McCarthy - 9 years ago

    Its sad that this is all we can field. On the other hand who knew Pres Obama at this juncture 6 or 7 yrs ago. The right (or wrong) person even unknown can make it if the people want it and the party is behind thier candidate

  • Jim - 9 years ago

    Mike Pence should be given serious consideration. He espouses the conservative values that we all are looking for and has the panache to get done what needs to be done. Donald Trump may be someone to consider as well.

  • Bruce - 9 years ago

    Unfortunately the best candidates have stated catagorically that they will not be running in 2012. To wit: Chris Christie, Haley Barbour, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jidal, or LtCol West

  • Pete - 9 years ago

    I am wondering with Sarah Palin at the top, but yet most the comments are "she can't WIN" Bullcrap! The more people say she Can't win the more I like Her! Stand back and put yourself in her shoes! What could You do better?? I thought so Nothing ! She's a fighter and she won't let Hers or Our country Down !! Why is everybody so Judgemental on every thing she does ? She's a human being, then one hell of a MOM! Our country needs someone who looks after it! Who better than a MOM ?

  • Matt Pemberton - 9 years ago

    Pawlenty, Daniels, and Romney are the three most viable candidates for national office, at this point. Sarah Palin has a great role to play in the reshaping of the political landscape, but not as a presidential candidate. I hope she will not run. Similarly, Newt Gingrich has a great part to play, but not as a presidential candidate. My fervent hope is that all these people mentioned will use their extraordinary energies and talents to unite us behind a person who can win, who does not have largely regional appeal, or who doesn't have a lot of baggage.

  • John White - 9 years ago

    I selected Mike Pence, but there are a good many other Conservatives who could win the independent vote which is my criteria. I would vote for ABO (anybody but Obama). Sadly, over one-half of those listed would be good candidates but could not win a general election. The Republican Party must be smart enough this time to select a candidate and running mate that don't have "issues" that the Press will focus on instead of their message. The vetting process will be huge in the 2012 election.

  • Lloyd Rowe - 9 years ago

    Go Haley (Barbour), go!

  • matt - 9 years ago

    Catherine, you must be thinking of RAND Paul who is newly elected. Ron Paul has been in congress for 30 years, and he is the one who was just elected to chair the subcommittee on federal reserve oversight. HE is the one calling for the audit of the federal reserve, the MOST COMMON sense thing to happen so far this year.
    I am one of his newest supporters, and I imagine there are millions more like me out there who are waking up to the fact that we need severe and difficult (self-sacrificing) change to ever win our country back. Not sure anyone else is willing to do that.

    Marco Rubio is in Afghanistan right now, and from what I have gotten from his campaign, they are not eliminating a 2012 run. I would support a Paul/Rubio ticket. Younger and wiser, but both united by the same principles.

  • Phil - 9 years ago

    Sarah should concentrate her efforts to supporting ,"THE" candidate that wins the Primaries. She doesn't stand a chance at becoming our President. She would be a major distraction to the process if she makes a run for the position. She is Obama's best chance at winning a second term.Being most popular is not a qualification to becoming President. We've already done that once.

  • aud - 9 years ago

    I don't care about charisma either, but unfortunately most of the voting populace does. Ron Paul is great but he won't get elected and we need someone who can stop the nonsense that is going on. We can't do this for another four years.

  • Rolland - 9 years ago

    I like what Daezy said. In addition, we need sensible discussion to narrow the field. We can start by weeding out those who have said they have no intentions of running in 2012, and weeding out establishment elites/RINO's. Put the best candidates forward, even if they are less publicized, because everyone was witness to the fact that a relatively unknown can win, and win big, if they are passionate about the same values and principles that we are. Don't buy into the myth we have followed for so many years that we cannot win unless we choose a candidate that would be "Popular" with ALL the people. Remember - we swung many Independents our way - it can be done again.

  • Lynn Early - 9 years ago

    This list is depressing.
    Where is Marco Rubio ? Congressman Alan West ?

