What's more important to you as it relates to HP|Palm's February 9th event?
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  • RJ - 11 years ago

    Cell phones are a necessary accessory, while a tablet is a desirable accessory. I can do almost everything on the phone that I do on the tablet, but some thing are just not as easy to do. So if I had to choose, it would definitely be the phone.

    However, the tablet becomes more compelling when it expands beyond the rudimentary small computer paradigm to a versatile household appliance. It is too big to be taken everywhere, but it should be able to go everywhere. It should be a photo frame while in the charging station, a recipe book in the kitchen, a TV guide in the den, an internet browser in the study, a book in the library, a music player, a movie player, and a TV. It should be the central hub to connect with all social internet sites, for quick reading of tweets, blogs, and email. It should be capable to entering information onto the social networks, but I don't want to emphasize the entry of data over the absorption of data.

    Now thats a device that I want in my house.

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