How bad is 10 O'Clock Live?

  • Sharpus - 9 years ago

    Thank God for Youtube and the selection of 'The Day Today' programs. 10 O'Clock news is stale and unfunny. Newsnight induces more laughter.

  • Mike Hodges - 10 years ago

    The parts of the show that are funny; Charlie Brooker's over top monologues and Jimmy Carr's irreverent take on the news leave me laughing. The rest of the show is drab. It's too long and tries to be a serious news show with a humorous element. Instead, they should drop the serious/impartial stuff, cut the show to 30 minutes and concentrate on the humour.

  • Smokey - 10 years ago


    I concur. It just served to highlight how immature the show is. It barely scratched the surface of the issue preferring (one-sided) insults to a discussion .

  • Mark - 10 years ago

    Tim Harford was good, the rest I thought were crap. Surprising to me because individually I find them quite funny.

  • Stuck-Record - 10 years ago

    Ludicrously one-sided politically (guess which one).

    The pièce de résistance of the show was the discussion about control orders. Balance? Let's see. The panel. A Jihadi sympathiser, a tame sympathetic lawyer (sympathetic to which side you can guess) versus an academic expert on terrorism. Already 2 to 1 against, but just so there's no mistaking where the programme's sympathy lies the presenter David Mitchell ‘chairs’ the discussion. He questions and ridicules the academic expert, his voice angry and mocking, interrupting him every few seconds. Yet when he turns to the other two he is all sweetness and light, lobbing nice easy ‘hits’ for them to knock back, before turning, to join them in ridiculing the academic expert.

    All that's left is to get the audience joining in the general laugh fest at the academic expert.

    Impartiality and modern satire, the Channel 4 way.

  • Simon - 10 years ago

    I like the show, and find it funny, but it's certainly not balanced.

  • Grumpy Old Man - 10 years ago

    Any attempts at impartiality and balance exist only in the minds of the production team.

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