Favorite YA hero?

  • Manon - 9 years ago


  • bells - 9 years ago

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PEETA or JACE MUST win!!!!!!!!!! they are the best but really John Smith(i am number 4) should win but hes not in it!!!!!!! i love jace and Peeta

  • MM - 9 years ago

    PSHAW?!?! Whyyy is Gale (Hunger Games) not on this list?!

  • Lena - 9 years ago

    only DIMITRI!!!!!!!!!

  • Stormie - 10 years ago

    :D im so excited my mom is friends with her mom and i got to meet her the other day! yay...hopefully i get to meet richelle too!

  • kuroneko - 10 years ago



  • Susan - 10 years ago

    Is this really a competition? No one, and I mean NO ONE can compete with Dimitri. I mean come on: Tall, Lean, Mysterious Hunk of Delicious Russian Hotness!
    pshht.. who are the other guys near him?!

  • Tammy - 10 years ago

    I agree with Adrian. He was so shexy! Aaahhhh

  • Deniie :) - 10 years ago

    Dimitrii! :) haha ok I voted for Jace ♥

  • Rose - 10 years ago

    Dmitiri!!! Love him!Dmitiri must win :*))

  • Lauurrr - 10 years ago


  • alyssandra - 10 years ago

    Yay! Dimitri!! cool! jace is runner up so far! (:

  • mary - 10 years ago

    Peeta? Dimitri? whaaaatttt? good thing i'm a Finnick Odair fan =]

  • Illia - 10 years ago

    Stark from house of night should be on there! lol but DEFINITELY (?) the sexiest Russian ever to be heard of Dimika should win :) hands down!

  • Ashley - 10 years ago

    Definitely Dimitri!
    Then again I haven't read TMI. (hangs head lowly)
    Still VA whens my heart everytime!

  • Claire - 10 years ago

    No way!!!!vamps always win!!!!!
    Go JACE!!!!!!!

  • Kourtney - 10 years ago

    Jace! Jace! and MORE JACE ! :p :3

  • Sara - 10 years ago

    Dimitri all the way!!! I'm surprised bout the lack of Edward luv but twilights jst about done. Luuuv VA series. Cud read 100 times and NEVER get tired. :)
    Richelle Mead is the gr8est author ever. She's seriously created characters who you could just totally understand and feel like they're living, breathing pplz. Srry obsessed!! :) thank you richelle 4 creating my fave series.

  • Mil - 10 years ago

    Adrian from the VA!

    Or Shane from Morganville Vampires - mmh :)

  • Eliza - 10 years ago

    It was sooo hard to pick between jace and dimitri, but in the end dimitri won out :D

  • Lauren - 10 years ago

    soo Dimka,,, no competition, Dimitri Belikov all the way! Go Dimkaaa!!!!

  • Elle - 10 years ago

    I vote BOTH! Jace and Dimitri their both really really hot

  • Kat - 10 years ago

    Omg! Why does it have to be so hard??
    I love Dimitri, Jace, and Peeta! Then there's others like Shane (Morganville Vampires) and Jareth (Blood Coven Vampires) and so many more!
    So hard to choose... ;)

  • XrosesXareXblueX - 10 years ago

    Adrian Ivashkov! Little damphir, ftw!

  • Mar - 10 years ago


  • Gabby - 10 years ago

    I loveeee Dimitri! I just got my friend hooked on the series:)
    But I also love Shane and Michael from the Morganville Vampires Series...decisions,decisions.

  • Kat - 10 years ago

    Why isn't Nick Gautier (Invincible: The cronicles of Nick, by Sherrilyn Kenyon) on this list? Tall , dark, and tormented with a New Orleans accent is most definitely drool-worthy!

  • olivia - 10 years ago

    Dimitri!!! love him sooo sexy

  • Katie - 10 years ago


  • Katherine - 10 years ago

    I think I chose "Other: JACE, DIMKA, AND ASH"
    LOL I'd like Ash or Jace to be mine though :) and Dimitri for Rose :]

    And by the way...Dimitri IS winning, @Bethany Gilpin x)
    And I bet he will x]

  • Bethany Gilpin - 10 years ago

    Dimitri must win!!!!!!!! but if he doesnt them jace should win!!! but why isnt Adrian Ivashkov on there?! he is just as hot as Dimitri..... but Dimitri is way better!!!

  • Nikki - 10 years ago

    the gorgeous drop dead sexy Russian Dimka must win!!!

  • Violet - 10 years ago

    My sexy Russian of course! ;) My comrade whose a total badass :)

  • Chantelle - 10 years ago

    Dimka forever ♥

  • Jill - 10 years ago

    Shane from the Morganville Vampires series.

    Totally human, more brawn than brain though... but a fierce passion to protect the ones he loves.

  • Karina - 10 years ago

    I've always been obsessed with learning spanish but ever since Rose first mentioned Dimka whispering in her ear in Russian, that's the new sexiest language to me. >_> ive fallen in love with Belikov xD

  • Nadia - 10 years ago

    Dimitri has to win.
    He's the bestest!!!

  • Sara - 10 years ago

    I swear, if Dimitri beats Peeta and Jace...

  • Rachael - 10 years ago

    Dimitri is deffinately the best.

  • Charlotte - 10 years ago

    Dimitri... Dimka is my favorite. Sorry Adrian. ;)

  • Ariana - 10 years ago

    definitely Dimka :P

  • Mari - 10 years ago

    Dimitri must win!!
    to prove there's only one amazing fictionla guy and thats him
    wow i really need a life =)

  • Maan - 10 years ago

    Others!! xD Adrian Ivashkov!!!

  • laaura Nightwine♥ - 10 years ago


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