  • Rick - 9 years ago

    I also voted for Ron Paul. Charisma? Who cares? Look what it got our Nation after the last presidential election. How about someone with the courage of his convictions and a heartfelt, lifelong respect for the Constitution and our intended financial system. By the way, I did not support Congressman Paul last time, and I'll do what I can to make up for my mistake. Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  • Gail - 9 years ago

    To be honest, I've been doing my duty and learning historically why we are where we are today. I learned the truth about The Corporation of the United States. It is a for profit Corporation that cares not about the people. The Constitution is a Corporate Constitution written by them and for them. We the People are the Corporation of the heads that run the Corporation, it is NOT what they marketed to us to believe that We The People are everyday citizens. Find a law dictionary online and look up some words like United States, citizen, person, funds, people and see how they are defined vs what we were taught. The Corporation is going to collapse through it's own greed. The government lays within one's own ability to govern themselves. Hope everyone is learning that they will need to do some drastic lifestyle changes in the near future.

  • Richard - 9 years ago

    If you have been following Sean Hannity, he has had on his talk radio program, the only true conservative who is a business man,has the money to back himself, who wants to get China out of the picture and is not afraid to offend the other side, then we need Donald Trump.

  • Barbara Holman - 9 years ago

    Please stop with the 'Ron Paul'... although he may possess many of the qualities and beliefs you admire, he will never beat Obama. We need some like a C. Christie/M.Rubio, however, the Govenor of NJ has indicated he is not ready. What do you think of Donald Trump?

  • Stephanie - 9 years ago

    Ron Paul is my choice and received my vote. One can't help but wonder percentage he would garner and how many of the 17% of the people voting "other" are casting votes for Congressman Paul.

  • judie - 9 years ago

    I voted for Mitt Romney - experience, class, knowledge, tried and true - from those listed. However, I'm with those who like Chris Christy and Marco Rubio; but I believe they are looking past 2012 and shooting for 2016. As much as I have supported S.P. and hate what has been done to her, I don't think she should be a presidential candidate at this time. I would like to see her go to the Senate or House at this point in her career. BTW - Tim Pawlenty is a class act as well, and watch out for "the Young Republicans" down the line (after 2012). One more thing - experience IS important. That has been proven these past two years!

  • aud - 9 years ago

    As much as I love Ron Paul and as much as he deserves it, he is not someone who has the charisma to win. I also think that Donald Trump has the right stuff. Cristi is great, but how many times does he have to say he's not running before people believe him.

  • Chris - 9 years ago

    #1 "Sarah Palin - 24%" -This is the reason the Tea-publican party is a joke.

    Mitch Daniels is clearly the most qualified and he is at the very bottom of this poll.

  • Lee - 9 years ago

    Donald Trump...."mr obama you're fired!

  • Gary J. Mallast - 9 years ago

    Where is Ron Paul. He is the only consistent, lont term, dedicated, pro-freedom choice around. I would tolerate Sarah Palin, but I want Ron Paul.

    Why is Mitt Romney on the list at all? He is NO conservative. He is the father of Romneycare, the prototype for Obamacare. His father, George Romney, actively persecuted conservatives when he was governor of Michigan. I have a nice tape of the late Richard Durant describing the Romney treatment he got in 1964. Plus Romney senior stuck us with the "Romney Constitution" and with it a state income tax. I have good reason to believe like father like son in this case.

    As my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandfather, the Indian chief might have said, "New Gingrich speak with forked tongue." He has flip-flopped too many times. I don't trust him.

    Best wishes.

  • R Forcier - 9 years ago

    Eric Cantor - Rep of Virginia - Look at his conservative record and remember he was the one that fought directly with the Obama on the Health Care. Check out his bio -

  • Elena - 9 years ago

    Love Sarah but she can't win. Not Huck, he's a people pleaser, not Newt, he's another McCain, Romney is wishy-washy. We need someone to stand up to both the right and left libs.... Michele Bachmann, Col West, Herman Cain maybe would have the guts to do it. I would take any of those three. I really don't know enough about the others. Sarah has the guts, that's for sure, but I'm afraid we would end up with Obama-world again. Our country could not take another 4 years of Obama.

  • Robert Mandell - 9 years ago

    Donald Trump, we need a business in the White House will not give away the store to China and OPEC

  • Elisa Delaurenti - 9 years ago

    MITT ROMNEY? Are you friggen SERIOUS? He ushered in socialized medicine in his state a few years back! Are people suffering from TEA induced amnesia already? sheesh!

    Your list is seriously flawed by the exclusion of Congressman Alan West.

  • Geri - 9 years ago

    I like Condi Rice, but she would be painted as part of the "failed Bush administration" by the left. Paul Ryan is my favorite of all of the people mentioned so far, but he was not on this list.

