Should governor Bharadwaj give his sanction for chief minister Yediyurappa's prosecution?
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  • Dr Y N I Anand - 11 years ago

    I am no fan of Yeddiyurappa. However, the article by whosoever it is, smacks of rabid "Congressism". The author looks to be a great fan of the congress bosses. Otherwise, there was no logic in dragging the name of Modi. He would be well advised to know the facts before writing such crap.

    Coming to the topic of Yeddi's prosecution, legally speaking the governor is not wrong, or rather, he is right. owever, looking at his past history tainted with his desperation to return to the central cabinet by pleasing his bosses and his repeated attempts to taking to the streets, the sanction is not without ulterior motive. He himself has admitted to Yeddi that he is under pressure to "Act". He is known for his arrogance, childishness, attention seeking behavior. No wonder the proverb "Even if you put a dog on a throne, it will revert to his original behavior" is aptly applicable in his case.

    The Congress, whose cup of woes is overflowing with scams & malgovernance is desperately trying to divert the attention of the people and Bhardwaj is a ready tool in their hands. Compared to the collosal amount of money involved by the partners of UPA who have looted the nation (as er the Supreme Court), Yeddi's sin appears to be peanut husks (not even peanuts). It is just a matter of luck that the central elections are not due for another 40 months or else, this UPA govt led by the most useless of all PMs, a servant of the Nehru family would have been consigned to the garbage bin.

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