Will Kat Von D and Jesse James last as husband and wife?


  • private - 11 years ago

    Once a cheater always a cheater!

  • LUCILLE REYES - 12 years ago

    Once a cheater always a cheater. Unless she won't mind if he cheats on her and she's ok with an open relationship, then I guess it will work. But I don't believe any woman w/class will accept a cheating spouse

  • private - 12 years ago

    When you lay wit doggs, you get fleas..and just 2 think I use 2 be a fan of jesse james. I even wanted 2 go 2 sturges jus bcuz I knew he'd be there. He makes me sick and that chick he is engaged 2 will receive everything she's goe comin when he does the same 2 her as he did 2 sandra. He's a pig!

  • j john - 12 years ago

    They deserve each other

  • MIKESTANSFIELD - 12 years ago

    Are they serious!! Don't you know what goes around comes around. I sure wouldnt want to be in that bed. Imagine the funk they will have to deal with. More money and fame easier to just say "later" and move on to the next victim from your no morals ways. Two cheaters will never make it this I promise!

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