    For the person who had the question about the "Ron Paul supporters" - what the general public would see include "truthers", "birthers" and other conspiracy theorists, and the media would have a hey-day with that.

  • Kim Misch - 9 years ago

    Mitch Daniels has performed economic wonders in Indiana. He has an outstanding track record of problem solving, he's got lots of experience, he's well-liked and respected, plus he has a mind of his own.

  • Dr. Doug - 9 years ago

    Donald Trump has the international experience to do the job right on trade and oil, sharp pointy teeth to get the debate set properly, a thick hide to resist the critical pain of the liberal media and he meets the "Out-Side-The-Belt-Way" notion that seems to ring true these days. I guarantee he knows business and that we would have a better economy with more people back to work than any other candidate! If you want someone who has the balls to do the job and not just play patty cake, then he is the man!

  • Livin Red in a Blue State - 9 years ago

    I don't see anyone on this list with a snowball's chance other than maybe Pawlenty -- very sad.
    Let's chill the RINO and "not Right enough" namecalling and recognize we won't get elect a Conservative elected President without them having some appeal to moderate and independent voters. Good character and a foundation in conservative principles is an excellent base. They are not, however, the same thing.
    A lot of candidates fail the character test in both parties.

  • Tea Party Charlie from Des Moines - 9 years ago

    I have been with Herman Cain the last 2 weekends. He spoke at our Fight Back Iowa Tea Party last July 4th with Joe the Plumber and Lewis the Marine. He was a huge hit. He is gaining momentum in Iowa. He has announced an exploratory committee. He has rebuted the rumor on blogs that he would not audit the Fed. Reserve. He served on the Fed. Res. Board of Kansas City in 1990 to 1992. What he said and has said that an audit would not be part of his agenda because the Fed. Res. Bd. has an ongoing internal audit program. If others want to audit them go ahead. He also said that he would defund Planned Parenthood, look at all government programs one by one and ask the tough questions..

  • amber b - 9 years ago

    Ron Paul is the reason behind the tea party movement. Yoou should be ashamed for not including him in the list. Look at his voting record. He is a true champion of the Constitution. If the fed govt doesn't have the authority to pass something, he votes no.
    And those who comment on his foreign policy as being bad or scary, you should really study the world history of foreign policy, war, blowback, the fall of Rome, and read the art of war. America is on a terrible, terrible foreign policy path.

  • jg - 9 years ago

    @ Lola - "act like Ron Paul supporters." What do you mean?

  • ROCK DREWRY - 9 years ago

    Palin is clearly ahead in this poll and I admire her toughness and experience a lot. However, she cannot win the presidency but could serve our country well as vice president I think. What we truly need is not just someone that could do a good job but also someone that can actually win this election. I tend to agree with the comment I saw above that the choices laid out here excludes some names that would be far better contenders for president. Donald Trump as one example. His knowledge of the buisness world, his toughness, charismatic personality and his strong conservative views are just a few things about him that make him at least worth considering in my opinion. And he does NOT seem like a push-over bent on appeasing liberals in the name of "comprimise" and he is certainly nobody's fool. I know... he has a tv show which excludes him from running but I'll bet his patriotism would compell him to cancel the show for such an endeavor.

  • Spartican - 9 years ago

    I think you people should be discussing "viable" candidates. We all love Ron Paul but he stands less of a chance than Christine O'Donnell did. Discussing non-starters is a waste of time.

  • Jim McDonald - 9 years ago

    I also like Condolissa Rice

  • Phil - 9 years ago

    How about former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, he's a very impressive candidate IMO!


  • Phil - 9 years ago

    I don't see anyone else mentioning Condy Rice. She is a intelligent, conservative, has political savvy, excellent experience, and when she says something...she means it and can back it up. And besides that, she is a woman and black. She could get the female vote, a large percentage of the black vote, and perhaps the Latino vote also. She has the best chance against Obama, and would make an excellent President.

  • Catherine - 9 years ago

    To those of you who are screaming for Ron Paul and Allen West to be in the poll may I remind you that both gentlemen are newly seated in Congress. I don't care how brilliant they are, and I favor Allen West, they both need a little more exposure to the Federal Government before they consider running for President...if they ever do. They can be much more effective in Congress than as President anyway.

