Should the NFL have Rejected the "Ashley Madison" Ad for the SB?

  • CG - 11 years ago

    Bo (the commenter above me) hit it on the head. A couple years ago, a less mature me probably wouldn't have cared. Probably would have been all for seeing a porn star during Super Bowl. But I'm the dad of a little girl now. I'd love for her to watch the game and get excited about sports, but she doesn't need to see (a.) some porno chick gaining popularity on prime time television, or (b.) any messaging the says cheating on marriage is ok. That's absurd.

    The fact of the matter is that most of guys (even the married ones) would jump at the chance to screw this porn chick and even have affairs on our wives, but we damn sure don't want our families seeing or knowing anything about it.

  • Bo - 11 years ago

    Absolutely. I don't want to sit there while my children watch an ad encouraging me to have sex with someone other than their mother. Would you?

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