Should I spend the money to frame my paintings before Picolo Spoleto?


  • Kathy - 13 years ago

    I am torn about the decision of whether to frame or not to frame. I will say, prior to us meeting you & seeing your work, we had never considered non-framed art before. With that said, is it possible to go to the show with some framed & some non-framed artwork? I believe there might be potential customers who would prefer framed artwork, but then I believe there are others who might prefer non-framed artwork, either because of price or because they just prefer non-framed artwork, or possibly because they are very selective about framing and might want to frame it on their own. Just my thoughts (-:

  • Steve S. - 13 years ago

    Hi Marie. Maybe you could contact a local frame shop in the vicinity of the show. Ask them for some corner samples and offer to put out some of their business cards. That way people can get an idea of what the painting would look like if it were framed or not. The local frame shop might get some business out of it after you leave town. And you won't be out the cash for all of the frames.Kind of a win/win for all involved.

    And, of course, you are really sticking your neck out with the frame selection in advance. If your tastes differ even a little from a buyer, you might lose out on the sale.

    p.s. We were going to take down the Christmas Tree on January 1st. But it adds too much life to the room it's in. You're missing the grey days in Wisconsin right now. In other words, you're not missing much.

  • Janet Certalic - 13 years ago

    Yahoo,the gold frames look awesome.

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