  • Don Anthony - 9 years ago

    Where is Ron Paul? Is it just because you as pollsters are steering the results the direction you want them to go?

  • Arlene Stewart - 9 years ago

    I like Sara Palin but not as a presidential candidate. She would never win and it would be
    a wasted vote on her. We need someone who can win and I do think that Romney could win
    right now. He has all the qualifications for a presidential run. Palin is great working for
    the conservative candidates and is an asset. I think in the future we have outstanding
    candidates but not right now - Chris Cristi (exxcellent), Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush.

  • Nancy - 9 years ago

    Where is Ron Paul? He is by far my favorite, and I would hope he will run. Though I would vote for Palin or Pawlenty. I also think Donald Trump deserves a spot on the list - it sounds as though he certainly will run when his show is done in June and he has more experience and vision to get our country out of financial devistation than all the others on this list combined. As for social policy, remains to be seen if he can come to terms with conservatives, but I will remain hopeful for the time being.

  • daveman - 9 years ago

    How the hell you leave out Ron Paul?

    BS poll

  • Jeanne - 9 years ago

    Mike Pence would make a fantastic President, please do research on this man as you will find his values align with our constitution. Mike Pence for president in 2012!!!

  • jim - 9 years ago

    Palin would never make............let Mitch Daniels appoint her a position after he is elected. Obvious most people taking the poll don't reconize the people on the ballot. Paul's would never make it to the WH till 2016?

  • River Jones - 9 years ago

    It's unbelievable that the man who started the Tea Party and Campaign for Liberty is not on this list!!! Ron Paul should be on top of this list!!!

  • Stephanie - 9 years ago

    I agree with what others here have said, Lt. Col. Allen West needs to be on this list. I know that he is a freshman Congressman....brand new, but I don't care - he's the whole package. The only person on the list that doesn't have massive baggage, or RINO leanings or compromised ethics might be Mitch Daniels.

  • Stacy - 9 years ago

    Really? We are taking this poll now? There a good many GOOD potential candidates, but we have yet to learn enough about them to make a good decision.

    For those who think that Paul or Palin are our only hope, you have sorely missed the point of federalism. The states MUST step up to their Constitutional position of power to save this nation, not "the right person" in the White House. For a President to fix our problems, he/she would have to disregard the Constitutional principles which the Tea Party stands for to do it, they would have to act as dictator, not likely or possible.

    Continue progress in the House and Senate, toward conservative, Constitutional (not Republican) principles, but most critically, we must keep the progress going on the state level.


  • Gypsie Huntley - 9 years ago

    Huckabee is a memberof the council on foreign relations, the american one world order group. Palin stands for the right things, but don't want her as president. I like DeMint...he reminds me of Lincoln and he is a conservative. I like Ron Paul and Ryan. Maybe the right person will become clear as the year unfolds. Whoever it is...we can't let the trilateral group buy him or her off. I liked Perry..but he made a trip to the Bilderberg group (another one world organization) I like Christy!!!!

  • aud - 9 years ago

    Please get rid of that old list and get some new and vibrant blood in the running. I'm a conservative and can't stomach any of them on the list. Michelle Bachman makes a lot of sense. Has anyone ever listened to Paul Ryan. Every time he speaks he makes great economic sense. He's young but looks like someone people should pay attention to.

  • Eagle - 9 years ago

    I gotta agree with another post I just read - get Chris Christie in there - I'll back him over all the others!

  • Eagle - 9 years ago

    Mitch Daniels - you've got to be kidding! You want the supreme RINO's name in there just throw his name into the hat! All he has done for Indiana is to sell off the toll road to foreign interests for a few quick bucks. He couldn't care less about Indiana or the United States! He comes from big business - drug companies - all he cares about is the lining of his own damned pockets. His is one repub name I'll vote against if at all possible!

  • Roger Scott Francis - 9 years ago

    As flawed as Obama may be, he has one thing that none of those on the current Conservative political horizon have ... charisma. We need someone compelling enough to figuratively take the American people by the lapels, pull them up close and say, "Listen!"

    It must also be someone who performs well and looks good on T.V. That's a sad but true fact of life. I don't believe the right candidate has surfaced yet. If we can't do better than the names mentioned above [including comments] then America is doomed as a Republic. Obama MUST be limited to no more than one term ... and "old white guys" or unproven newcomers just won't do it.

  • iLoveTea - 9 years ago

    Yeah, I have to agree with the others: Where's Ron Paul?

  • Jeremy - 9 years ago

    I'll vote for the one who backs the Fair Tax and wants to cut Federal programs to give power back to the states where you and I can make a bigger influence, and have greater transparency to where our dollars are spent. Our founding fathers wanted this, and so do I!

  • Tom - 9 years ago

    Presidential candidates will need to announce and start organizing this spring. I do not see Marco Rubio or Allen West doing that since they just go into office. Ron Paul should be added to the list because he's as likely to run as some of these other folks. Also, John Thune is very likely and as a sitting Senator should be listed as a choice. Who can beat Obama? Most electable? I think that would be Huck, Newt, Pence, and Cain. Who do I want as my President? That would be Mike Pence or Herman Cain.

  • Geri - 9 years ago

    DeMint would be a great choice, if he wants to run. Giuliani is another RINO.

    My brother is an intelligence officer in Afghanistan. Based on his assessment of our situation there, there is no way I could support Ron Paul as CiC and his anti-military views. I would sit the election out rather than vote for him. He would be good for domestic policy, but not foreign.

  • DB - 9 years ago

    Chris Christie... drag him into the race kicking and screaming; but get him in the race.

    Paline would make a great VP.

    My very first choice for VP would be Condi... but we'd never get her to run.

  • Brian Lowery - 9 years ago

    Ron Paul?? Why is Ron not on the poll? I really think ur kidding urselves if u think sarah palin is the answer. She simply lacks the experience or clout to make change nor do I believe she understands the problem. Ron Paul understands the Fed and our economics. Sarah would have my vote for vp at best.

  • Sam - 9 years ago

    I love Sarah Palin (as a candidate!) but sadly, the media and the dems have done a really effective job of hurting her all across the country so I prefer Paul Ryan but I believe that he is comfortable in waiting and maturing more before a run. I am backing Marco Rubio! What a leader and what a solid, thoughtful communicator that guy is!

  • David - 9 years ago

    Yeah they know if they put RON PAUL in the poll they won't get the results they want.
    Which is to have Palin or Gringrich. The World Elitist can control these guys to do their bidding thru out the world to bring about their government.

  • Paul Layman - 9 years ago

    With all the Far Left and Socialists trying to distroy Governor Palin, she has stood strong and I believe would not budge in the fight against those that would try to make us a second rate nation. Go Tea Party!!


  • Eagle - 9 years ago

    Why are people asking about the names that aren't on here - when they aren't Republicans? Gee - I wonder why America is in the boat it is in.

  • jan - 9 years ago

    Yes, where is Ron Paul on the list? I'm concerned that many in the Tea Party don't really get how much of a Constitutionalist he is -- he is just what we're looking for! Some of those on the list are CFR members, and as likable as Sarah and Mike Huckabee are, they are not electable for the position of President. We have to take personality out of the equation. Newt brought us the Contract for America and then the GOP did nothing. We need someone who will definitely restore Constitutional government - and out of the bunch that would be Ron Paul. Mitch Daniels would bring fiscal responsibility but not sure how strong he stands on the Constitution.

  • Shawn - 9 years ago

    RON PAUL! Why wasn't Ron on your list????

  • Spartican - 9 years ago

    It might be more informative if we could indicate an interest in more than one candidate. IMHO, Pawlenty, Pence and Romney are the viable candidates (no more Sharron Angle's please) who can reach out to centrists. While the others may be good candidates in their own rights, they would only insure 4 more years of Obama and his $1 Billion campaign.

  • Gary J. Mallast - 9 years ago

    I agree with Catherine. Why isn't Ron Paul on the list? He has to be one of the VERY few people who has shown a deep abiding principled long term commitement to freedom.

    On the other hand why IS Mitt Romney on the list? He is NO conservative. He was the father of Romneycare in Massachusetts: the prototype for Obamacare. His father, George Romney, actively persecuted conservatives when he was governor of Michigan and I have every indication, "like father, like son" on this one.

    As my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather the Indian chief might have said, "New Gingrich speak with forked tongue." I don't trust him. He has flip-flopped too many times.

  • Show Me Mo - 9 years ago

    I agree that your list leaves a lot to be desired. Newt, Mitt & Sarah don't have achance. Sarah would be much better as chair of the RNC or something like that. Not President or VP. I like Herman Cain, but I doubt he has a chance.

    Why the hell isn't Ron Paul on the list?

  • william - 9 years ago

    I am surprised that Senator Jim DeMint was not on the list.

  • Bronco Bill - 9 years ago

    If Republicans want to win the 2012 Presidency, then put Chris Christy and Mark Rubio on the ballot! These are the only two possible candidates that could hands down beat Obama.

  • Chris - 9 years ago

    My wife & I prefer Rudy Giuliani. How about it?

  • barb - 9 years ago

    Christy just appointed a muslim to a federal court. Is that who we want? NO! I say West or Cain. They both have good experience. Cain for pres and West for vice.

  • We Need a LEADER - 9 years ago

    Donald Trump with LCol West is the best choice.
    Love Sarah, but she'll NEVER win. The Media has too much control and they hate her.
    Forget Mitt and the Huckster - they couldn't win before, they can't win now.
    Tim Pawlenty would be a fab cabinet member, but not the strong leader that we need.
    Our Country is dying - only a very strong leader can help. A leader that says no to big government and means it and show it by eliminating all the duplicitious agencies that are unnecessary. Sorry but it means major, major job elimination. Then the next step is to get our Country manufacturing products again -- like in the days of our fathers and grandfathers. Use our resources to make products to sell in the USA and export , and cut down on the lead based junk from China. Make the US a BUSINESS FRIENDLY COUNTRY TODAY - or the US will be no more.

  • jess - 9 years ago

    you can take this to the bank. Sarah P has not chance of beating Mr. O. It just will not happen.. And although some think Romney is yesterday's news, Romney is the only one with a good background in economics and a Romney, Hucklebee would be a good team to win. Or Romney / Rubio.. If you add a hispanic or black VP candidate to the mix, (like Rubio (cuban) or some other similar) it also betters the chances. One thing for sure, we have to vote this communist President who was mentored by avowed communist Frank Marshall Davis of Hawaii , out of office. Castro of Cuba in 1959 had the guts to tell his now enslaved people he was a communist, but Mr O does not have the courage to do the same. One thing for sure is the tea party can not make same mistake like they did with Angle and the witch lady(not really a witch) by putting forth a candidate with no chance in winning and Palin simply can not win no matter how you like her. She should first be a senator and get some experience and wait for another day...

  • Ed - 9 years ago

    I like Sarah Palen, they vilify her but she still standing. Wonder why the Democratic pundits keep saying, bring her on, she can't win, do they protest too much... Newt Gingrich, probably the smartest politician. Democrats don't seem to have a problem running candidates with baggage- Barney Franks, is a prime example. Unfortunately for Gingrich, the mainline media do not support conservative Republicans.

    At the moment, I don't see anyone that stands above the others, Condoleezza Rice, would probably be a good candidate, she's a minority, and she's a woman, would be interesting to see how the media would play this.

  • Jason Singleton - 9 years ago

    I am proud of the responses here but not of the candidate list. If these are my choices I will sit out another election and let Obama win again. I refuse any more compromise and since 8 out of 10 Americans have a Libertarian philosophy then I will wait till the majority of Americans are represented in this so-called democracy, before casting my next vote. A 3rd party CAN WIN in 2012 if it is Obama against a RHINO republican. I love Ron Paul but he is not charasmatic enough to win so hopefully this ridiculous list changes in time for the primary vote. The politico-machines must be stopped or we might have to start a fresh new Republic in 2013. PLEASE before it is too late, awaken a viable candidate, with true constitutional values.

  • Dustin - 9 years ago

    President Ron Paul & Vice President Allen West (LtCol West as most people know him) would be a very potent Presidential Combination for 2012...

    That would be my voting line up...

  • Karen Margrave - 9 years ago

    I like the tickets: Newt/Ryan, Cantor, or Rubio!! Or ... Pence/Ryan, Cantor, Rubio, would also be a great ticket. Ron Paul should definitely be in the mix, as there is no other politician with the tenacity to stand up to China and take America back to the top, and put the lobbyists back in their place - unfortunately though he may be the best candidate, I don't know that he could win. Romney has has healthcare debacle, together with being a mormon, so.. doubtful. Palin has the right positions, but stepping down as governor will be a hindrance. The Republicans have new faces.. that are extremely intelligent, well spoken and can win..let's use them!!

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